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Abbie Douglas just goes to collage and stays home with her dog during the school year. But in the summer, she comes alive, especially during pride month. Every night means a fun trip to a club and a hot lesbian hookup. But what happens when she meets someone she's met before. Angel and Abbie have hooked up together once before, two years ago, but haven't seen each other since. When they meet again at a club, Abbie doesn't know what to do. Suddenly it feels like things are moving too fast. Angel moves in with Abbie after half a dozen dates, and only a week later they bring up the topic of forever. But Abbie doesn't know if she can be the same energetic, charismatic, spontaneous girl that Angel fell in love with when pride month comes to an end.

Romance / Humor
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Pride Parade

Today is a special day. It's my first pride parade, which means I had to set my alarm to 7 am. On the first day of summer. I'm really regretting that decision now, but it'll be worth it later.

I have to pick the perfect outfit, but it shouldn't take too long. I'm basically goth, and the only time I wear color is to celebrate pride. I pick out ripped jean shorts, a pride tube top, rainbow knee socks, and vans that I painted rainbow.

My shoulder-length black hair has rainbow clips, and I'm wearing a ton of chain necklaces. Plus, I decided to wear eyeshadow for the first, and probably the last time. Of course, it's rainbow.

The parade is only a few blocks away from my apartment, and it starts at 9 am, but I wanted to make sure everything was perfect. My dog Molly even has a little rainbow bandana, because I'm bringing her too.

I needed someone to come with me so I don't look like an outsider, but all of my friends have jobs(and most of them are straight, yet supportive) and my family strongly disapproves of me being lesbian. Of course I'm going to take my dog.

I'm seventeen, and still go to high school, but my parents kicked me out. I live in an apartment with a room across from my uncle, who does support me, but is always busy or on vacation. I carpool to school with my friend Sophie, who lives on the floor above me with her parents. My uncle is just my legal guardian, though technically I live alone with Molly. It makes me feel more like an adult.

Plus, this means no curfew. I don't go out on weeknights, but on weekends I always to go the nightclub a block or so away, The Hour. It's great for dancing, meeting new faces, and lesbian hook-ups. I'll admit I do have a glass before I hook-up with a girl in the bathroom, but only a glass. Occasionally two.

I might be the youngest one at the club, but that doesn't have to mean I'm the most boring.

Once I've double-checked my appearance, I leave my apartment.

I'm super anxious the whole walk there(I'm scared of driving, and I don't have enough money to take a taxi), but once I arrive and hear the cheers and see all of the flags and signs, I feel at home.

Molly has too. After sniffing around for a little while, she finds another dog to play with. I don't let her off leash, but I go stand where the other dog's owner is.

And then I notice the owner.

She's mixed, from what I can tell, and has beautiful curly hair that I want to run my hands through. She's taller than me, but not by a lot, and her eyes are sparkling hazel. Her boobs and butt are huge- not fat huge but larger than mine huge-and she's not super unhealthy skinny like most girls. I can tell that she cares about her appearance, but doesn't compare herself to other girls, and I love that.

She's wearing a pink mini skirt, which shows off those beautiful long legs, and I feel myself get hot as I imagine running my hands up and down her thighs.

Then I realize I'm standing right next to her, staring, not saying anything at all, while our dogs mingle.

I decide that if I want to hook up with her, I'd better talk.

"Hi! Sorry my dog is such a dick. I hope it doesn't bother you that our dogs are playing." I say. Molly looks up at me as if she knows I called her a dick.

The hot dog owner smiles, and I can feel the butterflies in my stomach building up. She's so beautiful.

"No, they're fine. I'm Angel, by the way. Angel Queen." her voice is higher than I would've expected, but sweet and smooth. She's very confident in herself.

"Angel Queen. That's a really sweet name." I say, not knowing what else to say.

She laughs. I feel like I'm melting. Stop it! I mentally tell myself. You just met her. Wait until the end of the parade to ask her if she's up for a hook-up.

"Yeah. A lot of people say that." Oops. I don't want to be like a lot of people. I need to stand out if I'm going to impress her. Then I realize I haven't introduced myself.

"Oh, sorry, I'm Abbie. Abbie Douglas. It's boring compared to Angel Queen, but I promise I'm not boring." Shit. That was horrible. Now she thinks I'm some desperate high schooler looking for a date. That is kind of what I am, but she doesn't need to know it.

But thankfully she laughs. "So.... are you saying you like girls?"

My breath catches. I shouldn't be this nervous. I hook up with hot girls at clubs all the time. It's easier when neither of you are sober, though.

"Uh... that's why I'm here. I mean, I'm here to support LGTBQ, but I'm also a lesbian.... so yes, I like girls." Damn, Abbie. Why'd you have to mess it up?

For the first time since I met her, which was I guess five minutes ago, Angel doesn't look sweet and kawaii. She looks sexy. And even though it's 9 in the morning, I'm ready.

"That's funny. I'm a lesbian too. You know, after this parade is over, we could go to my place." Angel says casually. I give her a look that says I really want to fuck you, but say, "Sounds great. I think our dogs will be up for it too."

Molly and Angel's dog are still sniffing each other and playing, but they've grown more interested in nestling into each other's necks. Something tells me they'll enjoy the day as much as we will.

Angel pulls out a mini pride flag and holds it out to me. "You want one?" I smile at her as I take it.


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