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Chapter 5

Kacey Musgraves-Rainbow

Claire had left Miss Betty at the house to tell the movers where to put the few boxes she had, mainly clothes and personal effects. The furniture for the patio was dropped off and she was thrilled with the way it looked. She ran to the warehouse store to open it up for them and was hopping from foot to foot when Betty and her red truck pulled in front of the store.

“Hi! They should be here in just a minute.” The older woman handed the younger one a large sweet tea.

“Lifesaver. It’s hot today. Thank you for staying at the house. I didn’t have much other than clothes. But I sure am glad to have my SUV back.” She grinned. She was ready to take the small rental car back and finally get settled into her new life.

The loud rumble of several bikes caught the attention of Miss Betty who smiled wide when she saw the boys. She waived as they rolled past. Claire was inside the warehouse and was opening the rolling bay door when the large moving truck pulled in. She was pacing as they opened up the door to the truck. She had her inventory sheet along with theirs to compare. All items were numbered and she had it down to how the truck was packed.

She didn’t notice the bikers standing outside while she ran around directing the movers where to put things. The shop was slowly coming alive and she was glowing. Miss Betty noticed an immediate difference in her tenant. Hunter watched as a pair of giant metal angel wings were off loaded. Each wing was six foot tall and made from what he thought was salvaged metal. She had the men hang them on one of the large walls.

“Miss Betty! Do you want to come see my wings?” Claire grinned at her. She glanced around and was surprised to see several men, Max and Hunter included standing around. “Hello, I’m sorry. I didn’t know you were here.”

One of the movers called out to her and she excused herself. Hunter watched as she checked the list against the one the movers had and caught the tail end of her talking.

“It’s a fifteen thousand dollar Victorian Era crib. No crib, no rocking chair, no cradle or sideboard. It didn’t just walk off the truck. It’s on your own paperwork!”

Max raised his eyebrows as she started shaking her hands out and pacing. “Did she just say fifteen thousand dollars for a crib?”

Miss Betty frowned and looked at the boys and then her clearly panicking tenant. She took the phone from the large delivery guy and put it on speaker phone, leaning against a large wooden table.

“Miss Stewart. It seems that there was a gentleman by the name of Toby Stewart that intercepted the last of the items. He was able to produce a receipt for those particular items and his wife confirmed they belonged to him. I’m sorry ma’am but it was noted that Misses Stewart is pregnant and they were placed in a nursery.”

“I am not paying you in full. You allowed someone to produce a questionable receipt to take items that did not belong to them, off your truck. And you should know I have my own receipts not only for that crib but the other pieces you allowed to be stolen.”

“Miss Stewart…I am aware this is a delicate situation.”

The soul had been snatched out of Claire as she stood there listening to the person on the other end of the phone. She started to feel her throat close up. They had bought that furniture together, for their own nursery. She reached up and grabbed her throat as she gripped the large table. He took their baby furniture for his new wife and baby.

Miss Betty thought her heart was going to break in two for the pretty, broken woman on the other side of the glass. “I think you boys need to just not worry about things today.” She left them standing on the sidewalk and closed the door behind her. They watched as she took Claire outside the back of the warehouse store, her arm wrapped around the woman’s shoulders.

“I think we should listen to Miss Betty.” Hunter spoke to the men. No one argued, they knew there was something very personal going on. They were getting on their bikes when the older woman poked her head outside.

“Could one of you boys take her car back to the rental place? I need to take her home.”

“Yes ma’am. Max and I will handle it.”

Hunter spoke, catching everyone off guard. He had made it clear several times they were to stay out of whatever was going on. He took the keys from her and they made sure there weren’t any of her belongings in the car. He dialed the rental place who was club friendly and told them where they could pick it up. No explanation was offered and none was required.

The men walked a little farther down the sidewalk to give Claire and Miss Betty some privacy as they got into the truck. He could hear Claire crying and he felt bad, it was obvious that the crib had meaning to her. Her ex-husband was a complete monster on the field and off. He would need to see the article Gabe looked at. He texted him and got the link immediately.

He stood against the brick wall as the women pulled away and read the article. He was floored at what he read. How their personal life was put on display for the world. She was stunning in her wedding dress. The ring on her finger was enormous and she was glowing as she looked up at the dickhead. He felt like someone punched him in the stomach as he saw the pictures that Gabe saw. The anonymous quote made him sick to his stomach and the reaction to the crib set made sense.

“Prez…car place is here.” Max whistled out to him.

“Thanks…let’s get going. I want to make sure this place is locked up.”

“Yes sir.” Max didn’t question anything but found it interesting the club president had softened up, slightly. The men walked around the building and found it secure.

POD- Here Comes the Boom

Hunter got back on his bike and the rest followed, taking off to their destination. The Cut, a bar on the outskirts of town, was having issues with the Devil’s Brigade. The President was the one that Kristin had slept with and he knew this was going to end up in a brawl. They rolled up and saw the line of red bikes with a black devil face. Gabe and several other members came in on their bikes. Twenty five members in all of the Fallen Angels MC walked into the bar and no one was expecting it.

Their President, Lucifer, immediately stood up when Hunter walked into the bar. Everyone had their cuts on. Their rockers, logos and the various patches couldn’t have been more different.

“Seven.” Lucifer addressed Hunter by his road name. A nod to the Seven Archangels.


“Have you heard about your old lady?” The man grinned at him.

“She’s not mine…she’s everyone’s from what she confessed to the other night. In fact I think a couple of your own guys dipped their wick in that hot mess.”

Lucifer lunged at Hunter and it was on from there. The brawl spilled outside into the parking lot, knocking several bikes over which in turn made it worse. The bar owner shut the door and locked it, letting the Fallen Angels handle business. No one was going to call the cops. When it was all said and done, there were several busted faces, broken ribs and numerous split lips.

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