My One and Only You

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Chapter Three

The woman stared at him and was somewhat surprised. She has a beautiful face. She has long lashes which, he knows, are not false, her nose is perfectly curved, her lips are red and he knows that it is not a lipstick that makes it red, her cheeks are turning red and his white skin feels very smooth. And as she was talking with Ashlee, she was smiling so he could see her deep dimples on both cheeks.

"Clark, you look at her like you don't want her here," said Belle.

"Her name's Gaby, she's our new roommate." Introduce Ashlee.

"Just a roommate, why is he here with us?" Clark asked.

"She's our roommate and she's with Sweethearts, so she can sit there!" Belle said rolling her eyes at Clark.

"Gaby, he is Clark. One of the heartthrobs. " Tell Ashlee.

Gaby just stared at him, then smiled a little, then ignored him.

Clark lifted an eyebrow, Gaby didn't even think he was cute, didn't even speak to him or anything.

Dylan sat beside Clark. He immediately placed in front of Gaby her order and Clark's order followed.

"Your favourite." Said, Dylan

Gaby smiled. "Yeah! Thank you. You still know my favourite "

Dylan smiled. Clark took a peek at Dylan and Gaby before him. He sat back and started to eat. They just stopped when they noticed that Gaby prayed before she ate so they waited for her to finish.

Clark smirked at the sight. Gaby heard it and is upset.

"What's funny?" said Gaby.

The friends turned and looked at Gaby, she was looking straight at Clark, who was about to eat, but before he came in his mouth, Riki gave him a little kick.

"What?" Clark asked innocently.

Riki snouted and followed his lips. Gaby was staring at him, seriously.

"What's funny about it?" said Gaby again.

"You look funny," said Clark.

"Is prayer funny for you?" said Gaby.

The group silenced as if there was a beautiful scene to see.

Clark didn't say anything in the blast.

"Don't you pray?" Gaby asked.

Clark stared at her again.

"You should be grateful for the blessing you receive, you should not laugh when you see someone praying. Would you like me to teach you how to pray? " Gaby said.

"You're so noisy," Clark said starting to get annoyed

All he did was ignore what Gaby said.

"Ignore him, Gaby," said Matt

Clark was grinning again.

The group looked back at Gaby, she was serious but did not argue with Clark. They smiled because it seemed Clark had found his version of the girl.

"Hello, my friends!"

A group of men came close to where they were. They are the varsity team of the university

"Hi Sweethearts!" greetings from one

The girls just smiled. The boys rolled their eyes at the table and immediately noticed Gaby next to Ashlee

"Whoa! Sweethearts have a newbie! " Says one other.

"Hi, Miss! I'm Steve. " Steve greeted Gaby.

"I'm Markus!" He bowed to Gaby.

"My name is Glenn!" smiles at her

"I'm Timothy!" Waved to Gaby.

"Good morning, my name is Gaby!" She welcomed me with a smile.

"You look lovely, Gaby," said Markus. "Are you a performer?"

"Supermodel?" says Glenn.

"A beauty queen, perhaps?" said Timothy.

In all the varsity team said, she just answered no and shook her head

"But you can be one of them!" said Timothy.

Gaby just smiled. Dylan frowned.

"You must go, you have seen us, we are busy eating! Your team are a nuisance! " Replied Dylan.

All four of them laughed. "Seriously, Dylan, we're just introducing ourselves."

"Go and go!" said Riki.

The four men got up and bid them farewell. They sat at the other table, but their eyes were always fixed upon the place where they were.


After class, Gaby thought of sitting on the bench beside the field where the university plays. She sat down and looked around.


Gaby turned around and could not help smiling when he saw him.

"Dylan!" she replied.

"Why are you here?" asked Dylan.

"Nothing, it's nice to sit here," said Gaby

Dylan just smiled, and Gaby also smiled.

"You've changed a lot, Gab," Dylan said seriously.

"You too. I'm surprised, you're a heartthrob. " Replied Gaby. "Aren't you clunky now?"

Dylan laughed. "Do you think I'm clumsy?"

"Isn't that right?" Gabi laughs.

Dylan kept quiet, looking at Gaby.

"I miss you, Gab!" said Dylan suddenly. "I am so sorry."

Gaby smiles a bit. "Sorry?"

"I'm sorry I left you. " Explains Dylan.

"It's okay, Dylan. Let's forget about that. How long has it been? About five years ago. " Replied Gaby.

Dylan wasn't saying anything. He was really glad to see Gaby, his closest friend and his first love, but he knew that although she smiled at him and was happy when she saw him, there's something they need to talk about. He knows she's hurt.

"Why are you here? Did you get no class? " Asked Gaby.

"No more," said Dylan. "Civil Engineering is still the course you took."

"It's my dream, isn't it?" told Gaby.

"Why are you only 3rd year?" Dylan asks.

"I'm supposed to be in the first year, but because there are subjects that have been credited with my homeschooling, I'm now in the third year," Gaby said.

"Homeschooling? I thought you were studying at the University of Toronto? " Dylan asked.

Gaby looked at him. "A lot happened while you were gone, Dylan."

He stared away from her. He feels guilty. Since his return home, he has not received any news from Gaby. He couldn't contact her anymore, he also lost her social media accounts along with Gaby's parents.

"I think you should go, your girl could see us, Dylan! I don't want trouble. " Gaby said

"I haven't got a girlfriend," said Dylan.

"Seriously?! " Said Gaby, in shock.

"Why? You don't think it's true? Perhaps you, someone will suddenly become jealous and hit me here. " He joked

"Who will punch you?" Gaby asked.

"Your boyfriend." goes Dylan.

"I have no boyfriend, the boys don't like me because they think I'm not an ideal girlfriend." Said Gaby.

"Tell us who?" asked Dylan. "They should never tell you that. You're an ideal girlfriend to me..."

Gaby looked at him. "This is my judgment. You're the girl I want. " Dylan said

"You're a good friend, Dy," Gaby spoke with a smile.

"I may be changing physically, but I'm still your Dylan, Gab," said Dylan. "I'm always the same."

Gaby just smiled. "Your friends are cool, especially the girls!"

"Those are the coolest," said Dylan.

"But this is one, it looks like he was conceived out of resentment!" said Gaby.

"Who?" wondered Dylan.

"The rude guy at the cafeteria," said Gaby.

"Clark is a great guy. " Replied Dylan.

"He doesn't seem to," Gaby said with a smile.

"You're judging." Dylan laughed.

Gaby smiled. They were distracted by a noise nearby.

"There's no us, Liz!" said the guy with irritation.

Dylan laughed. "He gets in trouble again."

"Isn't he the grouchy, Clark?" Gaby asked while looking at Clark.

"Yes, and he's really angry now!" Dylan laughed "Looks like someone assumed Clark's girlfriend again."

"Assumed?" Gaby asked

Dylan hasn't said anything. They listened to what was going on.

"But you kissed me." Said the woman

"You're the one who kissed me, you might forget," Clark said.

"Go to hell, Clark!" said the lady.

Clark never said a word, he was just looking at that woman.

"Do you know what? A woman like you is just a pain in the neck. " Tells Clark. The woman got angry and had left him.

"He doesn't like her? She's beautiful! " Said, Gaby

Dylan wasn't saying anything, he was watching too. Later on, he looked at Gaby, still watching the fighting from a distance.

"Is he a heartbreaker?" demanded Gaby.

That's what he hears in conversations at the university.

Dylan didn't answer that one. She didn't know whether he wouldn't comment because Clark was his friend.

"I'll go home, Dylan!" said Gaby.

Suddenly, she got up and Dylan got up as well.

"Let's go along!" said Dylan.

"Very well!" replied Gaby.

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