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Claire Stewart is newly divorced and relocating. Hunter 'Seven' Rhodes is the cranky president of the Fallen Angels MC. Love heals all wounds....

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Claire was dreading Toby coming home. She had been hearing rumors that he was sleeping around with that horrible blonde, Amber. She kept watching the time on her phone. It was nearing midnight and she was getting ready for bed when the security system lit up and she watched as he drove through the gate.

She spied the familiar bleach blonde in the passenger seat and her stomach clenched. She pulled her clothes back on, dreading what was going to happen. The door slammed and she quietly exited their room.

“Claire bear…get your ass down here. Don’t make me come find you.”

“I’m right here Toby.” She was gripping the banister as she came down the stairs, trying to keep her hands from shaking. Her eyes flitted to the familiar blonde draped around the large man.

“I have some news.” He grinned at her.

She glanced at the woman and back at him.

“Amber is pregnant and I want a divorce.”

The level of relief she felt caused her to burst into tears. She didn’t care. She was leaving her five year nightmare.

“Aww, Claire Bear…are you sad?”

“Congratulations Toby. I wish you the very best. I’ll have my attorney contact yours.”

“You’re getting served at eight in the morning, here. Be sure to answer the door. I’m being very generous. I just came to get a few things.” He pulled the blonde upstairs and Claire had to cover her mouth to keep from letting out a whoop.

Toby came downstairs a few minutes later with an overnight bag in his hand, followed by Amber. “Go get in the car baby.” He grinned at Amber who tossed her hair and rested her hand on her flat stomach.

“You know Claire…try harder next time.” Amber sneered at her before scooting outside, her sky high heels tapping on the tile floor of the entry.

“She’s right Claire Bear. No one will ever love you because you can’t give the basic of anything. You never tried.”

“I stopped trying because you hit me.” Claire had found her voice finally.

“You keep your fucking mouth shut.” He stepped towards her.

“I have documentation…pictures, video’s…recordings. If anything happens to me, the attorney is instructed to open the contents of the lock box I have given him to keep safe.”

“You fucking bitch…you better not.”

“I’m not afraid of you anymore.”

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