My Loving Savior

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Kelly is 18 years old and lives with her alcoholic abusive uncle. One night Kelly and her uncle get into a major fight and Kelly looked like shit. Kelly's uncle was passed out on the floor and Kelly just got up and left. After Kelly got away from the place that caused her hell, she passed out. Someone "saved" her from having to go through anymore hell.

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Chapter 1

*I live with my abusive alcoholic uncle, Jimmy, who has always hated my guts. Being that Jimmy is my only living family I have been stuck with him for about two years. Living with Jimmy causes us to get into huge fights that can lead to me looking like a train wreck after every fight. The one fight that will always stick with me for my whole life is the fight that led to me running away from home.*


*One night Jimmy came home extremely wasted and I knew what was going to happen. Jimmy started yelling at me about how much I ruined his life and I couldn’t take the yelling for one more minute so I yelled back.

By yelling back at Jimmy it would only make things worse for me. Jimmy came running towards me, but I wasn’t able to run away because I was frozen in fear.

Jimmy hit me in the head with the empty beer bottle that he had in his hand, when the bottle made contact with my head I felt it break the skin. Due to the force of the hit I fell to the ground and Jimmy took this as an opportunity to start kicking me, I managed to get up and start defending myself. I punched Jimmy as hard as I could and he stumbled back, due to the force of the punch.

I started to throw punches my uncle’s way but he was able to dodge most of the punches. Due to the fact that Jimmy has been in jail, he was a fighter and he knew what he was doing so he was able to dodge my punches and he was able to use whatever he was able to get his hands on to inflict pain.

Jimmy grabbed one of the fire picks that was next to the fireplace and he swung it at my legs. I was able to dodge the pic the first time Jimmy swung it at me but the second time I was not as lucky. The second time that Jimmy swung the pick at my legs it made contact with my right leg, once the pick made contact with my leg I fell to the ground and Jimmy started to beat me with the fire pick. Before I was able to get in a potion to protect myself I felt a wave of sharp pain go through my leg and I heard Jimmy say,*

Jimmy: You deserve all of the things that are happening to you right now. I should have never needed to take you in after getting out of jail, out of all the people you could have stayed with you could have gone to live with your boyfriend, Will. You could have lived with him and you could have had all the love you could have ever asked for but no you had to provoke him.

*When Jimmy said that I somehow gained enough strength to pull myself up to my feet and I started to fight back again and after just 5 punches Jimmy fell to the ground and was out cold.

I stood over him for a moment and tried to catch my breath, Jimmy had done more damage to me than I did to him. After standing over Jimmy for a minute I turned and tried to walk to the door, but I wasn’t able to get far because that bitch Jimmy messed up my right leg.

After a few minutes, I grabbed onto the banister and dragged myself up the stairs to my room. Once in my room I grabbed an old shirt and wrapped it around my leg to stop the bleeding, I grabbed my phone, and the crutches I hid in my room.

Once I had everything I needed I walked to the stairs, sat down, and slid down the stairs to the front door, at the bottom of the stairs I stood up and walked out the front door.

When I walked out of the front door I took one last look at the house and was relieved to get out of that house and away from my uncle. When I got a few blocks from my uncle’s house I stopped and sat down on a bus bench, I looked at my leg and saw that the shirt that I had put over the wound was soaked in blood and I saw that there was blood dripping down my leg.

As I sat there I leaned back and tried to find a way to conserve my energy for whatever was going to happen next. Sitting on the bench I could feel myself starting to slowly blackout before blacking out completely, all I can remember was a blue van pulling out in front of me and a man getting out of the van.*

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