Love and Obsession

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23 years old Ava Bennet is a girl from a low class family. Striving hard to feed both her and her family, as the eldest child she decided to look for a job as a waitress at a diner. little did she know that would be her turning point in life 26 years old Damien Moretti is a well known billionaire,he is known for is ruthless,Cold and arrogant behavior,he doesn't give a care if he is hated or loved by people. He got captivated by a young lady and would do anything to make her HIS. Mature content involved

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1


Never taught I was gonna work as a waitress,but here I am on my way to the diner where I was told to start work today, I can do this, I know I can cause I need this money to feed my family and pay for rent and bills.

I checked the time to see I only have ten minutes before work starts, I see jack working towards me, anyway jack is the owner of the diner. "Hey Boss,how you doing"I greeted him with a hug. "Am doing good thanks,hope you are ready for work today"he said while texting his girlfriend. "Sure I am boss" I went to the changing room and got into my uniform when started working .

"Ava can you take this to table seven" Betty said while handing over the tray in her hands to me, she must be busy I taught and said"sure" I took the tray there I went to the next table to take there order."What would you like to order Sir," I ask the man while noticing him checking me out, pervert ,he should be in his late fifties or so. " How about you give me a glass of bourbon with your number on the side" he said eying me up and down, I toll my eyes " Sir we don't sell glass of bourbon but bottles and I don't give customers my number" I said while crossing my arms "Just give me the drink" he huffs, I left his table to place his order and took order of another table. While taking his order to him he place a leg out and tripped me which result in me falling and the bottle breaking .

"Oops you fell " he said chuckling. Jack my boss came towards us asking "what the hell is going on here" he said while glaring at the man "he tripped me Sir" I told him looking at the floor "I would like you to leave our diner Sir, we don't condone such behavior here Sir" Jack told the man "and if I don't?" The man asked angrily. " then we would have to escort you out forcibly" Jack said waving the security guard over. " you don't know who u are messing with" the man state and left "Sorry Ava about that, you can the rest of the day off and it doesn't affect your pay" jack told me " thank you boss" I said happily. Then changed and left the diner for the day. What a stressful day.

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