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Chapter 17


“Enjoy yourself brother? Gabe was swaying slightly.

“Gabriel. You’re drunk. Go play with Maggie. I want to see the damage was done. Where are the prospects at?”

“Sleepin it off with her in between them.”

“Jesus Christ…” He scrubbed his face.

“You missed some shit brother…your old ol’ lady really caused some hate and discontent.”

“Who let her in the fucking gate?” Hunter had stepped forward.

“I don’t know, not my job to babysit. Maybe you should focus a little more on club business than getting your dick wet.”

“Fucker!” Hunter hauled off and decked Gabe.

“Knock it off you two.” Max came running out along with Bolt and Dragon.

“I didn’t get my fucking dick wet. But in case the fucking message isn’t clear enough…stay the fuck away from Claire.”

Gabe was holding his jaw. “How do you think she would react to knowing that you’ve fucked two of the three ladies we went out with today? She took such a liking to them.”

Hunter lunged towards him. “Fuck you! Don’t fucking go there…you think I don’t know you fucked Kristin? You want to do this, brother?”

Max, Dragon and Bolt all scrambled to separate the two giants.

“Enough! Both of you. Gabriel…go to bed, you’re drunk. Hunter, walk it off.” Max stood up to his full height and Dragon took Hunter to walk and Bolt nudged Gabe to his room.

Stella was watching everything unfold and heard most of it. “Shit!” She glanced at Maggie and Cherry who bolted when they saw a stumbling Gabe come through the doors. She scooted to the side and heard him grumbling.

Max was pacing the parking lot when she came outside.

“This isn’t good.” Max spit on the ground and put his hands on his hips.

“Maxie…what happened?”

“Gabe is drunk…ran his mouth about Claire.”

“How long has Hunter known about Gabe and Kristin?”

“Since the first time it happened. He looked the other way, they had been on a break. But he saw Gabe’s bike outside her place a half dozen times or so. He went to see her one time and heard them bangin.”

“Oh shit…Hunter’s been holding that in?”

“No…he’s talked with me about it a lot. Don’t repeat it either.”

“I won’t.”

“He’s been keepin his cool about it till tonight. For the better of the club, can’t have the VP and the Prez goin at it over a piece of ass.”

“Kristin was a piece of ass…but Claire isn’t.”

“I know. I’m waitin for him to talk to me about it. Go home. I’m going to stay the night and keep the peace. These two are libel to go at it again.”

“Okay. Love you.”

“Love you too baby doll.” Max watched as his wife got in her car and pulled off through the gates. He had them closed and secured, telling the night guys to not let anyone in and under no circumstances was Kristin allowed on the property.

“Veep instructed us to let her in.” Broke mumbled.

“What?” Max spun around and faced the prospect.

“Yes sir.”

“Fucker. I’m gonna kick his ass in the morning.” Max was pissed. Gabe was deliberately screwing with Hunter.

Hunter stormed through the club. All he could see was red and Max saw him charging towards Gabe’s door and grabbed him and started shoving him outside. He barked at Cherry to grab them a bottle and some beer.

“Not letting you in there brother.” Max’s large hand was pushing Hunter back.

“Fuck him! Play games with me. I know exactly who told the guys to let her in. He thinks I’m fucking stupid. And to threaten me about sleeping with a couple goodtime girls fucking years ago? YEARS Maxie. I was a god damn kid.”

Max shooed Cherry away and told her to stay inside. She was a sweet girl and could become a target tonight of Hunter’s verbal anger.

“Claire is a good girl…she wouldn’t understand and that fucker is going to hurt her feelings.”

“He’s jealous, Hunter. Kristin was all over him till she was all over you. It’s been a competition with him.”

“He told me they weren’t serious and to go for it. He was banging Maggie at the time and honestly…I thought they might have been a thing.” He drained his beer and took the shot Max poured him.

“I know brother…you guys have to squash this shit.”

“I don’t have to squash shit. He stays away from Claire and she stays away from here.”

“You like her?”

“Yeah Maxie…I do. I just enjoy her. She’s sweet…and funny. And that drawl that comes out, makes me want to get on my knees. But she’s not sure she’s stayin. Only renting for a year.”

“What do you think about that?”

“I got a year…to change her mind. I’m takin her to breakfast, in the truck. I won’t wear a cut.”

Max sat back and sipped his beer. He had never taken Kristin out like that. “I like her brother, she’s not like these others. She’s not Kristin.”

“I know she’s not.” Hunter grumbled.

“Stella likes her and so does Miss Betty. If this goes sideways, it’s going to affect a lot of others.”

“Miss Betty said something today…said Gabe wants to roll in the hay with Claire. Said I do too, but that I want to snuggle with her. She was right.”

Max sat back and grinned. “Why the hell are you here?”

“I’m trying to be a gentleman. I had her on my lap after I got off the phone with you and had to run through bike parts and animals to keep the lower half under control.” He and Max started laughing and he felt like he was finally coming off the ceiling. “How bad is the damage inside?”

“Well…the prospects went at it pretty good, but it was Kristin that really gave the place a go.”

“Let me take a look.” He stood up with a sigh. “Prospects are on lock down.”

“And Angel Gabriel?”

“Not tonight. My decisions are going to be fueled by anger.”

“I’m staying. Not for you…but for him.”

“You know us locking horns is inevitable.”

“I know brother…and it’s going to be ugly.”

Hunter opened the door and really looked at the mess that had been made. One of the large bar mirrors was shattered, it had been there since the club opened up. The custom light over the pool table was demolished. He scrubbed his face and felt his anger rise.

“Breathe.” Max put his hand on his shoulder.

He looked at the busted bottles of booze and the sticky mess. Furniture was toppled and one of the windows was cracked. One of the tables was busted.

“My old man would be wiping the place up with everyone’s ass. I’ve gotten too lax.”

“We need to have church, first thing in the morning.” Max suggested.

Hunter sighed. “Yeah. Call it, 7am.” Claire was going to have to wait. “Leave the mess. The prospects that were fighting and their piece of ass can clean this up.” He went to the other end of the club and unlocked his door. He was glad he changed the locks, he had no doubt he would have come back to complete destruction.

He kicked his boots off and sat on the edge of his bed. He checked his phone and saw the picture of him and Claire and expanded it to look at their faces. He was happy and it showed. She looked happy and he was pretty sure that she was. He set it to his background and put it on the charger. He was tired and was going to be having to make some tough decisions in the morning. The hardest one was texting Claire to tell her he was going to be late.

He woke up earlier than he wanted and took a shower. He was pissed already and that wasn’t going to be good for anyone.

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