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Chapter 25


6 months pregnant

“Okay you two…drive carefully. You have rain coming.”

Miss Betty waived to them as they left. They were going up to the small cabin that the club owned. She was the key keeper and did the scheduling for it.

The drive was quiet and Claire was instantly in love with the little one bedroom cabin. The club had bought it and the few acres it was on next to the lake back when they were first formed. It had been taken care of over the years and had been re-done in the last few months. Hunter pulled into the small covered carport just as the rain started.

He helped Claire out and got her inside and went and grabbed their bag and groceries. It took several trips and she had explored the cabin while she waited for him. He started a fire and took the chill off. It was immaculate, the girls had been up here a few days prior to make sure the bedding was clean along with the cabin. Everyone knew what was happening. The club was ecstatic over the baby news. Gabe was absent, Hunter didn’t care.

They had a quiet meal that Hunter prepared and she moaned over the spaghetti and meatballs. Her appetite was increasing and he was thrilled. His appetite was increasing too and he was still thrilled. He cleaned up and made her go sit in front of the fire. The baby had been active and was starting to move around.

She noticed he had a beer for the first time in a long time. He handed her a cup of herbal tea and draped his arm around her. He was unusually quiet and she was concerned.

“You okay?”

“Yes.” He took a long pull on his beer. His nerves were making his foot bounce.

“Seven…” she knew that would get his attention and it did.

“Claire…” he let a rumble from his chest go and let his eyes roam her body. He reached out and felt her stomach. He couldn’t get enough of her swelling stomach, he had never seen a woman sexier than his Claire. She glowed now that she wasn’t throwing up every hour.

“You got ants in your pants.”

“Trying to work up some nerve.” He shifted around and stuck his hand in his pocket.

“For what?”

“To ask you…”

He leaned forward and put his beer down and took a deep breath. He got on both his knees in front of her.

“To ask you to marry me, Claire..” He opened the ring box that was in his pocket for the last couple of hours. “Will you marry me?”

Claire gasped and sat up. The one carat diamond in the antique setting was nestled in a beautiful blue box that enhanced the sparkle. She looked at the ring and then at him, back down to the ring again. The baby kicked particularly hard and she jumped.


She held out a shaking hand and burst out crying.

He slipped the ring on her finger and kissed her and her growing stomach. He pulled out his phone and took several pictures of them and the ring, sending them to the club with the caption of ‘she said yes.’ They called Miss Betty, who knew what Hunter was planning and she cried with joy and couldn’t wait to see Claire as a bride. Both their phones lit up over the next hour with well wishes.

He carried her to bed and was gentle with her. She cried several times as she looked at her ring and then at him. Her hormones were off the charts and it didn’t phase him. Everything made her cry. They had gone baby shopping a few days earlier and she started crying over the sweetest baby blanket. He growled at anyone that even looked in her direction.

He rolled them over and helped her settle herself on top of him. She slowly rocked her hips as he held her stomach. He thought she was a goddess and found himself with random hard-ons during the day thinking about her. He came home almost every day for lunch so he could have his way with her, leaving her breathless in bed only to return and chase her around the house before dinner.

He refused to make her an ol’ lady. He didn’t want her wearing anything that claimed her as property. The ring and his baby in her belly was more than enough. It ruffled some feathers and he didn’t give a shit. He had gotten very protective of Claire and had it out with Gabe again when he mentioned that there was proof now that he was finally getting his dick wet. Max broke it up before they could do any damage to each other. Claire would have been a mess.

They enjoyed the quiet in the cabin and spent the time wrapped up in each other. He spent a lot of time between her smooth legs. And she loved every minute of it. She made him promise they would come back to the cabin again. While she missed the cabin, she was glad to be home as they pulled into the driveway. She spent a majority of the drive back admiring her ring. It was beautiful and just perfect. The setting was gorgeous and she swooned every time it sparkled in the afternoon sun.

They ordered food and snuggled up on the couch. Claire was sleeping a lot, she hadn’t regained any energy. Doctor said it was normal for someone like her, she was having a rough pregnancy but was doing well. He carried her to bed, tucking her in before going and cleaning up their mess from dinner. He pulled out the baby hand book for dads and started reading where he left off.

He heard her get up and come to get some water. “Heartburn.”

“Jalapenos and spicy chicken sweetheart…they do it every time.”

“This boy is going to have a ton of hair, you watch.”

Hunter started laughing. Every time she had heartburn she would bring up the old wives tale that it meant the baby had a head full of hair.

The boy made his entrance into the world a week early. Weighing a solid eight pounds and twenty two inches long. He had a head full of black hair like his dad. Several nurses sniffled as they watched the giant biker turn into a ball of mush as he looked at his son and kissed his wife. He openly cried as he held the boy they named Axel Seven Rhodes.

Claire was exhausted and didn’t think she could get any happier. Watching her husband and her son was more than she could have ever wished for. She laid back and closed her eyes, letting her body finally relax. She slipped into a light sleep as she listened to Hunter talk to the baby. Hours later a loud cry woke the new parents up and Hunter was up and running. His boy was hungry. He watched in fascination as Claire breastfed the baby for the first time. Both were instant pro’s and his son had a healthy appetite already.

“I told you he had hair.”

“I’ll never doubt you again.” He reached over and gently rubbed his hand over the baby’s head.

“I love you.”

“I love you too Misses Rhodes.”

“Thank you…my fallen angel.”

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