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Chapter 14


Her legs were shaking a little when they finally stopped to get some water and stretch. They stopped at a country store that had a dozen or so other bikes parked out front. It was a beautiful morning for a ride.

“Well?” Hunter grinned at her as she handed her a bottle of water.

“I loved it…loved it loved it loved it. What a rush! I felt like I was flying.” She was hopping on one heeled boot to the other.

“What did you think, Claire?” Stella smiled at her.

“I loved it! Thank you for inviting me.” She grinned at Hunter.

Max and Gabe came over and asked her the same.

“It felt freeing. The wind in your face and the sun...I felt like I was flying.”

Maggie wandered over and told the group to get together for a picture. She texted it to everyone and then did pics of each couple. Hunter had draped his arm around Claire who was looking up at him with a goofy smile as he looked down at her.

Stella nudged Maggie. “I want a copy of that.”

“Cute aren’t they.”

“Adorable. And I don’t know if they know it yet.” Stella watched a very soft side of Hunter interact with Claire.

“Kristin is going to have a cow. He’s different with Claire.”

“I know. I noticed it last night. Max noticed as well.”

“Gabe likes her.” Maggie mumbled.

“Gabe wants to get in her pants.” Cherry inserted herself into the conversation.

“Hunter is staking his claim, even if he doesn’t know it.” They watched as Claire came over with a huge smile on her face.

“I need to use the restroom. Anyone else?”

The ladies took the opportunity to separate the woman who had clearly captured the club President’s attention.

“The picture I took of you and Hunter came out great.” Maggie smiled at her.

“Can I see?” Claire smiled at her as she washed her hands.

Maggie pulled out her phone and opened the picture. She watched as Claire blushed and smiled.

“Thank you, it’s a nice picture.” Claire mumbled.

“You’re welcome. I’ve texted it to you.”

The ladies were done and the men took an opportunity to use the restroom and gear up for the ride back.

Hunter came out first and saw the girls taking group pictures. He smiled and was glad they were accepting of Claire.

“She seems to be enjoying herself, brother.” Gabe stood next to him. “Nothing like a good ride to put a smile on a woman’s face. And if anyone deserves a smile…it’s that little lady.”

“Gabriel, stop.” Hunter grit through clenched teeth at the Vice President.

“You don’t want her. You have Kristin who is a wild cat, all sex and fire. This girl is a ball of fluff and is no match for you.”

“Let me guess…she’s a match for you?” Hunter had to calm himself down, Gabe had more than an ass whooping coming to him.

“I don’t know…you won’t let me get close enough to her, yet.”

Max heard the two men and had growing concerns.

“And you won’t.” Hunter spit out as he moved down the stairs, leaving his Vice President standing there with a grin.

“You’re poking the bear.” Max mumbled.

“We both know it’s a matter of time before Kristin comes back around and they have a wild session and make up. That little lady is going to be left picking up the pieces.”

“I think you’re wrong Gabriel.”

“We shall see.” He grinned and winked at Max as they got back to the bikes.

“We gas up.” Hunter spoke up. The guys pulled the bikes into the little gas station and talked with a couple of road warriors that were doing the same. They were done and the ladies had wandered over. All getting appreciative looks from several other bikers that were smoking. The group adjusted their cuts to make sure their patches were very visible.

They were back on the road and Hunter loved the way Claire gripped onto him and set her chin on his shoulder. He reached down and rubbed his hand along her leg, resting it on the outside of her thigh. Her hand had slipped under his loose t-shirt and she was idly stroking his stomach as she watched the scenery fly by. He was ticklish and her soft touch was driving him crazy but he didn’t want her to stop. He had to be careful or his appreciation was going to become evident.

Claire didn’t know how long her hand had been under Hunter’s shirt but she was mortified when she realized she was petting him. She went to pull her hand back out and he stopped her, putting his hand over hers. She leaned her forehead down on his shoulder in embarrassment and fisted her hand. He pried it open and put it against his skin. She couldn’t help the snort that came out against his shoulder.

He squeezed her thigh and grinned at her in the mirror. He accelerated and she grabbed onto him harder letting out a laugh. They stayed that way until they hit the city streets and he had to use two hands. They pulled into Claire’s driveway along with a couple of prospects. They waved at the others and Stella made the phone sign with her fingers.

She slipped her hand out from under his shirt and could feel the heat in her cheeks.

Hunter was disappointed and trying to figure out if he could make an excuse to stay.

“Thank you…for the taste of flying. I’m sorry for pettin ya.” She mumbled.

“I’m not sorry. I liked it…even though I’m slightly ticklish.” He wished his mouth would stop talking.

She opened and closed her mouth several times as she flushed a deep red.

“Claire…I know you’re recently divorced and it’s not been easy. I like you…I’d like to take you out on a date when you’re ready.”

“I was divorced long before I got divorced.”

He found that statement peculiar. “What do you mean?”

“We were married six weeks after meeting. He took his first girlfriend six months into it. I was tryin so hard to fit in. I wasn’t experienced…and he had needs.” She flushed red and wiped her face.

Hunter pulled a chair out for her and he sat down hard on his own. “I’m sorry…what? What the fuck?”

“I was tryin, so hard. But when he took that first woman, I knew things were almost over. And when I couldn’t get pregnant…we were definitely done. He wanted a baby so bad and it was just one more thing I couldn’t do right. I’d like to take you up on that date Hunter, but I’m not good at much.”

Hunter had no clue what to say. If he ever ran across the star running back, he would beat the shit out of him. He scrubbed his face with his hands.

“Are ya hungry? I need to change.” She smiled at him, no crinkle of the nose.

He wasn’t leaving. He wasn’t sure how he was going to make himself get on his bike. “Yes.” He stood up and walked down to see the prospects telling them to leave. He was going to be here for the rest of the day. Even if she didn’t know it. She came back out in a bright yellow sundress that skimmed the top of her thighs. He caught a peek of some torn up denim shorts underneath.

“I made sweet tea.”

“Thank you.” He sipped on it and it reminded him of the way his mom used to make it. “You’re ex is a fucking asshole.”

She burst out laughing. “You have no idea. That fancy car was a consolation prize. He took my Ferrari and gave it to his new wife. And he made me sell my pick-up truck. I loved that beat up ass truck.”

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