In Love with a Mafioso

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Chapter 2

Five days have passed since my arrival in Naples. For five days, now, we are going everywhere with Ciara in the hope to see di Ambrosio. Nothing! He is staying resolutely closed in his amazing luxurious villa located in front of the sea on the Amalfi Coast. We had passed from there a few times with a boat, with Ciara and one of her friends. It is a very beautiful villa! It has lovely Italian gardens and a swimming pool. There is also a small marina giving access to the sea. The building is constructed from white marble on the rock, having three levels. It looks like a presidential palace and has an orangery-type building of two levels. I have never seen a villa like that before. Ciara told me the name of the estate was Villa Ambrosia. Ambrosia in Italian means very exquisite food. In Roman Mythology, it is the food eaten by Gods. Well, for sure this villa is exquisite by all means! A small paradise in this world!

Back to my problem! How the hell, I will take a photo of him if he is not going out from his fortified palace? I will be obliged to extend my stay. Ciara offered to stay with her ifit will be the case. It is really kind from her part. She is a very good person and a dedicated journalist. She helped me a lot with my investigation here. She knows many things, many people in the mafia. She explained many things to me. Like the fact, the journalists and newspapers don't write anymore about the mafia. Her newspaper was the last one to write an article about it last year. The same night, her boss' car exploded while it was parked outside of his house. Fortunately, he was not inside the vehicle. This was a time, it would be his house. That's the reason no one speaks about it, even behind shut doors. No one wants to be the next name on Mafia's death list.

Suddenly, my phone rings. I have taken an Italian prepaid number to communicate with Ciara. "Hello" I answer.

"Buongiorno, Allyson!", i hear Ciara's cheerful voice. "Guess!", she says hapilly.

"What?" I curiously ask her.

"di Ambrosio is hosting a reception tonight in his palazzo. I might have an idea how to intrude there" she says gleefuly.

I do not believe my ears! My prayers have been paid! Thank you, God!

"That's awesome!" I reply excitedly!

"I will be at your hotel in fifteen minutes. I will wait for you downstairs with my motorbike".

"Alright. See you!" I reply joyfully and close the line.

He is having a reception tonight. This will be the perfect moment to take a photo of him and also of the other guests. I bet all the Mafia members will be invited there. I am very lucky!

As Ciara said, in fifteen minutes I went down to the street waiting for her in front of my hotel. While I was waiting, a very handsome Italian man passesnext to me. The typical Italian type, bronzed, dark hair, muscled, tall but not exceedingly tall, wearing sunglasses and white clothes. Suddenly, he stops next to me. He takes off his sunglasses and smiles at me.

"Buongiorno, donna bella mia!". (Good morning my beautiful lady!)

I look at him, but I say nothing. Oh, the typical Italian lover boy! Since I am here, hundreds of men are talking sweetie like this to me. As Ciara said, this is in their blood. They cannot stay with one woman. Every beautiful woman they see, they should talk to her, flirt with her and be in her bed.

I turn my head to the other side, looking at the road to see if Ciara is coming. I hear a burst of laughter coming from the man and turn to face him again. This time, he puts on his sunglasses and walks inside the hotel without saying anything. Good, I am thinking. I am not here for pleasure. Not that I would have pleasure with him. I am with Tom. I wouldn’t cheat on him.

At that moment Ciara arrives. I jump on her motorcycle, and we immediately leave. “Where are we going?”, I curiously ask her.

“Shopping”, she replies naturally.

“What? What about your plan for entering the reception?”.

“That’s my plan. We should go shopping for you. I cannot enter there! Everyone knows me! They would discover us in less than a minute. But you, no one knows you”. Well, yes, she is right. Despite Naples is quite a big city, everyone knows everyone. This is what I have understood the short time I am here. Ciara takes the road to the North of Naples and after a while, she stops in front of a house.

“Here we are”, she parks her motorcycle. I get off and look at the small house in front of me. The only house in the street. All around there are buildings with five and four floors. It is the only one with two levels.

“What’s this?”, I curiously ask. She gently opens the door, which is unlocked, and we enter an old-fashioned kitchen.

We walk and Ciara says loudly “Maria dove sei?”, asking where Maria is?

“Sono qui?” (I am here!) I hear answering a female voice from the other side of the house. We cross the living room and arrive in a room full of clothes. On the side of the wall, there is a young lady sitting behind a sewing machine, sewing a cloth.

When the young lady sees us, she gets up and greets us in Italian. Then, Ciara presents Maria to me. She is speaking a little English. “Hi Allyson! Nice to meet you! Please have a seat” she shows me a chair next to her machine. I sit, and Ciara sits next to me on the other chair. “Café?” Maria politely asks us.

“Si, Maria. Grazie mille!” (Yes, Maria. Thanks a lot!) Ciara accepts her offer for coffee. I also agree with Ciara, and Maria leaves us to prepare the coffee.

“Maria is an exceptional dressmaker. The best in whole Naples. Many wealthy ladies are coming to see her. For entering tonight’s reception, you should wear an evening gown. I doubt you came with one in your luggage”, Ciara explains to me.

“Yes, I didn’t”, I agree with her thought.

“Maria will make one for you”.

“In less than what… seven hours?”, I ask her with a doubt looking at my watch. It is already ten-thirty in the morning.

“Oh, she is buying old gowns from the stocks of the shops, and she is remaking them. Where do you think you can find an evening gown which looks expensive without being?”.

“Well, I suppose you are right”, I admit to her.

“Here’s the coffee”, Maria brings two cups of coffee. “So, tell me what you need exactly”.

“An evening gown. Elegant, black in preference”, Ciara explains.

Maria goes in front of the stands with the dresses and takes one hanging there showing it to us. It is very lovely with a high col, but when she turns it, the whole back is exposed. “No!”, I immediately say.

“Yes, no!”, Ciara agrees with me.

Maria puts it back and searches for another. She takes one, but it has strass everywhere on the top of it until the waist. “No!”, Ciara and I say simultaneously.

“Okay! Just tell me how you want it”, Maria lifts her eyebrow asking us.

“Well elegant, without exposing many things and to not attract all the eyes to me”, I reply. After all, I should be discrete there. Otherwise, I could not take any photos.

“Hmmmm”, Maria makes a sound while thinking. Then, she goes to the other side of the stands and shows us one long black gown with v neck in front and back, in a mermaid style. It has lace long sleeves. I am not fancy of it. I think my face shows it.

Maria suggests “Imagine it without sleeves. I will put them out”.

“Okay!”, I say hesitantly. Immediately, Maria takes scissors and starts cutting the seams of the sleeves. When she finishes, she shows us again the dress.

“Ah, yes, now it is better!”, Ciara approves. I agree with her nodding my head into a yes.

“Try it!”, Maria hands me the dress.

I go behind the folding screen and undress. Then, I wear the gown. I get out and stand in front of the mirror. It is amazing how your image can change by the clothes you are wearing! It fits me perfectly! It hugs my hips in such a way, making me look like a top model.

Maria stands behind me and puts some pins on the sides of my chest “It only needs to take it here a little. Except if you wear push-up bras. Then, I do not need to do anything”.

“She will put push-up bras. Otherwise, it won’t look nice”, Ciara says instantly.

“I think I have a pair here”, Maria searches her drawers. “Ah, here it is!”, she exclaims happily for finding the bras.

I go behind the folding screen and wear it again with the push-up bras. I go out and they both exclaim “Whaouh!”. I look at myself in the mirror. I am amazed by the transformation. It really makes me look like a Hollywood star going to the Oscar Awards ceremony. It is not what I want. I don’t want everyone to look at me at the reception. I watch Ciara from the mirror. She has a big smile.

“Don’t you think it will attract the eyes of everyone there?”, I ask her questioningly.

“Yes, for a couple of minutes, then they will all watch the escort girls wearing mini dresses and exposing their big breasts”, Ciara naturally replies.

“Alright. If you think so. Maria, I’ll take it!”, I make my decision for the gown.

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