Fallen For You

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Andrea James. She's gone through so much. Her nightmares never let her sleep. Until she met her savior Mr. Daniel Lee Williams, an ruthless billionaire CEO. He was never interested in relationships until he met Andrea James. She changed his life, he cared for her life. He will face the whole world to save her, but when everything goes out of his hands, what will happen? Will he lose her?

Romance / Mystery
Alanna Shaw
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Chapter 1: New Job

Andrea's POV

"Ana, wake up, you're going to be late for the interview, come on Ana wake up now," Mia shouted.

I pulled the blanket down slowly, sunlight beamed through the window, I rubbed my eyes with the back of my palm, I looked up to see Mia, my dear friend was standing in front of me with her hands on her hips staring at me.

" What is the time Mia and why are you shouting like that," I asked in a groggy voice.

"Ana dear, it's 8:30 am now, your interview is at 9:00 am and you know what, you're going to lose it." She said sarcastically.

"Fuck, shut up Mia, I'm never going to lose this" I threw my blanket to the side, slid down my bed, and ran towards the bathroom, I finished my morning business, before going to shower I shouted to Mia to keep my dress ready and she said ok.

I took a quick shower and came to my room wrapped in a towel, Mia had kept my dress ready, I jumped into the black pencil skirt and then I wore a white sleeveless blouse pairing it with a black blazer. I applied some moisturizer and a little mascara and finished it with a tinted lip balm, finally, I hopped into black heels and ran downstairs.

Mia was in the kitchen, "I'm leaving Mia, bye," I shouted and ran towards the door and bumped into it, Ah what a nice start my mind said.

"Careful dear, there are still twenty minutes left, I'm sure you will do it and all the best," Mia said while coming from the kitchen.

I thanked her rubbing my head, I walked out and got into a taxi, I told the address to the driver and after fifteen minutes I arrived at my destination, I paid the driver and walked to a huge glass building holding the name Williams Corp.

I walked inside to the reception.

"Good morning ma'am, how may I help you," a blonde asked dressed in a grey suit, perfectly professional.

"Good morning, I have come to attend the interview for the personal assistant position," I said.

"Okay ma'am, your interview is on the 49th floor, please go straight and take the lift on your left side", she said pointing towards her right.

Thanking her I walked straight right and took the elevator to the left, I reached the 49th floor with a ding sound, I walked out and found another reception here with a lady in her late forties, and she too was dressed in a grey suit, she was typing something in her computer.

"Good morning ma'am, I'm Andrea James, I have come to attend the interview for the personal assistant position for the CEO," I said.

She looked up from the computer and smiled professionally.

"Good morning Ms. James, we had only selected five candidates, and you're one among them, the interview has already started, please go towards right and then straight, and please go soon or you will lose the opportunity," she said politely.

I thanked her and rushed towards where she instructed me to.

I came right in front of the huge wooden door holding the name CEO in black bold letters, and a lady was standing outside, she saw me and she looked into the file in her hand.

"Ms. Andrea James?" She asked.

I nodded saying yes.

"You're the next one to go in, please wait," she said.

I huffed, finally, I made it to the door but I don't know whether I'm going to be selected or not because it's hard to get employment here, and if you get a job here you should consider yourself lucky. This is the number one company for the last five years without fail, and I heard the CEO is ruthless and cold, but I think that's how he has made his company successful.

After some time a woman came out, I think she's also one of the candidates, the lady near the door called me and told me to go in.

I stood up, smoothed my skirt, and walked confidently, and knocked at the door, I heard a cold voice saying "come in".

I pushed the door slowly and walked in, I was dumbstruck by the interior of the office, it shouts pure royalty, it was painted fully white, a grey sofa on my right side and a huge wooden table in the middle, and there sat the CEO looking down at some papers. I was snapped out of my thoughts by a cold voice.

"Are you going to stand all day there?" he said still going through the papers. I shivered at his voice, I walked to his table and stood in front of him.

"Good morning sir, I'm Andrea James, and here is my resume," I said extending my hand with the resume.

He lifted his head and took the resume from my hand, and I was stunned looking at him now, I heard he was ruthless but no one told me that he was a stunning Greek God, his eyes were chocolate brown exactly like chocolate, chiseled jaws, perfect nose, luscious pink lips, his hair perfectly slicked to the side, he was dressed in a blue suit with a white shirt inside, and the top two buttons were open showing his bare chest lightly. God, he looks so handsome. I came back to reality hearing his voice again.

"Ms. James, if you're done checking me out, then take your seat," he said coldly pointing to the chair in front of the table.

I apologized and thanked him for the seat while hiding my embarrassment. I sat in the chair, he asked me all the regular questions, without getting distracted I answered all. He was staring at me intensely all the time while I was answering, it was intimidating but I managed not to get distracted.

"Congratulations Ms. James, your selected," he extended his hand.

"Thank you, Mr. Williams," I said taking his hand in a brief shake.

"Ms. James, you can start your work from tomorrow, you have to be at my office sharp 7 am daily, after half an hour bring my coffee, you will be assisting all the meetings and business trip that I attend, you will go home at 5 pm daily and come I'll show your cabin", He stood up and lead me to a medium-sized cabin attached to his office in front.

"Ms. James, this floor holds only my office and your cabin due to security purposes, and all that we discuss here will be confidential."

"Okay sir," I said in understanding.

"And Ms. James I don't tolerate tardiness, be careful from tomorrow onwards, and now you can leave," saying that he strode back to his office.

I was happy about getting the job but at the same time, I was scared of my intimidating boss. I left the company hoping that I would get used to it.

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