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Chapter 3

Boom-X Ambassadors

Max watched the pretty woman as she drank her third beer and dismissed her burger. “What do you think?”

“She’s fuckin hot.” One of the prospects mumbled as he watched her calves tighten while she tried to look in the window.

Hunter watched her. She didn’t even look at him when he handed her the bottles of beer. He felt like a dick for snapping at her. Max had told him how excited she was about the house till she came out of the back room. The only time he saw her get excited about anything was when she heard about something in the garage.

“Keep it in your pants.” Hunter snapped at the kid they called Broke.

The garage door opened up and they watched the pretty brunette as she hopped up and down. She had a wide grin and was soon digging around in the garage. She surprised several of the men when the buttoned down shirt she was wearing came flying out of the garage in a ball. Soon pieces of furniture were being drug out and she was talking a mile a minute.

Bolt and another prospect, Dragon choked on their burgers as Claire came out in a skimpy tank top. The shirt she had on had been hiding quite a bit. Her shorts were dirty and she had slipped off her beat up chuck taylors. She came skipping over to the cooler to get another beer and grabbed her cold burger, dancing on the balls of her feet as she went back to the garage. She didn’t pay attention to the half dozen bikers that were watching her in interest. They heard a bike approaching and Dragon got up to see who it was.

“Veep.” He stood for a minute watching the new girl climb all over the furniture they had stacked neatly in the garage. He caught a glimpse of the curve of her thigh and where it met her ass when a large hand clamped his shoulder, causing him to jump.

“Woah….little lady. Do you need some help?” Gabe appreciated the view in front of him. The slender brunette was on top of a dresser that was on its side.

“No thanks. Burgers are that way…we can get pizza.” she pointed towards the back and waved him off. She turned back to Betty who was trying to climb up the mountain of furniture.

“Miss Betty, you’re going to break your damn neck. Let me help you.” Gabe grabbed the older woman by the waist and hoisted her up.

“Claire…can I get you anything?” Stella yelled up to the woman who was in the rafters looking in several boxes.

“Beer!” Claire laughed out. “This is better than freakin Christmas! Miss Betty…we need to talk.”

“Come down from there, crazy girl. Come get more food and some water.” Betty was nervous with her new tenant who hadn’t eaten much but drank enough.

The misters had been turned on and Claire was glad. She was red faced and sweaty and didn’t give one shit. She was walking back barefooted and dodged a nail, picking it up and putting it in the pocket of her denim shorts.

“Bolt…did you not sweep?” Hunter snapped at him.

Bolt frowned. “Yes sir, I did. Just before we loaded up the last of the trash. Something must have fallen out. I’ll go check again.”

Hunter watched as Claire put her hair on top of her head, her curls were damp from climbing in the garage. She was hopping from foot to foot.

“I need some help pulling some things out of the garage. I’d be happy to pay cash.” Claire looked at Max and smiled. “I need some things done at the warehouse store as well…are you for hire?”

Stella winked at Max.

“Yes ma’am. You tell me what you need.”

“Can we meet at the store, end of the week? Please?”

Max handed her a card for Fallen Angel’s Inc. They covered everything from construction to handyman work amongst other things. Construction was where their main income came from.

She went to grab another beer and took the bottle that was thrust at her. She finally looked at the person who belonged to the large, tattooed hand. It was the guy that snapped at her. She cocked her head at him, surprised he had been helping her.

“Thank you.” She turned around and popped the cap off. “Miss Betty...we need to haggle ma’am.” Her southern drawl had found its way out with the beer. Toby complained about it non stop.

Betty barked out a laugh at the woman in front of her that was shuffling her feet in excitement. “Well talk to me girl.” Her eyes were sparkling as she watched the animated girl in front of her. She knew the men were watching and listening, making sure she wasn’t being taken advantage of.

“Okay…so…here’s how I see it ma’am. I can offer you cash, right now. I figure the one fancy bedroom set is a solid grand.`` She drained her beer and went to grab another one. Her eyes glanced at the dark ones that belonged to the large, extended hand. She mumbled a thanks and turned her slender back to the men. “Or…I can refinish and split the profits and even fifty percent. And I think…in all honesty… I can get at least twenty five hundred for it, if not a little more.”

“Claire…are you serious?”

“Oh yes ma’am. I can strip it and sand it. Ohhhh…and maybe a white wash on it with some antique accents using some gold flake, buffed out.” Claire got lost, mumbling to herself. She pulled her phone out and started talking to the large contraption. She was pulling at a curl at the base of her neck as she walked back to the open garage.

“Well...”Stella glanced at the men sitting around the tables.

Gabe watched the newcomer. “She’s no harm to Miss Betty. Other than maybe climbing in trees.” He appreciated the un-intentional sexy display.

The men busted up in a quiet laughter.

“Maxie?” Stella glanced at her giant husband who was a teddy bear and very sensitive to other’s feelings.

“She’s sad. You can feel it.” He mumbled. “She’s no harm to Miss Betty or the club.”

Hunter relaxed and drained his beer. Dragon grabbed him another one. He was finally hungry and watched her as he ate a cold burger. He appreciated it, even if it was long past the time it should have been consumed.

“She’s club friendly, even if she doesn’t realize it.” Gabe muttered. He impulsively stood up and started the grill again. There was a tray of uncooked burgers that required some attention.

Claire drained another beer and decided she wanted something harder. It was going to be a long night. She knew settling into a new place was going to be a lot harder than she anticipated. She desperately wanted her things and to have some grounding. She moved into the house and pulled out the large bottle of whiskey she had purchased. She brought it back out with a couple of large bottles of cola.

“Now we’re talkin…come here little lady. You climb mountains of furniture, you make bacon…and now you ply us with whiskey and soda. Wicked wench…what are you up too?” Gabe leaned back and grinned at her.

“This is my housewarming party.” Claire looked at him and shrugged her thin shoulders.

Hunter watched the scene in front of him. The woman in front of him was a little elusive. She obviously had a passion but it wasn’t the men in front of her, it was the furniture in the garage.

She watched the grill. The flames were dancing amongst the coals. She thought about the awkward cook out that her and Toby had before everything came crashing down. She drained the drink she had poured herself. The sizzling of the last of the burgers being thrown on the grill broke her memory. She poured herself another and sat back.

“Well…Claire I’d like to see what you can do.” Betty sat back and watched the girl that had just lost herself in front of her company.

“Thank you ma’am. I won’t bullshit you, I promise.” She offered the older woman a grin.

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