Seven Days [Preview]

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Quote of the chapter: Love isn’t something you find. Love is something that finds you.

“One glass of scotch,” A familiar voice calls out to me, while I slide a glass across to some other woman who was busy talking to her partner.

“Cosmo,” I greet, pouring in the yellow substance into the glass, pushing it over to the man who is sitting directly in front of me.

He thanked me with a slight nod of his head, raising his glass in the air and then downing it within seconds, slamming it onto the table.

“Rough week?” He laughs, shaking his head as I take another order from a customer, gliding their glass across the table.

“You see me here every day, Khristy. The only ‘rough’ thing that has happened was the sex I had yesterday.” He slurs and I laugh, shaking my head, taking the towel off of my shoulder and using it to clean the glasses that had just been washed.

“You gotta lay off the alcohol, C. Lord knows, you might happen to get poisoned by this shit one day,” I say while cleaning the tables, the doors open as people exit the bar, some in a drunken state.

“Well,” I hand him another glass of scotch, watching as he downs it, licking his lips once he’s finished. “ain’t no one come here anymore, so I’d figured to enjoy myself while it lasts.” I nod, taking some glasses as I hum to the song in the background.

People have been avoiding leaving their houses like the damn plague is spreading around. Last week there was a gunfight out just down the street, something to do with a crime lord of some sorts. About twenty civilians died, or something, but it was enough to scare people from leaving their houses.

Which has unfortunately affected my work since no one wants to come to get a drink anymore. Well, everyone except Cosmo.

“You shouldn’t stress yourself working out here, Khristy.” Cosmo downs another one of his drinks, standing up to put on his jacket while he walks towards the door.

“College won’t pay their own fees, Cosmo!” I shout as he leaves the bar laughing.

A sigh leaves my lips as I turn to take off my apron, laying it down on the counter, but something stops me in my action.

I can basically feel the energy oosing off of them, the power that they held. No one would need to even look at them in the face to notice the amount of dominance they had. I slowly turned, my eyes meeting with a pair of brown ones.

Beautiful, light brown orbs. He’s in a full black suit, his muscles prominent and a giant watch on his right wrist. His hair is slicked back in a neat way, giving off the impression that he probably is a neat man. His face is strong and his jawline is almost sharp enough to cut through paper. A smile curled upon his lips, his hands tucked in his pockets.

Words are stuck in my throat as I stand there, trying to think of something to say but the only thing that comes out is, “We’re closed.”

A deep rumble leaves his lips, only for myself to realise he’s laughing.


The stranger ignores my statement, taking a seat where Casmo had sat, directly in front of me. He crossed his arms, his sleeve riding up slightly revealing ink, tracing under his shirt.

“Whiskey.” He simply says, his voice full of command and it takes complete strength to not let my legs pass out from under me.

He reeked of danger. You could see it in his eyes, in the way he presented himself. He is someone who seeks dominance and expects nothing less of it.

I turn, getting a whiskey bottle and pouring it into a glass. I turn around again, placing the glass in front of him while he collects it, our fingers gently touching for a moment and then I pull back, mentally scolding myself for liking his warm touch.

I bit on my lip, fidgeting with my fingers as he raised the glass to his lips, taking a sip as he held eye contact with me, his eyes almost as if piercing through my soul.

It’s too quiet in here, well apart from my favourite song ‘A Change is Gonna Come’ softly playing in the background that had now been on loop for the past couple of hours.

“Who are you?” The words leave my mouth before I can process them. My hands fly to my mouth as I squeeze my eyes shut, knowing best that I should’ve just kept my mouth fucking closed.

The beguiling man let out a deep chuckle, fiddling with his watch and then looked up at me. He shrugged his shoulders, picking the glass in his hands and swirling it around a little.

“Who are you?” He questions, taking another sip of his wine.

“Khristina Ivanov.” I blurted out, cursing myself for the second time this night.

It’s not my fault, it’s just as if this stranger just has this type of aura that tells me to answer him, or I’d probably regret it.

His eyes twinkle as he raises his brow slightly, the small breath snatching smile on his face. “Nice.”

I nod, slowly taking steps backwards so I can hide away in the ‘employees only’ room until this man runs away and leaves me alone.

“Tell me about yourself Khristina.” Italian. He’s Italian. I can hear the slight accent in his voice, making me turn around and walk back to the counter.

“Um...” I ponder, trying to think of something that is going to save me from embarrassment but my brain is all jumbled up.

The stranger sighs, “How old are you?”

“Twenty-one, my birthday was last week.” He nods, almost as if I’ve confirmed something but I shake it off.

“You like it here?” He asks.

A sigh leaves my lips while I run my hands through my hair. I wouldn’t say that I don’t like working here, but I don’t really have a choice to decide what I like in this life anymore. As soon as I hit eighteen, the orphanage chucked me out and I was left to fend for myself.

I didn’t have enough money to save up so I could go to university, but if I have this job long enough, I might be able to raise some to at least put a deposit down.

The stranger stared at me, awaiting my answer but I shook my head, picking up some empty glasses and putting them in the sink behind me.

“You need to leave,” I say while washing the dishes. I hear the man scoff behind me which seems to send butterflies down to my regional area.


I turn around, the soap dripping onto the floor as the stranger looks up to me, his head resting on his palms, looking up to me with a mischievous smile on his face. “I want to get to know you, belissima.” The accent is thick in his voice while my mouth slightly parts from the bluntness of this guy.

I’ve never really been special around the male population, mainly because my body is the type of body that everyone seems to like nowadays. I flat behind and in front, and I’m not complaining, I love the way I’ve been created.

But with the way, this stranger in front of me looked at me with his eyes, almost as if memorizing my body, my features; everything that his eyes could possibly take in. He just made me feel weak under his gaze.

I shook my head, declining his offer and watched him roll his tongue in his mouth but then smirked, clasping his hands together.

“Seven days.” He says, holding both his hands around the wine, while I place down an empty wine bottle on the table.

“Seven days?”

“I have seven days to convince you to go on a date with me.” I scoff, shaking my head as his brown eyes pierce through mine, demanding submission.

“I barely know you.”

“And dates are for getting to know one another, bellissima.” He took a sip of his wine, holding eye contact with me. His hair is slightly out of place with the neat slick back he had done but I control the urge to lean over the counter and sweep it back into place.

“Well, what if I don’t want to go on a date with you?” The strange man tossed his head back, downing the remains of the wine and placed it onto the table, pushing it towards me.

“You make it sound like you have a choice.” He winked, standing up from the barstool while adjusting his suit and then walked out of the door and into the darkness of the night.

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