In Love with a Mafioso

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Chapter 12

After changing Angelo’s clothes with the light blue mini cotton dress, Maria brought for me, I went down the stairs. Angelo wasn’t there, neither in the living room neither in the kitchen. Maria had cleaned the kitchen and went upstairs to make the beds. I look around at the living room. I notice a wooden buffet in between the two lofty windows. There is a portable lamp thereon and some bibelots. I open its doors and find vinyl disks. So, here they are! I look eagerly at them one by one. They are old albums with Italian songs. I select one and put it on the pick-up. The melodic music starts playing. I sit on the couch and watch outside from the windows the amazing view of the sea.

I close my eyes and place my head on the back of the couch. I let the music guide me to a dream. A dream where Angelo and I are away from all this. I dream he is not the head of the Mafia. I dream he is a normal person like me. I dream of us together walking on a beach hand to hand. He hugs me and we fervently kiss each other. If only this dream could be true! I open my eyes and see Angelo standing in front of the window staring longingly at me. He is staring at me with desire. I immediately stand up.

“Please Allyson, you can sit. I didn’t want to disturb you”.

I take back my seat, and he sits next to me. I again smell his dazzling perfume.

“These disks were my mother’s” Angelo starts explaining with nostalgia. “She liked a lot the Italian songs from the sixties and seventies. She was saying at that period they were performing songs with a melody that could transport you to other places. If you close your eyes, you let the music guide you”.

Indeed, his mother was right! It was exactly what they made to me a few seconds back. Angelo places his head exactly as I had placed mine before on the back of the couch and closes his eyes.

I look at his face. He is looking so peaceful. And he is so handsome, I want to caress his lovely face! Feel his flawless skin! I cannot hold myself. I gently touch his face with my hand, tenderly caressing it. He lets me do so. He then opens his eyes and looks fondly into my eyes. He hugs me and shifts me closer to him. Our noses almost are touching. We are staring each other into the eyes. I breathe heavily. So does him. My heartbeats go faster. So do his heartbeats. I feel them as our bodies are touching each other. He places one hand behind my neck, caressing it gently. He then pushes my head closer to him and we kiss each other.

We are kissing hungrily. His tender lips are on mine. He enters his tongue inside my mouth, playing with mine sensually. I place my hands behind his neck. The music transports us to that beach I had dreamt of. We are on the beach kissing each other. I feel his hand touching my leg, caressing it softly and moving up to my womanhood. He puts aside my pants and touches my clitoris. We are still kissing passionately. I feel alive again! All my senses wake up from his touch, wanting to explode like fireworks. He is throbbing with his fingers my clitoris, directing me to heaven. I don’t feel my legs. I don’t feel anything else than the pulses sending from my clitoris to my body combined with the sweetness of his kiss.

Suddenly, we hear Maria singing while she is walking down the stairs. Instantly, he takes his hands off me. I jump nimbly to the pillows next to him, leaving some space between us. I satisfactorily arrange my dress to be presentable and look at Angelo. He takes a pillow and places it on his lap to hide his erection. Maria passes next to us, saying something in Italian to Angelo. Angelo replies to her and Maria walks outside of the house. Next, Angelo poses his eyes to me with a smile. “I’ve forgotten she was still here”. We start laughing. Indeed, we both have forgotten she was still in the house. “She asked me to bring her back to the house. I will bring both of you, but give me one moment”, he gets up from the couch. He walks up the stairs with still evident his erection in his trousers. I smile gaily and immediately I stop smiling.

What the hell am I doing? I am kissing a Mafioso, who kidnapped me and keeping me here with no communication with the outside world. In addition, I am not single. I am with Tom. I’m cheating Tom with an Italian Mafioso! I am kissing him and letting him touching my womanhood. In addition, I liked it! Oh, my God! I can’t believe what I am doing! I am having Stockholm syndrome! I am having feelings for my captor! I should immediately stop this! No kisses, no touches and no hugs anymore!

Angelo comes down the stairs. He joyfully smiles at me “Let’s go” and shows me the exit. I head in the direction he had indicated to me without smiling. Maria is outside sitting on the behind seat of the small electric gulf car, leaving the driver’s seat and the other next to it for Angelo and me. I sit next to Angelo. He starts the engine and we drive up the hill. Then, he takes left to the direction of the principal house. I stay silent all the way. When we arrive, I get out saying a simple “thank you” and disappearing to my room.

The whole day I stayed in my room, pretending to read a book. But in fact, my mind was preoccupied to play again all the events that happened yesterday evening and this morning. I am such an idiot! How I have left to be manipulated by his charms! I should not allow myself to do the same again. “Remember Allyson”, I say to myself, “he is the bad guy! Stay away from him!”. Well, it’s easy to say it, because in practice isn’t. We are on an island! I will definitely see him again! He might again have dinners with me, now that I showed to him I am not immune to his charms! Well done, Allyson!

So, I decide to tell Maria that I am not so well and I will stay in my room tonight. I enter the kitchen. She is there with the other ladies preparing the dinner. Gianni is not here. How will I make her understand what I want to say to her? They notice my presence at the doorstep and drag me inside, asking me if I am well. I reply “no”. Then, they start saying something I do not understand. Maria takes the walkie-talkie and calls Angelo. Oh, wonderful!

In few seconds, Angelo arrives in the kitchen. He immediately comes in front of me and worryingly asks me “What is wrong, Allyson?”.

I look around us in the kitchen. He understands something is amiss with me. He takes me by the hand and leads me to the living room. We sit on the couch.

“Tell me, Allyson, what is wrong?”.

I avoid looking at his face. “Nothing is wrong. I just do not feel so well”, I lie to him.

Angelo seizes my chin with his fingers and lifts my head to see my eyes. I look at him. “What is wrong, Allyson? Don’t lie to me again. Since we left the other house, you are silent and closed yourself in your room”. He lets my chin free and sits comfortably on the pillows behind him waiting for my answer. I gulp my saliva with difficulty. How to explain him?

“I don’t feel comfortable with that kiss earlier”, I bite my bottom lip. I really do not know how he will take it.

“Please continue, I am listening”, he says gently.

Continue what? What does he want? A full explanation? “I only feel uncomfortable, that’s all”, I insist.

“Allyson, I will not be mad with you, I will not say anything. I will not try kissing you again if you are feeling uncomfortable, but I really do want to know why. Because, if Maria wasn’t there to stop us from kissing each other, we will definitely end in bed”, Angelo correctly explains. He is right! Only by thinking how good I have felt in his embrace, kissing me, caressing me in places where only Tom had caressed me before and not in such a pleasant way, I am blushing from head to toes.

“There are many reasons Angelo, please don’t ask me”, I plead.

“I am listening”, he insists looking at me with frosty eyes.

“I just don’t feel comfortable”, I repeat and get up angrily. I almost run to the stairs and head down to my room. He doesn’t follow me. Good, I think. I am not in a position to explain to him everything I am thinking.

Later in the evening, Maria brought me a light dinner to partake of in my room. Most probably Angelo told her I am not feeling well. It is better this way, not having dinners or lunches or breakfasts alone with him. At night, as it was too hot to stay inside, I went down to the beach. I left my sandals on the shingle beach and entered my feet into the fresh water. I walked all along the beach to the end of the small bay. Returning back to the same place where I left my sandals, I saw Angelo walking on the beach.

What does he want now? Is he suspicious I will try to escape by swimming? “I am not trying to escape if that’s what you think I am doing”, I say to him when he comes closer.

He smiles. “I know, but my guys told me they would feel more comfortable if someone is here around you. You might want to swim, but they don’t want something bad happening to you. Me neither”.

“I am not wearing a swimming costume and do not have the habit to swim with or without my clothes”, I reply angrily.

Angelo laughs. “Don’t tell me you have never swum naked? Seriously?”.

“No, I haven’t and am dead serious!”. I feel offended! Who does he think I am? I am not a girl who will shock or provoke the people around her!

“You should try it one day. I am sure you will love it!”, Angelo suggests.

“Are you proposing me to swim naked now? With you?”, I am stunned!

“No, I don’t. But if you want, I wouldn’t say no”, Angelo replies smilingly.

The bastard! “I’ll pass!”.

Angelo sits down on the shingles continuing to observe me. I sit next to him, but I leave a safe distance between us. “Seriously now, for how long are you counting on keeping me here?”, I really want to know. I have to go back to my normal life, away from him.

“If everything goes as planned, in two, maximum three weeks you will be free to go wherever you want”, Angelo replies while he is looking at the tranquil sea in front of us. I am disappointed by his answer. I wish it could be sooner! Angelo doesn’t explain the details of his plan to me. Neither have I asked. I know very well he will not tell me! I have asked him this morning and the answer I took is that there are things I should not know about. So, I stay silent. But Angelo returns to the conversation I didn’t want to have earlier. “Allyson, I really want to understand why you are uncomfortable with that kiss”.

“If I tell you, will you tell me about the plans you’ve made to let me go from here?”, I try to negotiate.

Angelo laughs. He turns his attention to me. With a smile on his face, he replies “Nope!”.

I was sure about his answer, “Then, I will not tell you either”.

“Are you afraid of me, Allyson?”, Angelo tries to understand my decision.

“No!” I reply angrily. He did ask me the same questions a few hours back.

“Then what are you afraid of?” he insists. I am not going to tell him, no way. I say nothing. “Are you afraid of Tom? His reaction if you tell him that you have kissed someone else? That you don’t want to be with him anymore?”, Angelo continues.

“No!”, I reply instantly and almost shout.

“Then what is it, Allyson?”, he asks me searching into my eyes the reason. I turn my head in front of me. I do not reply. Angelo comes closer. I try getting up, but he seizes my hand and keeps me sitting. “Look at me, Allyson”, he orders me. I look at his face. His eyes are dark and intense. “Tell me. What are you afraid of?”, he asks me again.

His strong hand tighter squeezes my arm. “You are hurting me”, I try to move my arm.

Angelo leaves my arm and with a jump, places himself in front of me, on top of my legs, preventing any future escape. “Allyson, what are you afraid of?”.

I try to leave his captivity by pushing him backward, unsuccessfully. Instead, he seizes my head with both hands and brings me closer to him. “What are you afraid of?”, he asks me softly this time, almost like a whisper. We are very close. I can smell his perfume mixed with the smell of the cigarette. He must have smoked a cigarette before coming to the beach.

Angelo caresses my cheeks with his hands. Then, he moves them to my neck, caressing it. My hands are resting on his chest after I tried pushing him away. I can feel his heartbeats going faster. I also feel mine beating faster. Angelo leans over me, placing me backward. I lay on the shingles. He softly kisses my neck, sending electric charges to my brain. I feel my hands and legs on fire. My tummy feels weird again. He moves down to my shoulders, always kissing me. Then, he comes back to my neck, near my ear. He whispers to me “Bella donna mia! Do not afraid of anything. I will let no one touch you!”.

“I…”, I try to say something, but I cannot. I cannot tell him that I am afraid of myself! He continues kissing me, making me feel dizzy. I should stop him. But I don’t. I let him continue. I let him make me lose control of myself. He opens my legs with his legs and places himself in between. I let him do it, feeling his erection touching me. That arouses me more. I feel his hands pushing down my dress from my shoulders. I do not protest, despite my mind says to me to stop him. Then, Angelo pushes aside my bras and caresses my breast. I moan from desire. A desire which I want he transforms into pleasure.

My nipples are already hard, waiting for his touch. He takes one in his fingers, playing it softly. I feel my skin burning from a sweet fire. Angelo takes my nipple in between his teeth, biting it softly. I feel pulses all over my spine. I arch my back. Next, Angelo sucks it hard. A cry of desire comes out of my throat. I am laying on the beach with Angelo on top of me, sucking my breast. And I do nothing to stop it! On the contrary, I enjoy it! No! I should put an end to that!

“Angelo, please stop”, I say weakly, almost without breath.

Angelo stops sucking my breast and places his mouth next to my ear “Are you still afraid, Allyson?”.

“More than ever”, I say without realizing what I had just admitted to him.

“Who do you afraid of Allyson?”, he asks me softly, while he is kissing my neck. Hell! He is making me confess everything to him, while I am melting under his kisses. “Who, Allyson?”, he bites my neck and pinches my nipple with his fingers.

“Me!”, I cry from desire.

Hearing my answer, Angelo stops and pulls himself away from me. He gets up and wishes me good night. Then, he walks away from me, taking the direction to the house. I am speechless! I try to understand what the hell has just happened! I sit and pull up my bras and dress. I look back and watch Angelo walking up the hill. One moment you are living one of the most wonderful experiences of your life and the other you are feeling like shit! It is exactly how I feel right now. A piece of shit!

Certainly, I had asked him to stop. I should be happy! But I am not! He didn’t stop when I had asked him. Instead, he continued. I told him I am afraid of myself and only then he stopped. He did all this to obtain this answer? Incredible! He is much more dangerous than I have thought! Proceeding by any means until he gets what he wants. And he wants me! I see it in his eyes! Then, what is he able to do and for how long until he gets me? Oh, God! Please help me!

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