I Plead Insanity

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(Book Two of the Shadows series) Imogen Ravenna, former spy of a collapsed organisation, ran away with her assignment to join him and his gang in an unknown part of Zendria City. Oliver Austin trains her and guides her in her new way of life, and the thrill of it all and Oliver by her side makes her feel like she can do anything. Anything apart from stealing a priceless lost treasure from a ruthless mob boss - before the Redd Smokes' rival gang do, of course. But was it just a coincidence that Imogen was chosen to go undercover to him in the asylum before? Could the Redd Smokes' rival gang and their cold-hearted, toxic leader have something in mind for the downfall of Oliver's gang? And could Imogen's risky relationship with Oliver be exactly what they need to fight back in the most insane ways imaginable... or just one out of the few weaknesses that Oliver has gained? After all, every Clyde needs his Bonnie.

Romance / Action
Mind Of Meesha
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Down in an unknown area in the depths of Zendria City, what was once a tidily busy headquarters of a secret organisation of spies known, by very little, as Onbri, was full of nervous faces in the waiting room, glancing at the door of L.B's office which was firmly shut. Her secretary, Samantha, looked somewhat nauseous, trying hard not to stare at the two young adults with blue cylindrical objects in their hand, a thin, small metal ring dangling from the tops. One of them looked up - a girl with straight fair hair to her shoulders, wearing a plain black crop top and blue denim jeans. She met Samantha's eye, and Samantha quickly averted her gaze.

"You... let him escape..."

"Not exactly," L.B responded calmly from behind her desk, her posture a fraction tenser than usual, Amiah Trudy standing beside her seat with her hands clasping and unclasping. "Your agent did."

"Agent 014, Imogen Ravenna," Amiah clarified, raising her brows briefly with a slight smile. "We used to be close, before her betrayal. She always spoke about Oliver being different. Never thought much of it until later on, when she was getting too involved. You know."

They knew very well.

"I've known that girl since she was a child," L.B stated, casting a strong glance at Amiah, who quickly backed down. "She delivered one of the most powerful devices to me when she was just fourteen. A computer chip, one that could hack any gadget's security. Was almost pushed off a skyscraper, but I didn't see an ounce of fear. When I looked at that girl's face, I saw thrill and excitement."

"I don't want her life story," the young man said impatiently, the girl beside him looking around the office in mild interest before picking at her nail varnish. "I already have that. Thanks to your clear notations on every agent's backstory."

L.B tensed at that. "I didn't grant you permission to access those."

"He doesn't need your permission," the girl huffed, flicking the bronze curls out of her eyes. "The point is, she's run off with him. He escaped, obviously. And we don't have the information we were promised. We can't let that slide."

"However," the boy carried on smugly, "now, the Shadow has a weakness. And those weaknesses are fun to toy with. You know what we're both trying to get. His gang and mine... we've never got on. But now, we've got the upper hand."

L.B froze, opening her mouth after a long stretch of silence, then closing it again.

"What do you mean, your gang?" Amiah asked warily, and the boy's lips quirked up in a smirk.

"You didn't know? We told your boss. Maybe she forgot to mention it. We informed her that we were willing to make an alliance between Onbri and The Kaspians if all went to plan. You'd get protection from any threat by us-"

"Which is basically priceless," the girl added, and the boy nodded.

"Priceless," he repeated, his eyes gliding around the room before his smirk grew. "Shame..."

"Don't do anything you'll regret," L.B warned, though her voice wavered, and a spark of apprehension was in her stare.

"I never regret anything. But thanks for your time, L."

The two left the room quickly, and then an ear-piercing boom shook the ground hiding the headquarters beneath, deep blue smoke fogging the air and hissing from the cracks, the strong, sharp smell of fire escaping with it.

The couple strode off amongst the blue haze, tumbling marine clouds rolling at their heels and they smiled at each other.

"Where to now?"

"We've blown up their apartment and headquarters," the young man commented in thought. "Imogen has nowhere left for her here."

"Wonder if she regrets it," the girl said with a slight frown, then shook her head with a roll of her eyes. "Bet you she'll annoy me. Most girls do, especially 'special' ones, specifically special to Oliver. Because when has any girl been picked like that by him?"

"Don't worry about it, babe," the boy said casually, "we'll torture her when it's time for her to go bye-bye. You do her, I'll do Ollie."

"Hm," the girl agreed, a soft smile gracing her lips. "So where do we go now?"

"Give her time to settle in first," he responded. "But, if you want, we can go shopping. I know how my girl likes her diamonds."

Her eyes lit up at that. "Hell yeah, Kas."

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