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Rage, a tribal she wolf known for her calculated yet ferocious demeanour and arena fighting. Apart of a fearsome tribe she's unknown to the strange reality of the modern world. So when her Tribe is in troubling peril, her Alpha Chief turns to King Romero, The Coven King. Rage being hot-heading and greatly independent, sees no need for a sly untrustworthy bloodsucker in the mist of her pack. Her aggression is uncontrollable and just like her moto. No Fear, No Hesitation, No Surprise, No Doubt. And strikes to scare this leech off of her territory, although she's gonna wish she thought about this scheme sooner than later.

Avery Johnson
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Chapter One

Aggressively running down the wide hallway, curved long claws drawn and wild eyes hungry for blood. It wasn’t hard to see a certain bloodthirsty she-wolf seething through the halls.

“Rage! Come back! Are you crazy!?” A high pitched screech down the long corridor nearly stopped her from her sole mission.

To eliminate the threat.

But thinking about the safety and well-being of her family, her friends, her tribe. She felt it again, rage.
Continuing her rampage she thundered down the hallway nearly knocking over drowsy males from their overbearing two day hunt. She was unstoppable, and they knew that.

Coming to a sudden stop, tilting her head up and taking in a mysterious yet delicious scent that Rage couldn’t get enough. She snapped out of her strange trance by warm hands gripping her bare shoulder.

“Rage please!” Rage turned around to face her younger sister, Hunger. “Hunger no, I’m doing this for you” Rage’s gaze strong and dull to shield away her fright. She was just as scared as Hunger was but being the eldest child in the house now, came responsibilities. To protect her fragile siblings, to fight for them.
Just like her two older brothers did but they’re not here which meant that Rage was now the protector of the family.

Staring into her sister’s naive blue eyes which resembled Rage’s eyes, Rage felt that she was walking on thin ice, that her weight would soon brake the untrustworthy ice. Closing her blue orbs and turning her back to her sister she ventured into the now silent and empty hall. She could hear her frightened sister’s sharp breaths, it was killing Rage to hear this. But what had to be done had to be done. There was vampire scum to get rid of. Rage could hear harsh whispers and the furious pacing of what Rage could guess her Chief Alpha Malicious was doing.

Rage couldn’t help but feeling an aching feeling in her chest, her village was soon to crumble. If her alpha couldn’t persuade the bastard frolicking in her lands, then her pack was ultimately doomed. Swallowing the lump that was forming, Rage had the large steel door in her sight, the door that belonged to her alpha’s office. Where all of her alpha’s meetings were held, a gap of peeking light from the slightly opened door could be seen, and so could he, King Romero Of The Coven.

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