The Secret Admirer

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Rina meets a handsome stranger, and he seems like the perfect guy. He's even interested in her. But then she finds out that she has a secret admirer, and students around campus are getting murdered, threatening the lives of anyone close to her, and Rina starts to wonder if this stranger is a little too interested in her.

Romance / Thriller
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Chapter 1

It was a chilly autumn night in October. The cool breeze blows leaves out of their trees and makes them dance as they fall to the ground. Even though Halloween wasn’t for another few weeks, many gardens are covered in spooky themed decorations.

A young man walks along a quiet street with his hands in his pockets. He crunches stray leaves that appeared in his path under his feet. He takes his phone out of one of his pockets to check the time. He was on his way to a date, and he was almost late. A car zooms by him, beeping as the driver yells out of their window for him to get out the street.

The young man finally makes it to where he’s headed. Brenton University College. He didn’t live on campus. In fact, he wasn’t even enrolled into this college. But he was here only because he always comes to see her. Ever since he met her in her first year, he’s come out this late every night. He walks through the freshly cut grass, and walked until he’s in front of the girl’s dorm, a tall and grey marble building with a lot of windows. He stares up at one of the windows on the third floor, where the silhouette of a woman moves around in a well lit room. Using the big tree between him and the building, he climbs his way up and takes his usual spot in between the branches, and wraps an arm around the bark of the tree so he wouldn’t fall. He has no problem blending in with the darkness of night. He smiles. He now has a better view of her. The window crops her body perfectly. His girl.

“I’m here for our date, babygirl,” he whispers.

He watches in admiration as his girl undresses herself, and then uses his free hand to grab his phone. He snaps pictures of her as she walks around the room naked. Then she opens another door in the room, walks inside, and closes it behind her. The room is now empty, so he waits a moment and then takes his opportunity to sneak inside. Pocketing his phone, he stretched his arm to slide open the window (which was always kept open for him), and swiftly entered the room. He quietly stepped across the medium-sized bed in front of the window, to the bed on the other side of the room, which had a fresh set of clean cotton pajamas sitting on top. A pair of clean pink panties lay next to them too! He grazes his hand over the clothes. Her clothes. Then he turns his attention to the sound of water coming from the bathroom. It was the shower. He hadn’t planned on staying long, but the sound of her humming lured him toward the door.

Steam filled the bathroom when he walked in. The sweet scent of her body wash in the air sent his mind in a frenzy. He places his palm against the fogged glass and watches her figure dance against it. He wished he could get in there with her, but he thought that she deserved some privacy.

When he heard her stop humming, he made his way out of the room, and back outside with the same swiftness as when he came in. He watched her walk into the room from the grass below -- her figure moving around in the light -- and waited until the light to her room turned off to walk away from the girl’s dorm. Soon, my love, he thinks, soon you will be mine.

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