My One and Only You

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Does the heart remember who it once loved? What happens if someone else possesses this heart and the real owner is gone? That's what Clark's going through. It was the first time he had met the new housemate of the girls, but every time he looked at her the feeling that he had long wanted to forget was revived. And every day he spends it with her he deepens his feelings for her. How can he fight the feeling if his rival is his best friend? And what's worse, she is his best friend's, first love. Should he just let go, even though he knows he will be hurt a second time, or follow his heart even if he hurts someone else?

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Chapter One

Gaby was sitting on the bench, just outside the university apartment that she would attend. There were a lot of plants around and there was a tree across the fence, but its branches and shade were in the apartment where she stayed.

It's Sunday, her father brought her to school early. She didn't even know how much time she'd spent on the bench reading a book. She checked her watch. 'It's a quarter past 6.' - in her mind. Turns out dinner was on the way and she still had no one in the apartment.

A few minutes later, she heard a noise from inside the apartment, so she thought about going in and finding out if her roommates are already there.

As she got closer to the main door, she heard happy voices from within. She was a little nervous because this was the first time she'd been with other people in the same house. She reads in the book that most roommates don't get along because of their different characters and attitudes.

She took a deep breath and slowly opened the door and it became silent when she saw them. She just walked in, locked the door. But the three women who were there were still staring at her in silence.

"Hello!" she said with shyness.

"Oh my God!" the three of them shouted at the same time.

She was startled by their sudden scream. She held up her chest.

A beautiful woman approached her, wearing a pair of shorts and a white T-shirt, a haircut that matched the shape of her beautiful face, she guessed that her height was 5'6. She grasped her arm and approached the other two women who were there.

"Hello, are you our new housemate?" asked the lady pulling her

"Yeah! I'm Gabrielle Shin Johnson! " She says. "But I like Gaby better make it short."

"I'm Sasha De León," she says. "This is Arabella Anderson, but we refer to her as Belle and Ashlee Alonzo."

"Hello!" Gaby smiled and greeted the two.

Both women looked at her as if she were examining her face, from her neck to her breast, up to her waist to her feet. It made her feel awkward. Her name is Belle. A long curly hair of ash brown colour high bridge nose like Sasha, thin lips, big breasts and big hips in the shape of a pear. And she has long legs, she thinks the woman is five feet eight inches tall, as tall as she is. Things matter in her body's curve.

"You are so beautiful!" They cried while staring at her.

"Yeah, you have no pores, your lashes, is that real? And your dimples, oh my gosh! " Said another

Ashlee sits right beside Belle. Her hair is short and wavy, and her beauty does not make her the least of her two friends, she is Morena and tall like Sasha. Her body is almost perfect in shape as a Barbie doll. She was jealous of her body. Her cousin has this perfectly shaped body, which is why she is always competing with the beauty contest, while she, Gaby, loves sports, stunts and daredevil sports more.

"Gosh, Gaby! You have such beauty! " Ashlee complimented her

She laughed at her. "You girls are beautiful as well. I adore your body, Ashlee, it's perfectly shaped. " Said, Gaby

"But your own is perfectly fashioned, you know. It's my skin colour that appeals to you. The typical skin tone of the Filipino woman. My body is not as pretty as your body. " Ashlee said

"You're still a beauty, Ashlee. Your skin colour is flawless and fits you perfectly. Did you try to participate in a beauty contest? " Gaby said.

"Yeah, when I was in junior high, well, I won," Ashlee said with a smile.

"Where did you come, Gaby?" asked Belle.

"A while ago," she said.

"What course are you taking?" Sasha asked.

"BS in Civil Engineering, Year Three." Says Gaby.

"I am also BS Tourism third year." Said, Belle

"I am a BS Business Administration, also third year!" says Sasha.

"I'm a BS Political Science," says Ashlee. "Third year too!"

All three women shouted again and she was nearly deaf. However, her smile could not be erased. Her roommate seems fine. She was afraid she was going to have trouble getting along with her roommates, but she was wrong. She truly believes that they will become her best friends.

"So what? Are you a supermodel, actress or beauty queen? " Ashlee asked.

Gaby shook her head. "No. How I wish to be one of them, but unfortunately it is impossible. " Gaby said, laughing

"Why impossible? You qualify for it. " Belle said

She chuckled. "Because it's hard for me to be like them!"

"You're one of the boys type of girl, I guess! " Said, Belle

"That's what makes you so sexy!" says Sasha.

Gabi just smiled a little. "You also look sexy, Sasha. Jeez, I'm so lucky to have such gorgeous roommates!"

"We are well aware!" said Belle, laughing.

"I'm not bragging, Gaby, but at the university, we used to be called sweethearts. Because we were the girl version of the famous gentlemen groups there. Almost boys at our university are fantasizing about us and want us to be their girlfriend," said Ashlee.

"Really? Wow, you three are the sweethearts? " Asked Gaby

"Yes, and there are four of us today." I'm excited to see the boys' reaction tomorrow. Gaby, expect to have a lot of love letters and gifts. Invitations for dating, screaming and yelling all over the university. " Sasha said.

Gaby laughed at Sasha's story. As beautiful as they are, who never falls for them? They became distracted as the door suddenly opened. Three guys showed up.

"Hello, ladies! You missed us, didn't you? " He says.

"No." Sasha merely said.

"Stop being a snob, Sasha, I know you have a crush on me." The other guy just laughed.

"Excuse me!" Sasha raised a brow. "You are not my crush, and I shall never have a crush on you! Your confidence chews you up. "

He just laughed. Their gaze wandered away to Ashlee's side.

"Oh!" said Matt and Riki as if they were surprised.

"I thought it was an apartment, God forbid, I saw an angel!" said Matt with a grin on his lips.

Everyone laughed. He even reached out to Gaby and held her hand.

"I'm not a good person, but God loves me anyway. He even sent my angel. Miss Beautiful, my name is Matt. " He said, holding Gaby's hand.

Gaby smiled. "Gabby." She just said.

"I just can't help it, God, you're so beautiful!" said Matt.

Ashlee and Sasha were quick to push Matt, so he fell onto the couch. Another guy approached Gaby, held her hand.

"Hello, I'm Riki." He said, holding Gaby's hand. "Matt's right, you're so hot. You look so beautiful! "

"Hello! I am Gaby! " Replied Gaby.

Ashlee and Sasha pushed Riki, who even sat on Matt's lap on the couch.

"Geez, dude! You're so heavy! " Matt complained.

Everyone laughed. They chatted and happily laughed at the joke of Matt and Riki who were constantly quarrelling with Sasha, Belle and Ashlee.

"Really? They the famous gentlemen group, Heartthrobs? " Asked Gaby

No surprise, Matt and Riki are really good-looking. Many women and gays can drool at the sight of them.

The extensive university they go to belongs to Gaby's family. There are only two heirs in Johnson's family. Her father is a famous architect and in demand in Canada, Australia, Europe and the United States. Her Mommy is a Cardiothoracic Surgeon and is also famous in Canada and Europe.

Her dad designed their university, one of the most beloved and expensive universities in the country, Shin University or SU. The students live in their apartments. Four people in a house. The apartment also has four bedrooms, a restroom downstairs and one per bedroom on the second floor, a large living room and a large kitchen. It is also fully equipped so that students are truly at ease living there. There are also maintenance personnel they can call whenever they want to clean the apartment.

"Yeah! There are four, and there are two others that you haven't met. " Tells Ashlee.

"Seriously?" said Gaby. "So there are four of them? Like F4? "

Sasha nodded. "Yes. Four handsome guys with all the money. " Ashlee said, laughingly. "They have a luscious body that all women talk about."

Gaby laughed. "Really, luscious?"

Sasha laughed out loud. "Of course. Clark and Dylan are even more handsome. They are, the more famous of them. Well, Clark's got a lot of fan base."

'Dylan? No, there's no way he's my ex-best friend! ' - Gaby has thought.

"Dylan is easier to reach than Clark." Says Ashlee.

"Are they so famous?" said Gaby.

She remembered reading a Japanese manga called Hana Yori Dango.

"Yes. A lot of women ran into them. " Said Sasha with laughter.

Gaby laughed at what Sasha said.

"Which university have you come from? How many months since the class started, so much the better for you, because you got accepted here. " Belle said

She will be accepted since she is the daughter of the proprietor of the University.

"I was in Canada before. I'm interested in studying here. " Replied Gaby.

"Whoa, you're international!" said Belle, laughing.

She laughed as well.

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