Howl of the Alpha

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Wreak Is My Obsession

Chapter Two

The smell of food ran through the entire house. It smelt like chicken and mashed potatoes. Green beans too. I made my way to the kitchen to find my mother taking the chicken out of the oven. Mmm, this was her special recipe.

“Wow, mom you really outdid yourself today.” I smiled

“Well, it is a special occasion.”

“Really? What’s going on today?” I couldn’t help but wonder if my mom knew and she was talking about me.

“Ava said she wanted to tell us something today. I bet you 5 bucks that it’s that her place is finally done remodeling.” My mother bet.

“Yeah, probably. I also have something to share.”

“What is it, sweetie?”

“I think it’s best if we wait for dinner.” I teased.

“Talking about dinner, call your sister and father down for dinner will you?” My mother asked.


My mother has these beautiful jet black curls running all the way down to her back. Her blue eyes complemented her hair enhancing their color. I didn’t look like my mother, I didn’t get her long legs or strong stare. I looked a lot more like my father. Brown wavy hair, with brown eyes, nothing out of the usual here. My sister can be considered a clone of my mother, although her hair is not curly.

I made my way into my sister’s room tapping lightly on her door. The door creaked open only for me to find her in the middle of a make-out session. She was laying on top of Toby with her hands running all over him. Soft moans and kissing sounds echoed through the room making me highly uncomfortable.

I cleared my throat and added, “Sorry to interrupt... but dinner is ready.”

Ava quickly threw herself off Toby and rearranged her clothing, you know making sure it was all still on.

“Gosh Arabella, ever heard of knocking?” She shrieked.

“I did knock but you were too busy to hear me.”

“Get out! We’ll be out in a second.”

“Alright,” and with that, I shut the door behind me and headed towards my father’s office.

The sound of the knives brushing against the plates was usually the loudest thing during dinner. Today was no different. I kept thinking to myself when was going to be the right time to tell my family. There was some sort of excitement slurring inside me alongside nervousness. As to which feeling was the dominate one, I couldn’t tell you. Ava too, seemed to be mustering up the courage to say something. I gave her look, raising my eyebrows in the slightest seeming to ask her if she wanted to share anything. My sister and I have these looks we give each other and by those looks we can understand one another perfectly. Although lately I’ve been feeling my sister pulling further and further away from my grip.

Ava shot a smile over to Toby and then to the rest of us.

“Should I tell them or you?” Ava asked Toby.

“I think it’s best if they hear this from you.” Toby answered squeezing her thigh.

“I’m pregnant.” Ava squeaked out.

“What?! I’m going to be a grandmother!” My mother shrieked with excitement. My father and mother instantly made their way over to hug the expecting couple. As for me, I had known for a long time, I’ve heard that extra heartbeat inside my sister for weeks now.

“A pup!” I don’t think I’ve ever seen my father so happy.

“Can this day get any better?” My mother said with tears of joy filling her eyes.

“Well,” I smiled

“Well what?” My mothers eyes became cold and distant.

I furred my brows in confusion, “I’m not pregnant if that’s what you think.”

“Oh great, what is it then?”

“I think.. I uh,” My words began to stumble upon each other and everybody’s looks began to terrify me. They all give me this confused look waiting to see when I was going to start making sense. “I think I might have a mate.”

Silence filled the room and minutes passed and nobody said anything. They all just continued to stare at me.

“But you’re 20.” Ava broke the silence.

“I know but I guess the whole mating thing works in mysterious ways.” I smiled more to myself than anyone.

“Are you sure?” My father asked furring his brows in disbelief as did everyone else.

“Of course why would I make something like this up?” I became quite offended. Why wasn’t anyone happy for me?

“Do you even have a mark?” Toby added. I think it’s their choice of words that offended me most, like was that ‘even’ necessary. If he wouldn’t have said the word ‘even’ it wouldn’t have hurt the grammatical structure of his sentence now would it?

I rolled up my sleeve to prove to everyone I wasn’t lying. I’m sure my entire face was displaying hurt all over it, but how could I not be?

“So you’re telling me that if I run that under cold water, it won’t just wash off?” My mother questioned

“What? Of course not mom, what do you think of me?” I couldn’t help but frown, nothing was going my way. How foolish of me to think that they’d be happy for me.

“Well-,” My mother began.

“How desperate do you think I am?” I couldn’t stand hearing them talk to me in such a rude manner. I stood up, threw my napkin on the table and rushed off into my room.

“Always making a mess.” My mother said, just before I left.

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