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Chapter 16


“Gabriel. Cut the shit.” He heard what sounded like the crash of glass in the background.

“God damn it! Kristin just broke the light over the pool table.” He yelled out at one of the prospects to grab her and started screaming about no one better touch her but Hunter.

“What the fuck set her off?”

“The ladies told her you were with your new girlfriend.”

Hunter could hear the grin over the phone and he was going to beat the shit out of his Vice President before the day was out. “I’m not leaving. Call the cops on her if you can’t deal with her. You and I are going to have a talk when I come back to the clubhouse.”

“Lookin forward to it Prez. You know…a little competition isn’t a bad thing.”

“There is no competition.” Hunter disconnected the phone call and tossed his phone on the table with a sigh.

“Everything okay at your fancy club?”

“Nope. But I’m not going to worry about it. I’m enjoying my day.”

“Hunter…if you need to go look at things, I understand. I took up a lot of your time today.”

He knew if he left it would give Kristin the power. “Not leaving, unless you’re kickin me out.”

She chewed on her lip and smiled, shaking her head slightly.

He picked his phone up and dialed Max, the club treasurer.

“Prez…shit storm down here.”

“I’m not coming in.”

“I figured as much. We got the cops comin to get her. She wrecked some shit.”

“Press charges.”

“Yes sir.”

“And the prospects?”

“They’re fine, sharin a beer and each got a black eye.”

“How bad is the club house?”

“It’s a mess between them and her.”

“God damn it. Do I need to come down there?”

“In a little while. Keep Claire away…Kristin is not happy. Cops are here. I’ll call ya.”

“Thanks.” Hunter sighed and disconnected the call.

“Hunter…you should go check your fancy clubhouse.”

He snorted. “It’s not fancy. And if I go back there…she will win. It will give her the power. I’ve always come runnin when she’s done this. Not this time. You’re worth staying with Claire.”

“I’m sorry. I know what it’s like. To work hard for something and then have someone ruin it.”

They put a movie on and stretched out on the couch. Claire fell asleep with her head in his lap, he gently played with her hair. He didn’t even watch the movie, he watched her. His phone rang, startling him which caused her to sit straight up, blinking in surprise.

“Maxie.” Hunter barked in the phone and pulled her back to his lap.

“Coast is clear. Cops picked her up, she’s in some trouble. Destruction of property, vandalism, assault.”

“Who the hell did she hit?”

“Cherry. Those two were on the floor.”

“Is she okay?”

“Yeah…she’s fine. Bolt has her in his room, cleaning her up.”

“Let me know if she needs anything.”

“Will do…Claire okay?”

“She’s just fine…drooled all over my lap while she napped. Had to turn up the volume on the movie, snores like a fucking freight train.”

Claire sat up with a gasp and open mouth. She could hear Max laughing on the other end of the phone. “Hunter! I did not!”

“Brother…you’re in big trouble.” Max grinned and looked at Stella.

Hunter burst out laughing and hung up the phone. “How do you know you don’t snore?”

“I don’t know…but I didn’t drool!”

He looked down at a tiny wet spot on his jeans and grinned.

“Oh my lord…take me now.” She covered her face and thought she was going to cry.

Hunter burst out laughing and grabbed her, gently pulling her onto his lap. “I’m sorry for teasing you.”

“I’ll get you back.”

“I hope you do.”

She reached out and grabbed him in a hug, pulling her tightly to him. “I’m sorry you had problems at your club.”

He rested his chin on her slender shoulder. “Thank you…nothing to worry about.”

“Let me know if I can help replace anything. I got tons of stuff that you haven’t seen.”

His hand rubbed up and down her back as she held onto him. He could feel her deep breathing and her body relax. He kissed her shoulder, letting his lips linger on her soft flesh. “I will, thank you.”

They continued to sit like this. He liked the way she felt and he started thinking about her legs and the way her thigh felt under his hand. He felt the imprint of her hand on his stomach where she pet him on the way back. He realized his lower half was reacting in appreciation. Oil. Spokes. Fender. Flesh. Gas. Road. Lips. Thighs. Boots. Don’t get a fucking hard on. Petting. Sun. Wind. Warm. Frog. Goat. Cat. Dog. Dress. Furniture. Wings. Salsa.

He had to move her and he didn’t want to.


“Hmmm” She turned her face into his neck and inhaled his man smell.

“I’m teetering on the edge of reverting back to an eighteen year old boy that can’t keep his lower half under control.”

Claire had tucked herself into him on his lap and closed her eyes. She felt secure and thought she could sleep for a week. “I’m sorry. You’re awfully snuggly.”

He bit his lip and rolled his eyes upwards, silently praying for some self- control and the will to get up and walk out. He tightened his arms around her instead. Kristin never sat like this on his lap unless they were having sex. She never snuggled with him, she said he made her too hot.

“Do you have plans tomorrow?” He wanted to see her again.


“Can I see you again?”

“Yes. You gonna come bangin on my door before the roosters are up?” She smiled against his neck.


“You comin with an appetite?”

“Yes…but I’d like to take you out for Sunday breakfast.”

“I accept.”

“Just us…and I’m picking you up in my truck.”

She leaned back in genuine surprise. “You have a truck?”

“Yes.” He grinned and fought the insane urge to kiss her.

“Well, aren’t you full of surprises?”

His dick was thinking about nodding in appreciation. Tires. Grease. Salsa. Food. Cut. Beer. Lips. Nose. Perfume. Boots. Keep it in your pants. He closed his eyes and dug his fingers into her sides and cleared his throat.

“You have no idea.” He grinned at her. “I don’t want to go, but the gentleman in me is ruling over the animal.” He watched her eyes go big and he wanted to bite her lip. He knew it was definitely time to leave.

“Well okay…” she moved slowly off his lap. “I look forward to breakfast.” He stood up and stretched and she blushed as she caught a glimpse of a tattoo wrapping around his hips and down his pants.

He shrugged his cut on and fixed his boots. He didn’t want to leave and was stalling. She was fussing around in the kitchen and handed him a wrapped package.


“Thank you.”

“No salsa.”

He burst out laughing. “Come here.” He grabbed and wrapped her in a hug, dropping a kiss on the top of her head. “I’ll see you in the morning.” He was halfway down the driveway when he heard her from the front porch.

“Ride safe Seven.”

Hearing his road name come from her mouth stopped him in his tracks. He turned around and focused on her. “Claire…hearing my road name from your pretty mouth makes me not want to be a gentleman. Get inside.”

He heard her giggling as the door shut. He groaned as he got on his bike. He was idling in front of the gates, tempted to turn back around until they opened up and he saw Gabe with a grin on his face.

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