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Chapter 13


A knock at the door woke Claire up. She was surprised to see she had overslept. She grabbed her kimono style robe and put it on over her sleep set.

“Coming!” She yelled as she twisted her hair up on top of her head. She glanced outside and saw Hunter was back and her SUV looked like it had been washed. She flung the door open and startled him.

“I’m sorry, I was sleepin like a log. I must have forgot to set my alarm.”

He grinned at her and watched as she fussed around with her pretty flowered wrap. It looked expensive and he wanted to reach out and touch it. He knew he was a little too early, he even stopped and washed her immaculate Porsche SUV.

“I’m a little early.”

“Coffee?” She was already in the kitchen and pulling things out for breakfast.


“I’m going to start it and hop in the shower right quick.” She hopped out of the room. Toby hated when she wasn’t dressed and put together first thing in the morning. She jumped in and quickly washed. She efficiently went through her morning routine and was done shortly after the coffee was. Hunter was outside and the garage was open. She could see him wiping his bike down. She poured them each a cup of coffee and took them outside.

He glanced up and saw her as she stepped outside and damn near fell over. He took in the expensive jeans that were molded to her body. Her shirt was tight and hugged her chest perfectly. He liked that she was barefooted. Her pink nail polish was sparkling in the early morning sun. He had laid out the helmet and jacket he picked up from Miss Betty and thought about their conversation.

“Her ex-husband is an asshole. I can’t believe he did that to her. And his mother…that call was terrible.”

“Stella told Max and I about it. She was upset when she came to the clubhouse and we had to pull it out of her, she wasn’t gossiping.”

“I went on the internet. They said such mean things about her and that girl don’t have a mean bone in her body.”

“I know Miss Betty.”

“Hunter…you need to be careful with her. Everyone at that table but her, knows that a President of a motorcycle club doesn’t do casual rides with a girl like her. And everyone also knows…she’s not a goodtime girl.”

He cleared his throat and shuffled his feet. She was right. He wasn’t ready to admit it yet. “Yes ma’am.”


“I’m aware.” Hunter clenched his jaw.

“He sees her differently than you do. And don’t give me that look. He wants to roll in the hay with her for a night. You want to snuggle after your roll in the hay.”

She winked at him and he burst out laughing.

“Thank you Miss Betty.” He kissed her on the cheek and grabbed the items from her.

“Thank you for the coffee. You look nice.”

“You’re welcome. I’m not too sure about this shirt.” She looked down and thought it was a little provocative.

Hunter suppressed his grin when she looked down at herself. “I think it looks mighty fine.”

She turned red. “Hungry?”

“All the time.” He couldn’t stop the smile that spread across his face.

“Well let’s get you fed.” She almost ran into the house, she was embarrassed that he was checking her out.

Hunter groaned quietly as he watched her ass move in the jeans that were made for her. He gave her a few minutes and himself before going inside. He watched as she was pouring eggs in the pan. Something was warming in the oven and she had brought out a jar of salsa. He spied his jar, sitting on the counter.

“No one touched your salsa.” She smiled at him.

“They better not. I’m going to have to put my name on it. I heard the guys asking about it last night.” She laughed and crinkled her nose. He knew she was happy.

“I think I can manage to keep you right straight with salsa.” She blushed and turned back around.

“That’s a pretty big commitment.” He grinned when she turned back around, her cheeks were still pink.

“It’s no trouble.” She was glad the oven interrupted them. He stood up, surprising her.

“Sit.” He pointed to the chair and filled her coffee cup up and then his.

She sat down quickly, obeying his command. She watched him curiously as he started to make them breakfast burritos. He cut hers in half and he dumped salsa on his before rolling it up. He sat next to her and they ate quietly. She finished a half and pushed her plate back. And he ate her other half, just like he did the previous morning.

“Thank you for cooking breakfast.”

“Thank you for puttin mine together.” She felt the heat creep in her cheeks. Neither her daddy nor Toby had ever done that.

He glanced at the clock and was surprised how fast time had gone. “We are probably going to start getting company soon. You need a good lip balm, your skin will dry out a little bit from the wind.”

“Okay. I need just a few minutes.”

“Hydrate too. Have some water.” He thrust a water bottle at her. He appreciated the view of her ass while she ran away from him as nonchalantly as she could.

He was disappointed when he heard the roar of several cycles. He was glad he put breakfast stuff away. He didn’t want them getting used to hanging out at her house. He wasn’t surprised to see Gabe and Maggie pull up first.

He heard the tap of heels on the hardwood behind him and turned. She looked gorgeous. Her dark hair was slightly curly and she had put it in a messy knot at the base of her neck. She had boots that were laced up to her knees and he sucked his lip in to keep quiet. She had minimal makeup on and her lips were slightly tinted. He let his eyes take her in from head to toe several times. He was going to be proud to have her on the back of his bike. Max and Stella rolled up and Bolt and Cherry soon followed. Two prospects showed up, no doubt at Gabe’s instructions.

Hunter looked at an excited Claire. “You ready?”

“Yes!” She was trying to keep from jumping up and down. She locked up the house and waved at everyone as Hunter started up his bike and pulled it out. He let it idle while he helped her with the helmet and jacket. She was hopping around and it was making him laugh. Kristin was never excited to go out for a ride. The only thing she was ever excited about was his dick or making sure everyone knew she was with him.

He made sure everything was secure and took a look at her. “You’re going to look good on the back of my bike.” He raked his eyes down her body one more time before showing her how to get on and off the bike. He stood the bike up and held her hand while she swung her long leg over and settled in. He grabbed her hands and pulled her to his back and wrapped them around his middle.

“Hold on tight. Don’t let go.” He yelled at her over the sound of the roaring engines.

She was red faced and understood now what Cherry meant about holding on.

They took off and she wasn’t prepared for the jolt and held onto him tighter. The grin on his face was seen for miles around.

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