Howl of the Alpha

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Can't Learn To Love You

Chapter Four

My body was awoken by vicious shaking. I struggled to grasp for breath in my wake. As I woke up I couldn’t shake a weird sensation brewing within me. A warmth cradled my body, and particularly my heart in a way it had never felt before. My cheeks were flushed in a manner I never believed to be possible.

“Ara-,” The man in front of me began.

“What’s her name again?” He asked looking into the crowd.

“Arabella..” I murmured

“What?” His ridiculed. His patience was short

His eyes were vibrantly blue, and features sharp. His eyes laid close to his eyebrows, which were strong and full. They matched his dark hair color which went up in a backward wavy motion with faded sides. His stature was big.

“Arabella!” My sister voiced

The intensity of his gaze penetrated me to my soul, making me unable to focus on anything other than him. In his arms, I felt breathless. He held my hand in his close to his chest as his other hand held me up from the small of my back.

“Arabella,” He said again with another shake.

I began to regain consciousness once I broke out of his eternal gaze, it felt as if I was being enchanted through his eyes. My body felt weak all over but I still attempted to stand, in a pathetic Bambi way. His grip pulled me up until I was standing, but my hand remained in his, and his other hand was still fixed on my back. Once we had stood up I was able to see just how much of a big man he was. He was a whole head above my height and he had to look down on me, to keep eye contact. His chest was broad, and he had very built arms and shoulders, displaying almost an upside down triangle shape. He was dressed in only the finest suit, being in all black. I began to carry my own weight and looked around to see everyone standing around us, staring in a silenced glare.

“We’re leaving.” He said in his raspy deep voice.

He took a look around everyone in the room and one by one they began to bow down their heads. Alpha William broke through the crowd also bowed his head to the man next to me.

“Alpha Everett, it’s great to finally see you again.” Alpha William said.

Alpha Everett nodded, “You too.” He said in the most monotone way.

A silence filled the room.

“Well, I’m glad you found your mate. She’s a fine girl. I’ll be sad to watch her leave.” William said under his breath. Catherine, his mate, did not appreciate these words and glared at William. Alpha Everett didn’t appreciate the words either, because he sent a menacing look over to William.

Alpha William cleared his throat, before extending his hand out to the front entrance and opening the door. Alpha Everett lead me through the door. I made eye contact with my sister for a split second before I was outside.

“Goodbye Arabella,” Alpha William said to me with a tight smile.

My brows furred in confusion for I had never spoken to Alpha William in my life. I also recognized that his intentions were a bit inappropriate as my mate was standing next to me and as was his. Luna Catherine simply put her head down. Everett lead me to an all black car and opened the door for me. It was a 2 passenger car, and incredibly close to the floor. Once I was in the car, the overwhelming scent of him became a comfort and for the first time in my life, I felt a true disconnect between my mind and my feelings. I didn’t know this man and had had little interaction with him so his scent shouldn’t bring me any comfort, but it did.

Seeing as to how I sat frozen in his car, Everett reached over me and put on my seatbelt as I sat paralyzed. He sighed to himself. We sat in silence, the car wasn’t on, and my mind still hadn’t adjusted to what was going on. Everett would look over to me and quickly look away. He held the steering wheel and tightened his grip, in his mind, he was contemplating whether or not to say something. He rested his elbow on the window and looked outside. He exhaled a deep breath and looked over to me.

“Hello Arabella, I’m Alpha Greyson Everett. Your mate.” He said with his hand extended out for a handshake. He said this in a very business tone which left me even more confused. I weakly extended my hand out, and he shook it. After he cracked his neck and started the car. As soon as the engine started classical music began to flow through the speakers. The loudest thing about the experience was the car engine in itself, the music was much more of a mumble in the back. I looked outside the window and realized we were heading further and further away from my pack and panic stepped in. Did he really expect me to leave without getting my stuff? Without saying goodbye?

“Uh.. we need to head back.” I almost whispered.

Greyson looked over to me almost confused, “Why do you need to head back?”

“I- All my stuff is there, and I-I... I didn’t get to say goodbye.” I frowned.

“We can get you new stuff and you can write them a letter. I’m tired Arabella, this headache has been killing me for the past week.” He groaned.

“Please,” I begged.

“No.” He finalized.

I never believed myself to be a sentimental girl, but the idea of not getting to say goodbye to my family hurt. I looked back to the moments I spent locked up in my room and it all seemed so ridiculous, how could I have spent those days locked in my room instead of talking with my dad? Or cooking with my mom, or painting my nails with my sister? I felt the tears start to form in my eyes and I quickly looked away into the window and I tried my very best to not cry. I’d never get to meet my sister’s baby. I’d never sleep in my bed again, I wouldn’t see my pictures I had hung up in my room. I’d be far away from all the memories I tried so hard to preserve.

To try to calm myself down, I undid my hair-do and let the scent of my shampoo and hair spray serve as a reminder of earlier today. I tugged on the seatbelt that was cutting into my neck, someone taller than me must have used the seat before. I looked around to see if I could adjust it or help it loosen a little but had no luck, so I simply held onto it and used my grip as a form of traction brace.

“You can alter it if you want,” Greyson spoke.

“I don’t know how to,” I admitted.

“You see the little grey box on the side of the window,” Greyson began instructing without ever taking his eyes off the road, “it looks like a big scale zipper.”

“I see it,”

“Great, now push down on it, all the way down until it feels comfortable.”

I heard it click and it soon became an adjustable height, one that wouldn’t scratch my neck.

“Thank you,” I said with a tight grin.

Once I felt comfortable enough I rested my head on the window and drifted to sleep.

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