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Chapter 23


He flipped Claire over and gave her an orgasm with his mouth, giving him time to sort of settle down. She was embarrassed until he promised her he wouldn’t look. He peeked, her hair was darker and silky. She kept it trimmed but he liked it.

She came harder than she ever had in her life and was crying by the time he was done.

He was thrilled and so was his dick when she climbed on top of him.

“I don’t know what to do.”

He leaned back and grinned. “Do whatever you want.”

She wiggled around and moved up and down till she found a rhythm with his help. She was beautiful as she came undone around him. His hand rolled her clit between his fingers and she threw her head back as she held onto him. He pulled her against him, her breasts in his face as he emptied himself with a loud groan. He was spent and she was a noodle.

“Food.” He grunted and she giggled.

They eventually got up and shared a shower. He saw her stomach, marred with scars and bumps , frowning. He reached out and brushed his hand across her skin.

“Fertility treatments.”

He pushed her up against the wall and kissed her, letting the water run over them. They had to wash again by the time he was done with her. They were starving and decided to eat at a place by the clubhouse. He was glad to be back on the bike.

“I need to check in, do you want to come say hi?”

“I’d love to. I gave Stella some recipes to make for a crowd.”

“Thank you. I hope everyone appreciates it.”

“They do.”

She groaned as she got on the back of the bike. Hunter grunted in satisfaction, he knew he was the reason she was sore. He took off and caused the bike to jump and Claire to laugh. As they got closer to the club he noticed something was off. The gates were different, he hit the gas and came to a stop. He parked the bike and jumped off.

Claire couldn’t keep the grin off her face.

“Claire! Are you serious?” He spun around to face her.

“Bein the President should have some perks.” She shrugged.

He walked up to the new gates. The giant angel wings that Claire had hanging in her shop now graced each side of the gate. The rust had been removed and the gate had been repainted matte black. An ornate top now decorated the peak, framing the original sign that read ‘Fallen Angels’. He kept looking back and forth between her and the gate. He crossed his arms over his chest and grinned, letting out a laugh.

He practically ran back to the bike and jumped on it. The gates opened and he pulled in with a roar of the engine. He picked her up and threw her over his shoulder while she laughed and walked back to the gate, setting her down in front of him.

He bent down and grabbed her face, kissing her passionately. There were a number of wolf whistles and clapping in the background. “I can’t believe you did that…the wings.”

She was blushing. “You’re my angel, Seven.”

“Claire…” he picked her up and wrapped her legs around his waist. He was getting hard.

“Hunter…everyone is watching.”


“You should go see the mirror.”

“I’m taking you to my room.”

She snorted and put her head in his chest as he carried her inside. He stopped dead in his tracks. The clubhouse looked completely different.

“What did you do?” He slowly let her down.

“Cleaned up.”



His eyes darkened and he grinned at her. “We’re not leaving the bedroom for the next two days.”

She shrugged and he lunged at her, causing her to laugh. Max and Stella came out from the kitchen.

“Stella helped and so did the girls…and some of the prospects.”

“My people helped?”

“Yes…I thought it might be a good way to start fixin things.”

“The place looks…wow.” He looked around at the tables that had been redone along with the chairs that had been re-upholstered. Miss Betty came out and he opened his arms and gave her a kiss and hug.

“Miss Betty helped too…with the girls with cookin and how to work out better at stocking things.”

The older woman looked between the glowing club President and the country girl that owned his heart. They watched as he looked at the new barstools and light fixture that Claire found in one of her crates. It was black and she stenciled angel wings on each side. The walls had been cleaned and freshly painted with paint that was designed to be wiped off.

“Church, fifteen minutes.” Hunter barked out. “Ladies…thank you. Fallen Angels MC appreciates you all.” He hugged and kissed all of them and watched as Gabe started coming down the hallway.

“Claire…I’d like to speak to you privately for a moment.” Hunter pulled her to his room, shutting the door behind them. He wanted to avoid Gabe for the time being. His hands were cupping her face and his lips were on hers, they broke apart when they stopped breathing.

“I can’t believe you…thank you sweetheart.”

“You really like it?”

“The gate…your wings.”

“They’re perfect…aren’t they.” She whispered.

“You’re perfect.”

“Go have your church.”

“Will you pack me some things to take home? I need some clothes.”


She was packing a large duffle bag for a prospect to drop off when his door flew open and a bleach blonde came storming in. Claire jumped a mile in the air.

“Get out and tell Hunter I’m here.”

“I beg your pardon?”

“Get your ass out goodtime girl…I’m here to see Hunter.” Kristin had her hands on her hips, glaring at Claire.

“I think you need to leave.”

“I don’t think so. He’s gotten whatever it was out of his system with you. You’re not ol’ lady material.”

Claire was livid. “Get out.”

“Make me.”

Claire advanced on her. She wasn’t going to take any shit from anyone that had hurt Hunter. “You know why you aren’t an ol’ lady?”

Kristin’s eyes widened as Claire moved towards her.

“Because you couldn’t keep your legs closed. Because you fucked a brother, his Vice President. You’re not worthy of being an ol’lady. You don’t know what loyalty is.”

Kristin barked out a laugh. “You couldn’t keep your ball player what the fuck makes you think you can keep a man like Hunter?”

Claire lost her shit and grabbed the tall blonde and wound her hair around her hand and bent her over. She forced her down on her knees till she was on all fours. The noise had Miss Betty coming down the hallway and she started yelling for someone to get Hunter who was in church on the other side of the building.

“You don’t know anything about me! How dare you! You trash bag! I’ve kept Hunter in my bed just fine for the last twenty four hours. I will slap the soul outta you if you don’t leave.”

Kristin started kicking out when Claire shoved her to the ground with her hair wrapped around her hand. “Let go of me!”

“Pathetic...girls like you. Trash. bag. Blonde .bimbo.” Claire was rabid and the sound of multiple sounds of boots were pounding the concrete floor as they got closer.

“Claire!” Hunter yelled out. “Let her go.”

She was shoving Kristin’s face into the floor as the blonde was kicking at her. Hunter was catching bits and pieces of random things that were coming out of Claire. He thought she might have been a little possessed.

“Hunter!” Kristin called out to him.

“Claire…sweetheart. Let her go, my love.”

“Love! What the fuck Hunter!” Kristin was grabbing for him.

“Claire…look at me sweetheart.” Hunter crouched down in front of her as he swatted Kristin’s hands away.

“Stupid bitch…soul slap you…” Claire was shaking her by the back of her neck.

“Sweetheart…you need to let her go.”

“No I don’t! She hurt you and she was nasty to me… damn dog.”

“I love you Claire and I appreciate you sticking up for me, but she’s not worth your time or mine.” Hunter slowly pried her hands open and untangled them from Kristin’s hair. “Let’s go home.”

Kristin was screaming at the top of her lungs as the couple left her to melt down in front of the club.

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