My One and Only You

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Chapter Two

The next morning, when she left her room, she heard a noise downstairs. She took a slight look at the stairs and saw that there were a lot of people there.

'A lot of people. What can there be? '

"Hey, you're awake, I was going to wake you up. Let's just get some breakfast. " Said, Ashlee

"What's going on, why so many people?" Gabby asked.

"Ah, there's nothing but us. You remember Matt last night, right? There are no. " Tells Ashlee.

Ashlee got off first and she followed. She was already carrying her bag and some books. The girls and boys eat at the same time.

"Hello, Gaby!" said Matt and Riki. They gave smiled at her.

She smiled. "Good morning guys!"

"Seriously, I love that smile, it's so exciting," said Matt.

Riki took the dish off Matt's plate right away.

"Hey, why'd you pick it up?" Matt asked.

"I thought you were full, so I just ate it," said Riki.

"You are crazy," said Matt one time against Riki.

Riki wasn't bothered by it and laughed.

"Hey, Dude! Let's eat! " Said Matt, looking at the couch.

She glanced at the guy sitting on the couch and he stared at her while smiling.

"Hello!" The guy greets her with a smile.

She didn't recognize the guy, he went close to her. He looks familiar to her, but she didn't remember who that guy was.

"You're staring at Dylan, Gaby!" said Sasha

She turned to Sasha then turned her eyes back to the guy in front of her.

"D-Dylan?" She asked crookedly

"Yup! The one of a kind! " He said with a smile.

"Dylan?" Gaby's eyes got wider, she couldn't believe it.

"I can't blame you if you don't recognize me!" said Dylan smiled at her.

"Oh my.." Gab then said embrace Dylan firmly.

Everybody was in shock. All they did was watch the two tight hugs.

"Do you know each other?" said Sasha.

Gaby let go with Dylan. Wiped a tear from her cheek. She nodded at Sasha's question.

"Really?! How? " Belle asked

"He's my old friend," said Gaby.

"Ah, childhood friend!" Matt and Riki said simultaneously.

"Will you study here?" Dylan asked.

He brought Gaby into the kitchen and they sat beside the table. There's food waiting for her.

"Yes. I got my parents to do it. " Gaby said

"Wow, I didn't think we'd be school buddies after a long, long year." Said Dylan.

There was no way he could lose sight of the beautiful woman beside him.

"It's been a while since we've met, Gab!" said Dylan. "You have changed very much!"

"You've also changed, big time! I never even recognized you," Gaby said.

Dylan just smiled. "You're more beautiful than I thought."

Gaby stared at Dylan, she smiled at him and turned her eyes toward the food in front of her. She closed her eyes and grasped her two hands.

Dylan was looking at Gaby, but he suddenly turned away as the girl turned towards him. She's praying.

Dylan was unaware that Riki was watching him and Gaby. He laughed.

"Hell, soon she'll melt, you've been staring at her," said Riki.

Everybody looked at him. Same snout as Dylan, who was staring at Gaby again. He got caught on the spot.

The girls didn't respond, but they were excited about Dylan's look at Gaby.


Dylan and Gaby passed across the street. The Student Village is segregated from their university. It's a short walk, but some of the students used their cars.

Both looked at one another upon entering university. Dylan got teased and welcomed by the women, while men greeted her and even stunned her by looking at her as if they were seeing somebody famous who did not expect to be there. She smiles lightly, though.

"My goodness, Dylan, I love you!"

"Dylan, will you please be mine?"

"Wow, it's a beautiful one! Is that Dylan's girlfriend? "

"They look great together! I've shivered! "

"Dylan, love me, I'm breaking up with my boyfriend!"

She laughs at the yelling from the students. It was no big deal for the guy with her.

"Seriously, you're pretty famous," Gaby told Dylan.

He turned towards her. "You too. I'm sure a lot of couples will break up today. "

She laughed at what he said. "I wanted them not to."

As they entered their building, Dylan took her into her room and left immediately. When Dylan left, a lot of her schoolmates asked if Dylan was dating her, or if he was already her boyfriend. Some just want to meet and talk to her, give her love letters and gifts. Some of them invited her out.

Later, their Professor arrived.


"Gaby's got a lot of fans, doesn't she? The couples broke up right away. " Matt said, laughingly.

"Yes, she is the childhood friend of Dylan. Do you think Dylan has a thing for Gaby? He was staring at her earlier, wasn't he? " Said, Riki

"God, I like Gaby, she's different than any other girl." Said Matt.

"Me too! Let's give Dylan a love life, though. " Said, Riki. "It's the first time he's looked at a girl so hard."

Matt and Riki were in the cafeteria. Their class ended early, and they were just expecting the girls, Clark and Dylan, and Gaby. Shortly the three beautiful girls came.

"Hello, heartthrobs!" Greeted Sasha

"Did your classes end early as well?" asked Riki.

"Yes, Professor Villegas never showed up, so it ended early. " Said, Belle

"You as well?" Ashlee asked Matt and Riki.

"My professor left too. I think he enjoyed the long weekend. " Said, Riki

"He simply checked the attendance and left. He does not seem in the mood to teach. " Said, Matt

"Okay! Hopefully, every teacher is like them! " Said Belle, laughing

They were seated opposite the table. University Sweethearts and Heartthrobs get along together. They've been friends since high school, and their parents are friends as well. Sure, they are heirs. They are members of this country's wealthy family.

"Why isn't Gaby around yet?" said Matt.

"Yeah, right! Maybe engineering students already have classes, Dylan's not around yet? " Said, Belle

They turned to the women who were yelling and screaming, Clark, one of the heartthrobs, approaching them. He walked upright as if nobody had heard.

"What's with the grumpy face, Clark?" Matt joked.

Everyone laughed at what Matt said. Clark raised his brows while sitting next to Riki.

"You seemed happy, what's going on?" said Clark.

"You? Why do you seem frustrated? " Asked Sasha.

"I got upset with my Professor earlier," said Clark.

"Why?" all of them said.

"He is ugly!" replied Clark.

They just laughed. Clark is very much like that, not the face, he calls ugly, but character and attitude. They were used to him even though he was always hot, cranky and earnest. Even when a group of hot women approached him, he is still serious, he only scolds them and does not entertain them.

"Where's Dylan? " Clark asked

"Not yet, here!" replied Riki.

The women from outside the cafeteria and even inside keep on screaming.

Clark has a bit of a laugh. "There goes your playboy!"

"Luh, the non-playboy has spoken!" told Ashlee.

Clark ignored her. He just sits horizontally on the monobloc chair while both hands are pinned to the armpit and the head is lightly leaning against its backrest and closed.

"She's a real beauty!"

"Is she an artist or a supermodel?"

"Perhaps a beauty queen!"

"I think Dylan's hanging out with her."

"Is she Dylan's girlfriend?"

Clark shook his head. It seems there's a new girl in love with Dylan. He gets used to it.

"Hello, Gaby!" A cheerful hello from Matt and Riki.

"Hello, Gaby!" Ashlee, Belle and Sasha said hello.

Dylan sat by Clark's side while he was barely hitting his friend.

"What has gotten into you?" asked Dylan.

"Oh, bad trip for his professor, looks ugly!" said Riki

Everyone laughed except Gaby. She no longer gets Riki's joke.

"How's the class?" said Sasha.

"Great," said Gaby. "I know what you're talking about when you expect attention." She laughed.

"I told you, how many invitations did you receive?" Sasha asked.

"Oh, God, more than a hundred, I suppose," said Gaby.

"Whoa, you're a record holder for girls, Gaby! Only Clark in the Heartthrobs gets that many invitations from his first day here. " Belle said with disbelief.

"Oh, for real?" Gaby just said. She just gazed at a guy seated in front of her.

"I'm going to get some food. Gaby, what can I get you? " Dylan asked

"You're sharp, Dylan, you asked him first?" Sasha said.

"Well," said Dylan, smiling.

"That's for you to decide, except for the beef," Gaby said and she smiled at him.

Dylan smiled. "You're still a beef hater, aren't you?"

"You order me, too, Dylan," said Clark.

"Okay, what do you want?" Dylan asked looking at him

"Stew when possible," said Clark.

"Alright! Hey, Matt accompanied " asks Dylan.

Matt woke up and went with Dylan. Clark is about to close his eyes again, but he regained consciousness when he noticed the woman sitting opposite him, on the other side of the table. She was looking at Ashlee and they were talking to each other.

In the woman's lateral view, her nose is magnificently curved along with the shape of her face. 'She is beautiful! '

"Who are you?" asked Clark, ridged his forehead.

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