Seven Days [Preview]

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QOTC: A charming woman...doesn’t follow the crowd. She is herself.

Day one.

The bar was more crowded today, which I was happy about but I couldn’t get him out of my mind.

I didn’t know if he was going to show up and I had constantly checked the door, in search of a tall, smirking man but instead a drunken couple left the pub.

“You looking for someone, Khristy?” Cosmo asks while he sips his drink, lazily meeting me in the eye.

“Something like that,” I mumbled, leaning my elbows on the table.

I want to get him out of my brain, I want to pretend like he never existed but yet I can’t help but feel giddy to know that he’s coming here. Just for me.

I can’t help but dream of his eyes, which some might find dull and boring, yet I feel like I could stare into them for as long as I wanted. I wanted to explore the tattoo on his wrist and I want to explore more of his body, I want to know him.

Get a grip, Khristina.

I don’t even know his name and I’m thinking of wanting to get to know him?

I scoff, pouring myself a random bottle of wine and downing down, which ends up leaving a bitter taste in my mouth. Cosmo laughs while I roll my eyes.

“Won’t you get in trouble if you’re caught drinkin’ one of those?” He inquires.

“The manager isn’t even here for me to even get in trouble, I can’t even remember what they look like.” Cosmo laughs while a customer drops their wine glass, giving it to me to put in the dirty pile of glasses.

I didn’t even have time to put them in the sink when I felt it again. The same dominating aura. The same commanding tone and the seductive smile playing on his lips.

“Whiskey,” He orders and I say nothing but to pour the drink in his glass, and pushed it to him, wanting to not talk to him tonight but before I got a chance to run, his warm hands captured mine, tugging on them so I was left with half my body over the bar. “Go on a date with me.”

I chucked, roughly pulling my hands back and wiped them against my apron. “No.”

His jaw visibly ticked, obviously he wasn’t someone who was used to being turned down, but the smirk on his face made me know that he was the type to get what he wanted.

Ha. Good luck with that.

“Hey, lady!” A man slurred out from the side of the bar, his eyes almost dropping and little treks of alcohol running down his shirt. “You know where I can find a sex house around here?”

I hate these types of customers.

Cosmo laughed, oblivious to the man sitting down beside him. Putting on the best smile that I could, I walked over to his side, watching the slight twinkle in his eyes.

“No, I don’t.” He didn’t even seem to be listening to what I said because his eyes were shamelessly wandering over my body, often licking his lips in the act.

“Excuse me, sir.” My voice was taken over by a stern one, his head quickly lifting up to meet mine but instead of backing off a smile was left on his face. “I said there are no...′ sex′ houses around here. If you want one you should go to a place in Samara, I heard they offer really good services for you.”

“I don’t think any place in Russia will offer me better sex than you would, babe.”

My eyes widened, feeling taken aback. Stupid, stupid men.

I hate them sometimes.

“I’m sorry, I’m only a bartender, I don’t do these types of things for people.” With that I turned, muttering a couple of words under my breath but then a hand wrapped around my wrist, forcefully pulling me so my lower chest painfully collided with the edge of the counter.

“You like to play hard to get huh, шлюха?” I could smell his breath from where I was standing as I desperately tried to tug away from my hands from his but it was no use.


I looked around to see everyone just dancing and drinking as if nothing was even happening because this was such normality for them. And I hated it.

I tugged my hands again, but his grip hardened, pulling me closer towards him as he smelt my hair. “Let me go,” I demanded a strain in my voice as I desperately tried to get away from him.

But he was stronger.

They all are once they have some sort of alcohol in their bodies.

“Don’t fight it, girl. Just come home with me and I’ll give you a good time.” His voice was now thick with a Russian accent, his words often slurring as I tried to pry myself away.

“I don’t want to, please stop,” I begged, scratching his hands that were wrapped against mine but this only seemed to set fuel to the fire since he climbed over the counter, now grabbing both of my hands while I panicked on the inside.

“You fucking Russian girls,” He burped midsentence, gripping my scalp while I used every muscle in my bine to push him away. “you never know when you’ll have a good time.”

I felt the anger rise as I kicked him where the sun didn’t shine, small pants escaping my lips as I brushed a strand away from my face, watching as he slowly rose up, his chest heaving with anger.

I grabbed a half-full bottle of alcohol, holding it as defence while he let out a crazed laugh. “You think that’ll scare me?”

“No, but this might.” It all happened so fast; the stranger who had previously asked me out was now on top of the drunken man, punching his face so much I was sure it was almost unrecognisable.

I stood there in shock, not knowing if I should call the police or bail the fuck out of here. So I chose the first option.

I reached into my pockets, pulling out the cracked screen and dialled the first digit till he called out to me.

“Put the fucking phone down.” The drunken man was now on the floor, lying completely still and there was no rise and fall in his chest.

I felt like the air was sucked out of me as my eyes constantly flickered down to the man and then up again to the stranger.

“Y-you...killed him?” The stranger pinched his nose, and then looked around to see everyone dearly minding their business.

“You can’t tell a soul about this, bellissima.” He took a step closer to me and I punched the second digit, halting him in his steps.

“You killed a human...” I said, almost to myself.

I heard about the killing of twenty people, but yet this seemed to knock me straight back into reality.

The murderer took another step to me but I raised my finger over the digit, but this time it didn’t seem to phase him since he quickly snatched it out of my hand, breaking it into two. “Trust me, they’d kill you as much as they wanted to kill me.”

’Wanted to kill me?′

‘They’ as in the police?

“You’re a murderer,” I mumbled, watching as he adjusted his suit, nodding.

“And you aren’t any better, bellissima.” He checked the time on his watch, smiling to himself as he walked out from behind the bar. Almost as if forgetting something, he turned around, smiling.

“I’ll call my men to clean that up.” And he left, into the night as I turned my gaze to the lifeless body that laid beside me.

I’ve witnessed a murder.

Any person in their right minds would call the police, but yet I couldn’t.

Mostly because my phone had been snapped into two.

They’d kill you as much as they wanted to kill me.

Who are they?

I’ll ask him tomorrow, when he comes, again.

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