Howl of the Alpha

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Into Each Life, Some Rain Must Fall

Chapter One

Arabella’s P.O.V

The sky was full of delicate stars scattered all along the darkness of the night. My covers wrapped around my body, as my wild brown hair tangled in itself. My eyes were tired but I definitely wasn’t sleepy. And for all of you who are asking, yes there is a difference. A very big one at that. Water splashed down upon us, and washed down the roof, spilling all along the windows. The sound of rain falling reminds me of a running shower. In our pack, rain is a very uncommon thing, it’s usually lit with a strong sun and the only water we see is sweat. Clouds are almost never around and we can’t really rely on the wind here.
I knew I shouldn’t be awake. I knew there were going to be consequences, but I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t let all that time and all those thoughts just slip past me. My back grew tired of me lying on it for so long so I switched to my side with my eyes glued to the moon. It peaked through the clouds, checking on us all, giving us all good dreams.

In the bottom corner of my window, I saw a couple holding each other close and sharing kisses. Ah to be in love, to be mated.

I’d never really imagined that I’d be mated. I guess long ago I crossed out the possibility of finding a mate.
I remember when my sister first got the burning sensation in her neck, the first sign of finding a mate, she was only 16 which is fairly young, and we were in the middle of dinner when she started screaming in joy. Literal tears left her eyes as she announced she’d be mating soon. The burning turns into a small mark, the first letter of your mate’s name. Talk about being tagged. It lays right over the carotid artery.
When I was first explained what finding your mate was like, I didn’t get it. Why can’t you just choose your own mate, like the humans? But humans never truly mate, they get married which is just a temporary bond. They always get divorced in the end. It never works out. Except if you mate. If you mate, you’re bonded for life. Like, actually bonded, your emotions are no longer yours but yours and someone else’s. Some people never find a mate, some people never actually finish the mating process.
Anyways, the ‘average’ age to be mated if you’re female is 17. My sister and mom found their mates at 16. I’ve only met 8 girls who’ve found their mates at 18. 19, only 2. I’m 20, about to turn 21. I like to think my mate is a happy man who happens to be gay and is living happily with their loved one. Or maybe he died courageously in battle protecting those who he loved. He could have even possibly found love with a human and decided that’s the path he wanted to take. In the end, I’ll never have him for myself. His happiness might come at my expense but it’s fine. I’ll be fine, I always am.

Honestly, I do want a mate. To love me, to care for me, to hold me when I’m cold, to pull me out of troubling thoughts, to make me feel complete, but not everyone can live the dream. Oh wellsomeone’s gotta give. Who knows, maybe my prince charming might not be gay or dead or in love with a human but dreaming of me too. Maybe he’ll be mine to love.

My body finally agreed with itself and began to shut off preparing itself for a nights rest. I dug myself a little deeper into my pillows and covers, trying to attain as much warmth as possible. Once I was finally satisfied with my level of warmth and comfort, I allowed myself to relax and drift off to sleep.

Two glistening blue eyes looked right into me, studying me. Everything else about him was blurry, I only had his eyes and his pale complication. I felt his hand caress my cheek and his thumb run over my lips. His hands ventured my face, studying my features with a soft delicate touch as if he was afraid to hurt me. His eyes wrinkled at the corners indicating he was smiling. Everything felt so real, is this even a dream? A wave of cologne hit me. It was a strong smell and I was hooked on it. His hands rested on my neck when his lips kissed my forehead. It was soft, like his lips. His eyes crinkled into a smile again and he was gone.

Stinging rays of sunlight crept into my rooms, breaking through my curtains and dancing alongside the dust in my room. The dream was so real. I touched my lips and furred my brows. I then touched my forehead where his lips had rested and I felt a slight dampness to them. Did this really happen? Was I staring into the eyes of my mate? The mere thought of him made my neck burn. Could it be? Have I finally found my mate? I took a hard look in the mirror and saw the redness of the burn. I felt my body completely glow up, could this be possible? Could all this dreaming be of someone real? A mate all for my self? And most importantly, he’s not gay?

He was also attractive, oh my inner wolf was going crazy, stirring wildly inside of me. I reached out for my covers and pulled them as close as humanly possible and tried to cover my face. I’m sure I was blushing deeply. I still couldn’t get over the fact that I had a mate.

I must have sat on that bed for 20 minutes, feeling the tingling go on and on, making sure it was in-fact tingling and this wasn’t just a dream or a mere thought. After I recollected myself, I happily skipped on over to the shower. Steam filled the bathroom creating a warm temperature to surround me and cover me like a blanket. Once I was inside the shower my thoughts started running. Am I even ready for this? What if he doesn’t like me? What if he’s some psychopath? Or worse some sort of killer? What if this man is the death of me?

The hot water slithered through my body causing my goosebumps to rise. My flower scented shampoo was lathered all over my hair and slowly made it’s way down the drain as I washed the rest of my body. My sister seemed happy when she was mated, maybe I’ll be happy too? Of course, I’ll be happy, my mate will love me and never hurt me. Right?

All I have of him is his eyes and pale complexion. I know I dreamt about this for so long, but now that it’s finally here, I began to have second thoughts. Maybe I wasn’t as ready as I thought I was. After pushing it away for so long I must have pushed the what if’s along with it.

“Arabella, hurry up!” Ava complained.

Even my sister’s distant whining couldn’t interrupt my thoughts. I kept on re-imagining his eyes and re-living my dream of him. My brows furred, trying to put his face together or at least try to. I didn’t have too many facts of him, other than his pale face, blue eyes and I only felt his soft lips, but never actually saw them.

“Arabella!” Ava whined.”

“I’m almost done, Ava!” I yelled back.

All I wanted was some peace and silence. As I finished washing my body I wondered what Ava would think about me finally finding a mate. Maybe she’d be happy for me. Oh I know, she’ll embrace me in a big old hug and give me some words of advice. My mother will tell me how beautiful I am, and how she always knew I’d find a mate, although she didn’t. My dad will congratulate me and tell me he’s proud of his daughter and what she’s become. I’ll then find my mate, and the instant I see him, I will feel it. I’ll feel the love and the bonding of our 2 wolves.

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