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What happens when Emma the goody two shoes meets her new neighbor nick the boy who she grew up with before she moved . Will he still be the same kind guy she once knew or is he still heartbroken over what happens that day

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Chapter 1

Story begins with a

Xavier was my friend and my brothers ,we always hung out together it never mattered what we were doing it just .attered that we were together but summer never last forever Xavier stopped hanging out more and more so we confronted him turns out he was just an asshole who played us the entire summer . So I told him never to speak to us again he said yeah whatever. I couldn't bite it my only friend and now he's gone right when I'm starting high-school fast forward a bit . I finally made friends a group of people that live near me . We always hung out at the rec center we played inside outside even in the front well they decided to be mean to me that day they took my food bag I had and ate it even though I was saving it for a homeless man they all laughed.like it was funny when really it wasn't then they saw me not speaking then they tried to make me feel better but I want having it . Xavier had joined ojr group before this day but he still decided to try and sit next to. Me everyone tried to get me to speak but I just didn't but Xavier he just sat next to me he didn't say nothing neither of us spoke and as my friend Cameron tried to take more food Xavier pushed him yelling stop can't u see she is upset . I looked at and thought just maybe he's changed after that he started defending me more and more soon we became best friends one day we all were back at the rec center laughing when he said I want to show yall my girlfriend we all looked around us felking stupid cause she want here I looked at him then he spoke he said Crystal is my girlfriend . Everyone looked at me like I was crazy I shouted no I'm not he continued calling me. BABY EVEN TRYING to kiss me . What did I do I ran around while he chased me . Soon my mom came to get me he soon said u know im playing right I said I know he said I actually have a girlfriend and she if fine I said okay Xavier continued to do this all the time everyday since we were in the same school as each other. I always told him to stop but truth be told I liked it. I told my friends and they did not believe me or that he was real till he popped up behind us .he screamed hey. Baby you see every day he did this or said I was his girlfriend I absolutely loved it I just didn't realize I started to like him. 3 days later little did I know that was the last time I would ever see Xavier again . He did his usual I liked u bit and while I protested j loved him then he tried to kiss me I said wait don't u have a girlfriend he said yes I said then go to her and he replied with you are her . It was so silly he always screamed gjve me a hug I refused . It was time for us all to go thats when he said next time I see u I'm gonna kiss u . So I decide I will finally tell him how I feel . But he never showed. I waited two days for him I even waited in the rain I told people I liked him. But he just disappeared . And k had to move away . I wanted to tell him before it was to late but it was no use . I enesed up liking him more than anyone or anything even if he didn't actually like me and this was all an act I took a chance. But it never came around.

I apologize that this is rushed im sorry this was the only time I had wifi and I was running out
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