A Witch's Love

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Twenty-four Hours

Luna plopped her tray down onto the table and slid into her usual seat. She still hadn't heard back from her aunt and it was killing her. How was she supposed to break Kwon free from the influence of the love potion? Was he really under the influence?

It had her stumped and apprehensive. Kwon consumed the love potion instead of Adam but the only noticeable change was this morning. Other than Kwon standing in front of her locker, he made no other move.

"So this is where we normally sit. Are you sure you're fine with sitting with us?"

Luna looked up from her tray where she had been staring without seeing. Isaac was coming closer to the table, nervously casting glances to the boy who walked beside him.

Simon, the third top student in the school, was taller than Isaac, though shorter than Adam. He was surprisingly athletic looking as if he exercised on a regular basis. His hair was a bit shaggy, and the red highlights in the otherwise blonde hair made his brown eyes look even redder. He was actually kind of cute which made her curious as to why Isaac never approached him before.

That was right. Isaac had made a comment before about how nerdy Simon was. He even feared that Simon's ideal date would be a trip to the library.

"Of course," Simon flashed a reassuring smile that showed off his pearly white teeth.

Isaac's eyes widened and his mouth parted slightly. She had a feeling that he just learned how attractive a nerd could be. "Oh," was all he could most likely manage to say.

One really shouldn't judge a person based on their looks, hobbies, or grades. Look at Kwon. He was the top student, which really irked her, and he was a decent athlete.

Isaac sat down, nearly missing the chair. The tray in his hands rattled and his knuckles were ghostly white.

Simon slid into the seat beside him and shot him a piercing gaze full of hunger. The corners of his lips curled up and he leaned on his elbow, shortening the distance between him and Isaac. "Cute," his voice was low and guttural.

Luna shivered, suddenly reminded of a predator on the prowl. She had a feeling that Isaac was in over his head.

Isaac looked away from Simon. His face and neck were completely covered in a crimson blush. Yep, he was definitely in over his head.

Pushing past the embarrassment that she felt for witnessing such a scene, she asked the question that she had been dying to ask. "What made you decide to ask Isaac out?" Did that sound too much like a jealous, prying friend? "I meant that you seem kind of agress-I mean that you don't seem undaunted. Like you would have approached him sooner, not wait?" What in the world was she saying! She was completely, utterly useless at conversing with people!

Simon nodded his head as he mulled over her question. "Truthfully, I wanted him to come to me first. Or at least notice me as a potential partner. Trust me when I say that it took all of my strength to hold back my urges."

Yep, he really did seem like a predator. She never talked to him much to see this side of him. Despite the particular use of his words, she did get the gist of his meaning. He was hoping that Isaac would notice him and want to get to know him on his own. It was kind of like how she was hoping that Adam would take notice of her. Though the way that she acted and treated the situation was different from Simon. She could learn a thing or two from him.

She smiled the friendliest smile that she could muster. "I think I understand. Thank you for answering my ridiculous questions."

"They weren't ridiculous at all. You were just looking out for your friend."

Oh, he was good. "Yes. I hope you don't mind."

Simon shook his head, his hair swaying back in forth much like a dog shaking off water. "Not at all."

Isaac slammed his fork down. "I do mind." He looked at her with pleading eyes. It was as if his eyes were telling her how embarrassed he was and that he didn't want his first boyfriend to be scared away. Though, she didn't think Simon would be easy to scare.

"Got it." She turned away from her tension filled friend and picked up a frie from her tray and nibbled on it silently. Maybe she should just leave to give the two some alone time?

Her phone buzzed from her jean pocket. Shoving the hoody up to reach into her pocket, she pulled her phone out. Aunt Phoebe was finally returning her call.

She bolted up from her seat, knocking her tray back a few inches. "I gotta take this. Be right back." She made a mad dash to the restroom without attracting attention from the teachers or principal.

"Aunt Phoebe," she greeted. "Please tell me you can help?" She looked underneath the stalls to see that she was completely alone.

"Explain the situation to me. I want to make sure I heard the details right in the voicemail you left me yesterday.

Luna inhaled a deep breath before explaining her vexing plight. "Isaac found your recipe for the love potion and so I tried making it. I made a frosted sugar cookie with some of the potion in the icing and gave it to Adam but Carl," she couldn't help the resentment in her voice, she really hated Carl. He was as much of a jerk as Kwon. "Bumped into Adam which resulted in the cookie falling to the ground. So I gave the bottle of leftover potion to Adam since it looked like an ordinary bottle of water from the vending machine. But Kwon drank it instead."

She sighed in exasperation and leaned against the sink. "I've tried the reversal spell a few times this morning but nothing happened. I couldn't feel any magic being used."

"No magic at all?"


Aunt Phoebe was quiet for a few long seconds before she finally decided to speak again. Her words were slow as she tried to verbally access the situation. "And you're hundred-percent sure that he consumed the potion?"


"I'm not sure why the reversal spell didn't work but don't worry. It's a temporary potion anyways. It usually lasts up to twenty-four to forty-eight hours. Very rarely, it can last up to a week." Aunt Phoebe paused in her speech and Luna could hear the audible click of a lock. "There was a bit of a commotion here so I'll be back sooner than I expected."

Luna leaned up from against the sink. "What happened?"

"Mr. Dawson," her aunt's voice dripped heavily with animosity. Luna could understand why her aunt sounded that way. From what she had heard about the guy, he sounded like a total creep. "A little spell put him in his place. After a few short series of random accidents, his wife and one of his mistresses showed up during the meeting. Everyone has decided to postpone the board meeting until a later date."

"I thought you said that we shouldn't use magic for personal gain?" Was she really in the position to bring this up? Probably not, but she was still a child compared to her aunt.

"Sometimes it is just really necessary. I am fully prepared for the magical consequences." The reason why her aunt was so big about using magic for personal gain was because it always came with consequences. Say someone used an enchantment spell on someone for revenge, if they were a girl, their breasts would triple in size for twenty-four hours. For guys, the backlash would be on their private. Some people might see that as a good thing but it would actually be quite annoying and painful.

"Hopefully the backlash won't be something too difficult."

"It's not, pur se." That sounded like something already happened.

"What is it?"

"I can now say for certainty that lime green does not suit me."

"Your body!" How was her aunt going to explain that! And how could the backlash for something well deserved be that drastic?

"My hair."

Luna let out a breath of relief. That sounded much better than going around with lime green skin. "Good. See you soon."

"I'll see you soon." Her aunt told her before hanging up.

She walked out of the restroom just in time. A gaggle of girls came in with makeup bags in hand. Luna never understood why putting on makeup in groups was popular. Though she never fully understood why one wore makeup anyway, at least not all the time. She saw the use of it every once in a while.

Luna was almost to the lunch table when she stopped. An annoyed looking Isaac and Simon were staring at an intruder. An intruder who smiled brightly when he saw her.

She turned around. If she got hungry enough, she could just raid Isaac's secret stash.

"Wait!" A hand wrapped gently around her wrist. Luna hoped that someone would come to her rescue but knew it wouldn't happen because they were already in the hallway, out of sight from prying hands.

"Can I have my hand back?" Her words were calm and didn't hold any of the normal venom. She didn't want to make things worse when the potion runs its course. Hopefully, it will only last twenty-four hours and not a week.

Kwon instantly let go of her hand. "Sorry." He rubbed the back of his neck nervously. Luna looked up to his eyes. She had forgotten how tall he was.

His eyes darted away from her and the tips of his ears turned red. Did the potion really have that strong of an effect?

"Well, what did you want?"

"Oh, right." He finally looked at her. The blush was almost completely gone. Too bad. It was actually kind of cute.

What was she thinking? Cute? She must be out of her mind.

"The quarterly tests are next week. I was wondering if you wanted to study with me?" His voice dropped toward the end, betraying how nervous he was.

She opened her mouth to refuse him but stopped. It would be nice to have someone other than Isaac to study with. Especially since Kwon was smart and not Isaac. It might actually be a nice change of pace.

"Sure. Come to my place after practice." She might as well take advantage of his brain before the potion wore off.

Her heart throbbed slightly when she saw the look on Kwon's face. His almond shaped brown eyes widened in bewilderment as if he couldn't believe her words. His mouth was even hanging open in a perfect 'oh' shape. She had never seen him look like that before. He looked like he would tumble over with just a nudge from her finger.

She turned away and decided to head back to the table. "See you then."
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