A Witch's Love

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Love Potion

Luna and Isaac stood beside the bleachers watching as the lacrosse team ran across the field. She adjusted the backpack on her shoulders, careful not to ruin any of the cookies. The plan was to hand them out to the players after practice as a present to cheer them on before their next game.

“I can’t believe you guys watch these things.” Simon bounced on the balls of his feet. “They’re so boring.” She had to agree with him that they were boring but unlike him, she had someone who made them less boring. Her motivation for attending these practices helped to keep her mind preoccupied during them.

“I started finding them entertaining around sophomore year. I mean, where else can you see this many sweaty guys and most of them look pretty good.” Isaac practically swooned as he looked out onto the field. Simon started glaring out into the field while occasionally casting glances toward Isaac.

Oh, boy. Luna had the feeling that Simon might be the jealous type. He was going to have it rough while dating the boy-crazed Isaac.

The coach blew on the whistle signaling the end of practice. Luna shrugged off her backpack and grabbed the cookies as the players started making their way to them. “Wacha got there, moon girl?” Adam was the first one to reach them.

She grabbed the pink-iced cookie from the top and handed it to him. “A cherry frosted sugar cookie. Your favorite.”

“Did you make everyone’s favorite?” He took the cookie from her, trying his best not to stick his fingers in the icing.

“No. I made plain for everyone else. I only know your favorite flavor.” Oh, God. How obvious could she be? Apparently not that obvious.

Adam looked behind him in a conspiratorial way. He leaned down and whispered in her ear. “Mark loves the flavor orange when it comes to sweets.” She was ready to tell him that she had no interest in Kwon when Carl ran up and slapped Adam on the shoulder. The sudden impact took him by surprise and he dropped the cookie. Luna looked in horror as the cookie collided with the ground and crumbled to pieces. Adam only shrugged and took another cookie.

“Really? Sweets? You're taking this ‘food is the way to a mans’ heart’ a little too seriously.” Kwon sneered. He went to grab a cookie from the pile but Luna moved the plate away from him. He raised an eyebrow, probably thinking that she was acting childish. Reaching with his left hand, he made a move toward the plate. What she didn't see was that his right hand was in position with the plate moving right towards it. "Better luck next time.” He smiled as he took a bite of the heart-shaped cookie.

Adam came back and grabbed another cookie. As he ate, he looked around. “No water?”

An idea hit Luna. She fished in her bag for the spare love potion that she had stored in a water bottle. It was completely full and the lid was tightened enough that it could pass as a brand new, unused bottle that she just got out of the machine. “Here you go. I just happened to have an extra.” He gratefully accepted the water then he and Kwon walked off toward the coach.

Luna slammed the plate into the arms of a confused Carl. It worked. The plan actually worked. She was so excited that she could start dancing at any moment.

“Don’t celebrate just yet.” Isaac pointed to where Adam and Kwon stood talking to the coach. Kwon unscrewed the lid to his water and took a drink. Fear seeped into her. She was positive that Kwon did not have a water with him earlier. She looked down at Adam’s hands and saw that he no longer had the bottle filled with love potion. “No!”

“I could really use something to drink.” Mark swallowed the last bite of his cookie. He had to admit that the girl could bake. It was unfortunate that sugar cookies always left the mouth dry and sticky.

“Here you go, man.” Adam offered him the water that Luna had given him earlier. “It’s too warm for me. I like my water ice cold.”

Water was water to Mark. He took the drink from him and unscrewed the lid. The water slid down his throat, relieving it from the stickiness. Something sparked through him. He smelled a familiar scent of green tea, milk, and honey. The smell reminded him of Luna. He looked over to where she stood. A horrified expression was on her face and her hand was outstretched. His heartbeat quickened.

He looked down at his fingers and saw them outlined in a faint pink glow. Then it suddenly disappeared and his heartbeat returned to normal. That was weird. That was definitely magic that he sensed on him. Closing his eyes, he turned his senses inward to sense for any lingering traces of that magic. There weren’t any.

“What did you boys want to talk about?” Coach asked them.

“We just wanted to see how your mom was doing, coach Flaire.” Adam’s voice sounded like it was miles away instead of right beside him as the realization hit him.

He looked back to where Luna was still staring at him with that horrified expression. Her sidekick was standing beside her, clapping his hands to his legs as he laughed. Mark saw the crumbled cookie crushed into the ground, the one that was for Adam. He then looked at the water that he had just taken a drink of. The water that was for Adam.

Screwing the lid back on, he walked over to the nearest trash can and threw it away. Without taking a shower, he grabbed his things from the locker room.

When he arrived home he found his mom in the kitchen. “Is dad home?”

“No. He called earlier to say that he had to stay at the office late. It will just be the two of us for dinner. I’m making egg rolls, your favorite.”

Maybe she could answer his question. She might not possess any magic but she had been married to his dad for twenty years and had known him for even longer. She also taught a mythological class at the university. “Have you ever heard of a love potion?”

She tapped the spatula to her cheek. “I've never seen a spell or recipe for one but I do remember an old classmate of mine boasting about creating one. I don’t think she was a witch, though.”

“What was her name?” As he waited for her to answer he thought about the possible classmates that his mom may have had.

She had attended the same high school that he was now going to. Then he thought about everything that he knew about Luna. He remembered Lyla telling him that both of Luna’s parents had met and dated during high school and he knew that her dad had attended their school because his picture with his name hung in the trophy case. A feeling of trepidation started to fill him. His mom turned back to the stove. “Her name was Phoebe. Phoebe Welsh.”

Luna’s aunt’s name was Phoebe. He would sometimes hear Isaac gushing about her lemonade. “Did she have a sister?”

“She did actually. A younger one. I think her name may have been Tess...something. Why all the sudden interest?” She laid a plate in front of him. A perfectly golden egg roll and baked asparagus laid steaming on the white porcelain. She then sat a bowl of rice down.

“I think I may have accidentally drank her niece's love potion.” He said nonchalantly. His mom looked at him with a worried expression. “It’s fine. I only felt its effects for a second.”

“Good, it means the little witch messed up.” Her voice was filled with spite.

“Or the effects were canceled out since I’m already in love with her.” He chuckled.

“Luna Ravenwood is Phoebe’s niece!” Mark was pretty sure that this was the first time that he had seen his mom this surprised. Not since his tenth birthday when his powers developed. He had accidentally burned a hole in the living room wall with his finger.

After finishing dinner, he grabbed a quick shower. He now laid on his bed. Light sparked from his fingertips to create the constellations up on his ceiling.

From his conversation with his mom and the water bottle incident, he was pretty sure that little miss goodie two shoes was a witch. He was also convinced that he had drunk a love potion that was intended for Adam. The only thing that he wasn’t sure of was why it didn’t affect him. Was his joke earlier correct? Did the natural feelings that he possess toward her cancel out the fake ones that the potion was supposed to create?

He wasn’t feeling the effects...but she wouldn’t know that. A smile splayed itself on his face as a plan formed.

. . . . .

Luna shuffled through the spells in a frenzied state. Papers rained down onto the floor around her. “There has to be a way to reverse it!” Her voice rang with hysteria.

Isaac picked the spells up from the floor. “Look at it this way, at least you won’t have to worry about him bullying you anymore.” He said teasingly.

“That’s not funny! I took away his free will. This situation is not what he or I want.”

Isaac gave her a curious look, a little confused with her reasoning. “Weren’t you willing to take away Adam’s free will?”

“That was different. Adam doesn’t hate me.” She sighed and threw the rest of the spells on the floor. Isaac was right. She was trying to take away someone’s free will and it backfired on her.

She laid down on her aunt’s bed defeated. “It’s not different, is it? Maybe this is my punishment for messing with things.”

Isaac stroked her hair. “It’s not punishment. If you were to be punished then you would be but not Mark. He’s the victim. Never thought I would say that.” Despite the turmoil that was rolling around inside her, she laughed.

“Thanks.” She took the spells from him and placed them back in their hidden compartment of the safe. “I think it’s about time that I give Aunt Phoebe a call.”

She grabbed her phone and clicked on her contacts. Scrolling down until she found her aunt’s number, she clicked on it. The phone went straight to voicemail. Leaving a quick message she explained her current situation. “Please have a reversal spell,” Were her final words before hanging up.

“That’s weird that she didn’t answer.”

“She was probably in a meeting.” Her aunt was away this week for investment meetings so that was probably the likely reason as to why she didn’t answer her phone. Luna started feeling bad that she called her aunt when she did. She should have waited until later to call her.

“I wonder if there is a universal reversal spell. Like maybe a spell or a potion that can reverse all of the spells.”

Luna jumped up with new vigor. “That’s it! Isaac, you’re a genius." She ran down the steps taking them two at a time. Opening up the kitchen cupboard, she removed the spell book. The spellbook was a large and thick book that was disguised as a Betty Crocker cookbook. The cover made the book look like it was a normal, everyday item that one would find in a kitchen. The only problem was that it could easily be mistaken as a cookbook to their non magical guests. Isaac’s mom almost found out what it was not long after Luna’s parents had passed away.

Flipping through the pages, she came to the spell that she was looking for. She read over the spell and reread them until she could memorize it without looking at the words. Tomorrow, the first chance that she got she would use this spell on Kwon.

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