A Witch's Love

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"I'm never doing that again," Luna muttered as she closed her locker. It was the next day and she found herself mumbling to herself like an idiot. Isaac was oddly nowhere to be found.

Gripping her books in her arm, she walked to class. First period was English Literature, the perfect class to help distract her from the events of last night. Was it her imagination or did her hair still smell like beer?

She was the first one to enter the classroom like always. The only difference is that she had no Isaac to talk to.

"There you are."

The voice sent shivers down her spine. She sat up as straight as she could and looked straight ahead, not daring to look at the owner of the voice. Trying her best to keep the emotions out of her voice and her tone as cold and distant as possible she spoke. "Go away."

She heard feet shuffling from the doorway then quiet. She was about to relax thinking that he was gone when he let out a sigh. "Sorry." His voice was so low and quiet that she thought that she might have misheard him but no, she knew she didn't. Knowing better, she turned toward the door to look at him. He was already gone.

"Well, that was weird." She muttered. It didn't matter if he apologized, she would never forgive him.

"What was weird?" Oh, finally.

She turned to tell Isaac what had just transpired but stopped. He was standing in the doorway holding Simon's hand. What the hell happened between those two during that party?

When he saw her staring at their entwined hands, a blush covered his cheeks. He leaned toward Simon and whispered something in his ear before he dropped his hand and walked over to where she sat. Simon waved to them before scurrying away.

She turned to him as hopeful excitement filled her. "Explain."

Isaac flashed a wide grin. "Can you believe it? Simon had a crush on me, that's why he was at the party." That definitely explained it. She was curious as to why Simon was there in the first place. Isaac's explanation answered that, it also explained why Simon kept shooting her envied glances that bordered on hatred.

She grabbed her friend's hand. "I wanna say I'm happy for you but I'm still not sure if you two are an item or...?" She left the question open, afraid to jinx anything.

He lowered his voice, looking away from her, he answered. "We are."

She reached over and gave him a quick hug. "Then I am definitely happy for you."

His smile returned. "Good cause I need you to help me not to screw this up."

"I am the last person to help you and I don't think you'll even need any." She laughed. It wasn't hard to figure out why he was so nervous, it was the first time that he had ever been in a relationship. "So, where's the first date and when?"

"Oh my God, He's taking me out this weekend and he wants it to be a surprise. I'm so nervous. Are we going to Chucky Cheese, the movies, or a library? He seems like the type to enjoy dates in a library, reading. Oh, God. I don't like libraries."

"Breathe." She couldn't help but laugh. Isaac was at the point of hyperventilating because he was beginning to overreact and imagine the worst. "If you're that worried then just ask him but I think it will be fine."

Isaac glared at her. "Wait till you have your first date. You'd be a wreck."

The image of Adam's eyes popped into her mind. What would it be like to go on a date with him? She shook her head trying to rid herself of that thought. "Unfortunately, I don't think that will happen any time soon." She sighed.

Isaac slid in beside her and leaned against the locker beside hers’. "So, I've been thinking." Luna closed the door to her locker and gave him a pointed look, willing him to finish his statement. "What if you could do that?"

"Do what?" They walked side beside down the hallway toward the back of the building where the student parking lot was located.

"If you really could use a potion on Adam. I'm sure that spellbook of yours has a love potion, or maybe even an attraction potion in it."

She laughed at the ridiculous idea of a love potion. "Isaac, there are no such things as love potions. They're not based on science. They don't exist."

"Really?" His head hung low and his voice dripped with disappointment. "I thought I was really onto something."

She flipped her hair over her shoulder and straightened her posture. "You know, I can do this without the help of magic. I mean, it can't be that hard to go up to him and say hey I like you, do you want to go out?"

"Yo, moon girl, you like someone?"

Luna flinched and Isaac flashed her an apologetic look. The owner of the voice came to a stop in front of them. Adam flashed his famous, heart-stopping smile. His dirty blonde hair was disheveled and sweat beaded along his hairline.

Her heart was sent aflutter at his appearance. "Di...did you have gym today?" She mentally face-palmed herself for stuttering.

His smile lowered at the corners. That slight movement would have gone unnoticed by anyone else. "Lacrosse practice was canceled." Anytime the lacrosse team couldn't hold practice they had to participate in gym during their free class. Luna opened her mouth to say something to him. She wasn't sure what though. Knowing her, she probably would have apologized even though she had nothing to do with practice being canceled.

The corner of his lips picked up and he flashed her another smile. Any words that she may have spoken died in her mouth. Her heart raced and the little butterflies in her stomach took flight. "So, who's this guy you're crushing on?" His green eyes sparkled with a sudden realization. He pointed a finger at her and clicked his tongue. "It's Mark. Got to be. That's why you go to all of our practices and games."

White flashed before her eyes and the butterflies died out. Her vision swam before her and her head suddenly felt heavy. She grabbed ahold of Isaac's shoulder for balance.

"What?" She whispered in disbelief. Did he really just ask that? Did he really believe that she was in love with that jerk? "Kwon?" Her voice rose. The disbelief on the verge of turning into hysteria.

Adam put his hands up in front of him in surrender. His dazzling smile faltered before disappearing. "I didn't mean to startle you." He moved to walk past them. Before retreating down the hall, he placed a gentle hand on her shoulder. "I won't tell him. I won't ruin any romantic plans that you may have planned." He whispered in her ear.

If she hadn't been teetering on the edge of rage and hysteria from his ridiculous theory, she would have been over the moon that he was so close. He gave her arm one last pat before heading toward the lockers.

"He is an idiot. No offense." Isaac turned toward her. When she made no move to defend Adam, he waved a hand in front of her face. "Come on Luna. You don't need to worry. He'll eventually figure it out. Don't let this set you back."

Luna took in a much needed-breath. Slowly her nerves simmered down and the weird image of her being with Kwon faded away. "I'm not going to." She winced at how rugged her voice sounded.

Straightening her shoulders, she let go of Isaac's arm no longer needing support. "Kwon? How is it that he thought of him? That's the last person I would have any romantic feelings for."

A loud, angry snort sounded from behind them making them both jump. "Gee, thanks." The words dripped with sarcasm. Luna saw Isaac flinch from beside her. Turning around they found Kwon standing there. His hands were thrust into the pockets of his black jeans and a scowl covered his face, pulling his dark eyebrows down low. Without another word, he shoved passed them, ripping Isaac away from her in the process.

Isaac rubbed his shoulder and glared at Kwon's retreating figure. "Rude."

Mark stomped down the hallway heading for his locker. His heart felt cold and heavy and he found himself mechanically opening and closing his hands. That was definitely not what he wanted to hear but he knew better than to expect anything else.

It hurt more than he ever thought possible. Seeing the way she acted around that idiot. The way she would shyly smile every time she saw Adam. The way her eyelids would lower and those midnight lashes would flutter when she shot secretive glances in his direction. Even the way she said his name. It hurt so Goddamn much knowing that Adam would be the only person that she looked at that way or say his name in that sweet, low raspy way of hers'.

It pained him, even more, knowing that the only looks that she would give him were hurt-filled glares. That the only whispers that he would receive were of the murderous kind. Hell, she never even spoke his first name in over a year. She always addressed him by his last name, creating as much distance between them as possible. It all hurt but what hurt the most was knowing that he deserved every last bit of it. He was a real jerk to her and that was putting it lightly.

He sighed and kicked at something invisible.

"Yo! Mark my man, what's got you down?" Adam jogged up to him with his bookbag slung over his shoulder. Mark shot a glare at him before walking up to his locker.

Adam, being the idiot that he was, followed him. "Yo, dude cheer up." He put an arm around his shoulders and leaned in close. "Someone has a crush on you." He winked as he leaned away.

Mark grabbed his bookbag and slammed the locker door shut. "You can take your crush or whoever it is and toss it. I'm not interested."

Adam whistled. "Dude, seriously, what's wrong?"

Mark exhaled trying to calm his anger. Everything that he was feeling was his fault, not Adam's. Not technically. "It's just been a bad week."

"Well, maybe this will make you feel better. I heard a certain girl, who's named after something in the sky, talk about confessing her love for you." Adam gave him a conspiratorial wink as he patted him on the back.

He stopped walking as Adam's words sunk in. How big of an idiot could he be? "Lu...Luna wasn't talking about me." Her name stuck in his throat. Shaking his head at his hopeless self and Adam's idiocy, he walked off toward the student parking lot leaving behind a confused Adam.

After the short drive back to his home, he parked the car in the driveway. His dad's Mercedes was parked in the garage letting him know that his dad was home from work early.

"You're home early dear." His mom commented when he walked through the door. Her brown hair was tied into a tight ponytail and she was wearing her pink floral apron. He couldn't smell anything cooking so she must have just started.

"Yeah, practice was rescheduled for tomorrow. Coach had to take his mom to the hospital. Mr. Lakewood said that she had a myocardial infarction." He informed her as he took his shoes off at the door and placed his feet into his slippers.

"Oh dear. I hope it's not too serious." His mom shuffled back into the kitchen. He followed behind her. "Dinner will be ready in an hour." She leaned into the fridge and started pulling ingredients out.

He picked up an apple from the fruit basket on the counter. "Do you need any help?" He asked before taking a bite.

"No. I have everything under control. Do you have any homework?" She set to work chopping up the vegetables. Her hand moved in quick, graceful movements.

He shook his head. "No. I finished everything in between classes."

"That's my boy." His dad came up from behind him and slapped him on the shoulder. "On the lacrosse team and basketball team while staying at the top of his class." He bragged. It felt like his dad bragged every chance he got.

Mark finished his apple and threw the core away. "I'm gonna work out before dinner." His dad had turned one of the spare bedrooms into a small work out area when they had first moved. Mark was pretty sure that he was the only one to actually use it though.

His mom shot his dad a worried expression. "Did something happen today? I mean something other than what happened with your coach."

"You weren't turned down, were you?" His mom shot his dad an angry expression that told him to shut up.

"It's alright mom. Dad's actually not far from the truth." His dad's eyebrows shot up and were lost underneath his messy black bangs. Mark laughed at his dad's shocked expression. "You look as if that's something you believe to be impossible."

His mom sighed. Placing the knife down onto the cutting board she turned to face him. "It is hard to believe that Luna would turn you down and even harder to believe that you asked her out."

His dad raised his hands out in front of him defensively. "Your mother said it, not me." His mom didn't even bat an eyelash at his dad for throwing her under the bus.

Mark leaned back against the counter. "I didn't ask her out. But let's just say that I found out that if we were the last two humans alive then the human race would be screwed."

"Oh, it can't be that bad." His dad tried to reason.

He shrugged his shoulders. "It is that bad and I deserve it after what I put her through."

"You know, if you had just told her the truth, in the beginning, things wouldn't be like this." His mom chastised.

"I know. It's just hard to when I'm around her." If only he could talk to her like he did with his parents.

His dad rubbed his lower lip deep in thought. "You know, it might be that easy." He mustered out loud.

His mom shot him a worried look and shook her head. "Oh no. No one is using that spell again. The last time you used it, we had to move." She shot his dad a look that said her word was final.

"Don't worry mom. I know better than to use magic for things like this." Four years ago, his dad decided to use the truth spell to help him out of a situation at work. The whole ordeal had spiraled out of control and his mom decided that it was in their best interest to move. And they did just that, they moved to a whole new country. Well, technically it wasn't new since they had lived in the United States until Mark was five before they moved to South Korea to help take care of his grandparents when they were going through financial difficulty.

He was really glad that his mom didn't possess any magic. She was able to look into his dad's world with different eyes and had taught her son to do the same. It made him appreciate magic and to be wary of the consequences that came with using it.

"Yeah, that's probably the smarter choice." His dad chuckled before grabbing the newspaper off the dining room table. Mark poured himself a glass of water before heading off to the makeshift exercise room.

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