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Virgin Princess

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I lived my whole life in an isolated private school since I was only two years old. My father kicked me out of his life after the death of my mother. I tried to figure out why my father sent me away as if I wasn't his own daughter. Until I figured out That I was a beast! Not knowing who I was or where I came from And why I could shift into a wolf. Everything was unclear until I met him! My father's partner. The rudest, arrogant but handsome and sexy as hell. That's when I surrendered to him, immediately giving him my heart, body, and soul. Not knowing that the Alpha prince is my mate.

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Chapter 1

The First Chapter

Prince Mathew Pov

I finally decided to take a few days off in England when I received that phone call from my partner Alex...

My private jet had just landed, and I hadn’t even had time to get into my limo.

What are you talking about? He can’t handle anything in the company without my help?! For God’s sake, I hadn’t taken a day off in over three months. I was exhausted both mentally and physically. I desperately needed to turn off my brain for a couple of days.

I grabbed my phone and answered in an irritated tone, “Hello there! Did you miss me at all?” I sneered.

“Hello, Mathew.

Please accept my apologies for interrupting your weekend. But it’s a matter of life and death.” He was agitated.

“What went wrong? Something occurred with our recent business deal?..” I was wearily asking him.

In defeat, he said, “Please, no, it’s not about business. Just listen and don’t interrupt. I need a favor from you because you are already in England.”

“All right, I’m listening,” I said.

“My daughter is already enrolled in a private school in the area. And I need you to meet with the principal rather than me. So he called me and said she smashed guy bones or something along those lines. And you know that if I took a flight right now, I’d be in the air for more than ten hours, and I can’t leave the company because you’re not there. So,” “He explained, and I didn’t hesitate. After all, he was my partner.

It was just that I despised children! That’s all there is to it.

“Okay, I guess I can do it. Don’t be concerned. Send me the school’s name, and I’ll take care of everything and call you back later.” I told him about it.

He stated sincerity, “Mathew, thank you so much. You are the best brother, and partner anyone has ever had.”

“It’s all right, Alex.

At any time. I’ll call you later.” And with that, I hung up the phone with Alex and frowned.

‘What, I can’t spend a f***ing weekend alone without being interrupted?!’ I mumbled and motioned to my bodyguard to open the limo door for me.

For God’s sake, I’m Alpha! I wish I could scream and reveal my little secret to Alex.

But what am I supposed to say to him?! Hello there, Alex. I just wanted to let you know... I am a werewolf... Oh, I’m the Alpha... And much more, on my 25th birthday, I’m f***ing going to take the throne! So in ten days, I’ll be a f***ing king, ruling over the kingdom of werewolves!

Yes, and Alex would think I’d lost my mind and gone insane, or he’d become scared and die of a heart attack!

I went inside to check my text messages. Yes, I did learn the name of this private school.

But what didn’t occur to me...

That is exactly what he said earlier. So the girl smashed the bones of the boy?! How could she do such a thing?!

I laughed at the thought and told the driver to take me there first to end the nonsense, then back to my hotel to enjoy the next two days.

We arrived at that school, which was already in the middle of nowhere, after half an hour. It already looked like a prison to me but in the shape of a castle!

So there you have it! I was perplexed as to why Alex would send his daughter so far in such a remote location. Perhaps she needed to be tamed in some way. But she was a young girl, I suppose! Alex is only a few years my senior. Yes, I’m twenty-four, and he’s only thirty-two.

Viola, for a young girl in high school, strikes me as a genius or something! She should be about twelve years old. She can’t be that old, can she?

Before passing through the massive iron gates of that school, I was thinking.

I walked right into the principal’s office, followed by my guards and assistant. I didn’t even see a ghost around the iron bars. It was a little frightening for me.

I stood there watching her until I noticed that young sexy girl yelling at a few boys. She cocked her brow and snarled to me, “What in the world are you looking at? Do I resemble a monkey to you?”

Why are my heartbeats becoming faster? Why does her body odor cling to my nose as if she is mine?

‘She is your mate, idiot!’ My wolf barked.

‘There’s no bloody way!’ ‘She is a human!’ I yelled at my wolf to stop.

And before I could respond to her hysterical demeanor, the principal slammed his door open to yell at her, “Viola Alex, you’ve done it! Come on over here right now.”

’Wait a minute, what the eff!”

“Is that, Viola? My friend’s daughter?! She appears to be a lady to me!′

I sighed and rolled my eyes. “Is that you, Viola Alex?” I inquired, a little awkwardly and in a startling tone.

The professor nodded. “Yes, sir, and I believe you are Mr. Matthew York...

Mr. Alex called earlier to tell me that you will look after her this weekend.”

“What are you talking about? Can you look after that girl for the weekend? No, no, no... I suppose you misinterpreted the situation. I’m just here to figure out what happened and solve the problem.” In a disagreeable tone, I said.

Viola had just left, and the principal motioned for me to enter his office and speak with him privately. He sighed in frustration as he sat at his desk. “Mr. Matthew, You obviously have no idea what’s going on here. I’m going to have to explain the situation.”

I expelled my irritated breath. “All right, please continue.”

He gave a light smile. “As you can see, she is a rebellious and troubled young lady. Every day, she fights like a boy. She nearly broke our quarterback’s bones.” He took a breather...

Then he paused for a moment before continuing, “Do you know what’s up with her? She was sent to that school when she was only two years old. Yes... It is now a high school, but it was previously a kindergarten and elementary school. She had a difficult time adjusting. Her father sees her only once a year. Despite her intelligence, the girl has mental problems. But she was filled with rage.” He explained, and I couldn’t help but feel sorry for the girl.

I suppose I got the big picture somehow. She was born by accident between Alex and her mother when Alex was already a teenager.

I interrupted him. “Can you tell me how old she is?” I was curious, and I wanted to know if my conclusion was correct or incorrect.

“Eighteen years old,” he said, and I already cursed under my breath.

I rubbed the back of my neck. “That’s fine. So you said... Isn’t it true that she kicked the quarterback in the shins? Why is this so? That has to be for a reason.” I raised my brow.

Yes, she was my partner’s daughter, and he was from The Human Race, but he was like my best close friend ever. In fact, he’s a real brother.

“Sir, yes...

That was her boyfriend, and she caught him kissing another girl! “He usually spoke about it as if it were a common occurrence. That implies the girl had a reason.

“So it’s not a surprise. So why are you treating her as if she’s insane?” I raised an eyebrow and said, irritated by the way he described her.

“because she is always behaving like a fireball, She screams, curses, and smashes things. Every day, she gets into fights. Her father should punish her, not just put her in detention or expel her!” He murmured.

“Okay, then you need her to miss a few days of school to tame the beast inside that girl?” I nodded.

He laughed at how I said my words, “something along those lines So a few days won’t hurt. And her final exams aren’t for another two weeks. So... She could return later to study and complete her final year. Could you please do that? Seriously, I can’t keep that girl under control any longer.” He almost begged, as if he had tried every trick in the book to get her to walk in the right direction, but he had failed.

I sighed and shrugged. “I suppose I can do that. But there’s one more thing. First, I’d like to meet her ex-boyfriend.”

It wasn’t a requirement, but I wanted to hear the guy’s side of the story, and I was curious to meet him.

He gave a mute nod and then summoned his office boy. After politely knocking on the office door, the office boy entered a minute later.

“Sir, yes.” He addressed the principal.

“Please bring me our quarterback Jake right now.” He gave the boy a command and walked away. I waited a few minutes longer until a huge muscled man almost as tall as a tree with white skin and blue eyes stepped inside with a broken hand and bruises all over his face.

“Don’t tell me Viola did all of that to that huge guy?” I exclaimed, stunned.

Jake became terrified simply by hearing her name. “Yes, and please don’t ever bring up her name in front of me again. She resembles a tiger. I already despise her and regret having chosen her as my girlfriend.”

I stood up and glared at him, “then tell me how it started and why did she do that to you?”

He gulped nervously under my gaze, then shifted his gaze to the principal, a worried expression on his face.

I snapped my fingers in front of his face. “Take a look at me. I’m addressing you. If you didn’t tell me the truth right now, I’d kill you. Trust me, I’m going to sue you.” I stated firmly.

He lowered his jaw. “What do you think? What for?! I should sue her for ruining my career as the best football player in the world! “He said it in a threatening tone, and I already despised him. I can tell the girl hasn’t done anything wrong yet. To me, he appeared to be an egoistic playboy.

And before I could say anything, Viola stormed into the office without even knocking, and Jake dashed behind my back to hide. “Viola, please don’t touch me.”

She drew her arms across her chest. “You f***ing dirtbag! Have you informed the principal that I broke your arms as a result of your cheating on me? seriously!” She yelled at the man.

“Viola, keep your mouth shut!” I said fervently, my gaze fixed on her.

“And who the f**k are you?” she scowled.

“My name is Mathew York. Your father’s best friend and his partner.” I responded slowly.

She cracked up laughing, her tone becoming angry and frustrated in between. “Yes, I see! Is it even possible that I have a father? He didn’t even bother coming to meet me.”

I ignored her for the time being because I wanted to put an end to all of this nonsense. I’d been flying for more than ten hours when they began to give me a severe headache. I turned to face the man. “Tell me what happened right now, don’t lie, and swear to God I’ll ruin your life. You still don’t know much about me.” I threatened him, and I believe I piqued Viola’s interest.

She widened her eyes in admiration, and the man cleared his throat, lowering his gaze to the floor. “Okay, I’ll admit it: I lied. I crept into her room at night and asked her to sleep with me....Um... As a couple. Having a good time.”

I pushed him against the wall and nearly strangled him. “So you wanted her to fulfill your d*CK desires! So you wanted to f*ck with her?” I grimaced.

He had trouble breathing. “No, I’ve been in a relationship with her for over a year. So I thought it was a good time for her to lose her virginity. For God’s sake, she’s eighteen!”

Viola grabbed my hands and hollered, “Leave him, please.” In a broken, bad mood, she said.

I looked deeply into her eyes from behind my shoulders, and all I saw were the most beautiful green eyes I’d ever seen! She looked so white, with green eyes and dark black hair?! What the heck was going on? I’m guessing her mother was a pretty woman. But that wasn’t all. I noticed the clogged tears in her eyes. That girl pretended to be tough and extremely hard, but she was frail on the inside.

However, no one was aware of this. She kept her true feelings hidden. That was obvious because she was lonely.

I pressed my hand even more firmly against the man’s neck. “I’m going to sue you for attempting to rape her! I’m going to screw up your life even more.” I hollered.

The principal rushed over to me and yanked me away from Jake. “Please calm down, Mr. Matthew, and I will take appropriate legal action against him. I had no idea he was such a liar.”

I raised an eyebrow and motioned to the principal, warning him, “You’d better do it, or I’ll lock you up alongside him. But, for the time being, I’m leaving, and I’ll be taking Viola with me.”

Viola was plastered in her place, staring at me as if struck by lightning. “What about me? Where do you want to take me?” She blinked, perplexed.

I clasped her hands and smiled softly. “I’m having a good time this weekend. It’s just you and me.”

And I had no idea that would be my first heartbeat...

I had no idea that rebellious girl would rock my world and win over my stone heart with her frail smile.


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