Howl of the Alpha

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Cursed From The Start

Chapter Three

Arabella’s P.O.V

A whole week had passed since I told them I might have a mate and no one bothered to even talk to me. The whole week I stayed in my room, occasionally leaving to shower and to grab food. I couldn’t believe the attitude they were showing me. When did I treat them this way? When have I ever been anything but supportive of their decisions? Their words hurt, but their lack of actions even more. No one has even bothered to knock on my door, God forbid talk to me, to even check if I was still alive. I could have been dead, with my rotting corpse decaying under the same roof on which shelters them in their sleep.

My inner wolf, Koda, told me I was being immature and I should go outside and talk to them about it instead of hiding out, and after a whole week, she convinced me. I knew that part of this was my fault. I do tend to be a little dramatic and emotional but I can’t help it. This is me. This is who I am. I mean, there are other aspects to me, I’m not just an immature, grudge-holding, 20 year old but I can’t always be my best self. Regardless if I try.

Before leaving the sacred walls of my room I took in a deep breath and tried to see things from their perspective. It was extremely uncommon, unheard of even, for anyone my age to find a mate. I like to think that after we talk it out and really asses the situation it will all be all right. I also can’t stand to be alone for long periods of time so I was craving some human contact. I put my pride aside and walked out of my room and found my way into the kitchen.

I saw my dad watching television, seated on his brown leather chair.

“Hey dad,” I started

“Good seeing you sweetie,” He replied with a tight smile.

I took a seat on the couch next to his.

“I’m sorry I overreacted,” I frowned.

“You don’t have to apologize”

That’s the thing about my dad, I always had to. He never forced me to, I just always wanted to. It might be that I never want him to be upset with me because of all the things in this world I cannot stand, that one stands very high. There’s an unspoken relationship between a father and his daughter. My sister doesn’t have it like we do though. I’ve always seen a strength in my father some may fail to see, for it is not physical but mental and that’s an amazing thing. He’s never raised his voice, he’s never hurt an animal, and he’s never hurt me.

In times I wish my father was a little rougher with us, my mom has always been one to lecture and scream but never him. When my sister or mom would scream at me, it would mean nothing, but as soon as a man raised his voice to me, I’d crash.

“I believed you when you said you found a mate.” he said.

“I knew you would.” I smiled, “Does mom still think I’m lying?”

“She’s not sure sweetheart. It’s just so uncommon.” He said as he scratched his beard.

“Sometimes I don’t think it’s real.” I sighed as I cuddled up on the couch.

The idea of leaving my home became quite frightening. I’d no longer have the luxuries that I have at home. I’d miss my room. I took 2 years looking for the perfect rug to tie the whole room together. Pictures of my family and friends were scattered throughout my walls. I’d miss the light. There are so many windows in the house, and the sun is always beaming, it’s hard to evade the light. It’s a good thing though. I’d miss my family. Sometimes you get mated with someone that lives far away. Wolves packs are very territorial and most packs spread through many acres. Most packs are within days travels of each other. I didn’t think I was ready.

My mom and sister came through the front door holding various bags from separate places.

“She’s alive!” My sister mocked impersonating Frankenstein.

“Arabella,” my mom began, “Why did you lock yourself in your room for so long? You should have been getting ready and packing and doing a million things if you really do have a mate.”

“I do,” I said showing her the markings on my neck.

“Does it show his initial already?” My mother jumped.

“No, I have to actually meet him for that. And bond and mate.” I said

“He should have found you by now. That means he’s coming from very far away. Gosh, that headache must be killing him.” My mother analyzed.

In the process of finding each other, the female does nothing while the male has to go out and look for her. Once you begin this whole thing, the first signal is the mark across the carotid artery, then males begin to get intense headaches and swirling emotions and their inner compass turns on, forcing them to find their mate. He’s in a sense, naturally drawn to me, it becomes his life mission to find me. My father took three hours to find my mom and Toby took around 45 minutes to find my sister. They both lived in the same pack, and that’s usually how it happens, you’re never supposed to be too far away from your mate, but I’ve been waiting for over a week, and nothing. So officially, I’m probably the oldest female to ever get a mark, my mate is taking a very long time to find me and probably the longest living virgin the wolf pack has ever seen. That last one might not be true, there are some people that never find a mate, but I’m sure they have their ways.

I’ll know when he’s near. When he’s within a 5-mile radius, I’ll get a really good feeling, followed by a pounding headache, my knees will give out, and then I’ll faint. By then my mate will probably take me home, if I’m not already, get my stuff and off we go. It’s very complicated and simple at the same time.

“Well since he is taking his sweet time,” My sister joked, “Catherine is having her first dinner as Luna. We’re invited if you want to go.”

“You know, I never knew her like that, so I think I’m going to pass,” I replied.

“You can’t miss it, Arabella. She is your new Luna, she got mated with Alpha William. You and to go as a sign of respect to them.” My mom began to lecture.

“I don’t even know what I’m going to wear!” I exhausted

“Use your red gown, if you don’t use it I will.” My sister suggested.

I ended up using the red gown, putting my hair in an updo, and having my sister do my makeup. She knew all about it, I didn’t. Christian ended up driving us there, making me a great third wheel. Once we actually got there, their house was amazing. It was very big and structured with a very traditional technique. The interior looked straight from out of a castle. Gold ornaments were specked around the house for added elegance.

The party scene was never my scene. I did a lot better with people one on one, in small quantities, not in large gatherings. I met up with one of my old friends, Samantha, and made sure I could score a ride with her in case things got too boring or uncomfortable. I set a timer for myself, I have to stay at this party for more than an hour. After that, I call it quits.

I ran into the famous Catherine, gave her my biggest congratulations, and smiled big. I knew her impression of me would matter one way or another. Although I hate parties, I was able to run into a lot of good friends, friends I’ve accumulated over the years and one by one I began telling them about my mark. Many of them didn’t believe me at first, but came around to it eventually and shared my excitement. After I told them I’ve had my mark for over a week, and he still hasn’t found me, many of them were surprised. My guy friends told me what a pain that must be for my future mate and hearing conversation of him, my future mate, began to spring butterflies in my stomach. Hearing talk of him made him real and that was something my brain still struggled to grasp.

As Jasmine began to give me tips on being a mate something happened. The room began to spin, and a sweet sweet wave of serenity began to consume me, hitting me to my very core. All noises in the room blocked out as a pounding headache took over making it hard to stand. I grabbed onto Jasmine as I began to fall.

“He’s here!” Jasmine screamed.

My sister ran over to me and began to speak but I couldn’t make out her worlds. Everything was silenced except for the sound of a beating heart which only got closer. In the midst of my fall, I heard distant voices screaming murmured words, possibly my name but it felt like an infinite block of time and space.

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