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Chapter 18


Hunter was sipping his coffee at the large table in the meeting room. He had his phone and was looking at the picture of himself and Claire. He would have much rather have seen her in the flesh but the picture would do for now. The double doors were open and he watched as Max came down the long hallway to the side of the club. His own steaming cup in hand, long hair flowing behind him.

“Morning Prez.”


Max knew this wasn’t going to be good. He sat in his chair and watched the hallway as voting members stumbled out. A few of the women were starting to mill around.

“No goodtime girls for thirty days. And I don’t need a vote to do it.”

Max shot his eyebrows up. “You want to announce it now?”

“Wait for everyone.”

“Yes sir.”

Hunter watched as Gabe came in last. A slight bruise graced his cheek along with swelling.



He slammed the gavel on the wood block it sat on. “Church is in session. First order of business. Thirty day suspension on goodtime girls. Maximum, go tell the ladies to get the fuck out.”

“Yes sir.”

No one said a word, not even Gabe.

“I have final approval on who comes through the gate for the next thirty days.”

He looked at Gabe. “You fucking lied to me when you said you didn’t know who let her in. You put prospects in the position to disobey an order.”

Max came back to the meeting room in time to hear the last part. The women high tailed it out of the club. Hunter’s temper could be far more destructive with his words than physical destruction.

“What does it fucking matter?” Gabe chirped back.

Hunter stood up and slammed his hands on the table. “She caused a scene, had a hand in destroying the club, and brought the cops to the doors. You encourage two girls that you threaten me with…to tell her something that isn’t fucking true or your business. You lied and you put other members in a position to choose one brother over another.”

“Curfew! Thirty days. Nine to six.” He kept his glare on Gabe and continued.

“You threaten me again. I will take your fucking patches and I don’t need a vote to do it. I kept my mouth shut when Kristin and I split and you two were fucking. I kept it to myself when you continued to fuck her when we got back together for the peace of the club. But I will not allow you to use her or another woman to threaten Claire. You threatened a club member and a club friendly, a President at that. No vote needed.”

Gabe was stunned and sat back down.

“Don’t fuck with me Gabriel and don’t fuck with Claire.”

The cool tension settled over the room.

“Dues, fifty dollar increase starting in thirty days.”

This elicited a groan from the men around the table.

“I can raise it to a hundred. I haven’t raised dues in three years. Shut the fuck up.” He glanced around the table. “I want this place cleaned, top to bottom. I want an inventory of what was destroyed. Keep the frame the mirror was in.”

He checked his phone and was even more pissed when he saw the picture of Claire and saw that an hour had passed already.

“Now Gabriel…why don’t you tell me what the fuck the problem is.”

“You’re such a shit. You didn’t earn the spot of President, you got it cuz your old man was Prez.”

“You can always walk away.”

“Brothers…cool it.” Max stood up. He had a feeling Gabe was going to push the wrong button.

“And miss out on seeing Claire’s pretty face…and those legs no fuckin way.” Gabe grinned.

Hunter was over the table and all hell broke loose. Fists were flying and boots were stomping the stained concrete floor. They were down the hallway, both bleeding. The giant men were out in the parking lot by the time the rest got out there. Max and Bolt intervened after Gabe coughed up blood and Hunter’s eyebrow split in two.

Bolt and Dragon took Gabe inside.

Max and Broke kept Hunter caged in the parking lot while he paced, spitting blood out of his own mouth. He was going to need stitches on his eye.

“Call Stella.” Hunter barked at Max.

Max had already called her and she was pulling into the gates. She was open mouthed as she pulled in, grabbing her first aid kit. Being an ER nurse came in handy in these situations.

“We need to get him inside and get this cleaned.” She had Max and Broke usher the big man inside. She sat him down in the kitchen and started to wipe him up. Shooing the guys out to give them some space.

“You okay honey?”

“I’m fucking pissed and he’s lucky they stepped in.” He grumbled. He was having trouble sitting still. The sting from the antiseptic irritated him even more.

“You can talk to me Hunter…Max too.”

“I know.” He wanted to see Claire.

“I’m going to numb this up.” She gently slid the needle under his skin, injecting the numbing agent. She let it work while she cleaned up his knuckles, she was going to have to stitch one of them up and injected his hand. She got to work, lacing the black thread through his eyebrow and then his knuckle. She added antibacterial cream and cleaned him up.

“You know the drill.”


“Change. You’re going to scare her if you go over there covered in blood.”


He kissed her on the cheek and stood up. His six foot three frame towered over her. Broke followed him to his room while Stella went to check on Gabe. He washed up and had Bolt grab his phone while he changed. He was careful pulling his shirt over his head. He grabbed clean jeans and threw his boots on. He brought an overnight bag, he’d be staying at Max’s tonight.

He hopped in his truck and texted Claire, cringing at the time.

HR: I’m on my way, I’m sorry

He was pulling out when his phone buzzed.

CS: Okay

He tossed his phone in the seat and broke the speed limit going over there. He pulled into her driveway and got out of the truck. He was getting stiff from the fight. The shadows of bruises were forming across his ribs where Gabe pummeled him. Claire was standing in the doorway when he approached and she frowned when she saw him. She stepped aside and was quiet while he came inside.

“Hunter…”she put her coffee cup down.

“I’m sorry.”

“Are you okay?”


“Come sit.” She stretched her hand out and he grabbed it, pulling her to him.

“I know I told you breakfast…”

“Stop. It’s lunch time anyways. We’re staying in, don’t need to scare the church folk.”

Hunter let a laugh out and he felt better.

“I reckon you’re okay with me getting back into my lazy clothes?”

“Yes ma’am as long as I get to look at your legs.”

“You have blood on you.”

“I’m sorry.” He closed his eyes. He wasn’t doing much right.

“Do you have anything you can change into?”

“Yes. I have a bag in the truck. I’m staying at Max’s tonight. It’s best that I’m not at the club right now.”

“Go get in the shower. I’ll grab your bag. We can order some food when you get out.”

“Thank you Claire.” He handed his keys over and dropped his phone on her bed.

He had stripped his shirt off and his boots by the time she came back in. She dropped his bag in her bedroom and caught him stripping his pants off. He had angel wings that covered his back and shoulders.

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