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Rose was taking small steps to her husband's study. She had a medical file in her hand with tears in her eyes while she tightly gripped the file. Without knocking she entered the study to find her husband with a lawyer beside him. " Honey..", Rose started while looking down but was cut by a dark alluring voice. " Don't honey me you filthy women, just sign these divorce papers and take whatever you want and get out of my estate." Listening this Rose looked up and gasped as she looked in the dead eyes of her husband. ......................................................................................... Rose Knight or now just Rose has went through enough in the past two years after her husband divorced her and left her on the streets at the time when she needed him the most. It's been two years and now Hades regrets his mistake of divorcing the love of his live just because of some morphed pictures. Now the so called richest man in the world wants his wife back. But will Rose give him a chance? And if you think that the medical file consisted of the news of her being pregnant, then you are wrong. It consisted of the sad news that she has a hole in her heart. Rose now wants nothing to do with her life as she as accepted misery as her faith. What will she do and how will she react when Hades is back for his flower? Not you cliché ex-wife story. *** Beautiful cover by

Romance / Thriller
Aastha Bariyar
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Hades POV

Two years!

Two freaking years since I have been looking for mio fiore.

I still remember the first time she entered my office for the interview of a personal assistant. She use to stammer at every sentence. But I don't blame her because I knew full well that I was quite intimidating to her.

But she was perfect. My flower, the way she use to smile and laugh. The way she broke my walls with such an ease. She was amazing.

Epitome of innocence. She was so naive for this cruel world that I always found this need to protect her. So selfless, caring and always helpful.

My Rose had all the qualities that I could never have. She completed me.

She provided me with a purpose. A purpose I was searching for so long.

I dated her for six months and then I proposed her. I even have a picture of her where she was crying as I slipped the diamond ring in her tiny finger.

Soon we got married and after one and a half year of our happily married life I divorced her just because of my insecurities and lack of trust.

I should have trusted her. She meant everything to me.

Why couldn't I trust her more?

Why didn't I?

Thinking of it all I pulled my hair in frustration.

The day when I divorced her.

The day I made the worst mistake of my life.

“Mr. Sue, I want you to come immediately to my house with divorce papers.", I ordered my lawyer.

“On whose name should the divorce papers be?", Mr. Lance asked in a pitiful tone.

“Rose Knight and Hades Knight.", I said and cut the phone as I continued to look in the brown eyes of the girl in the picture.

My Rose had her hands wrapped around the neck of my business enemy while he kissed her on her cheeks.

Other photos were scattered on the floor. In some they were kissing and in others smiling and hugging. In some they were naked together in the bed.

How could she? Didn't I provide her everything she needed?

There was a knock on the door of our bedroom.


I felt disgusted saying that. I was disgusted of my wife. Was I not enough for her?

“What?", I growled.

“Sir, Mr. Sue is here.", said one of my maids.

“Tell him I will meet him in the study.", I replied while I collected and calmed myself before making my way to the study.

I entered the study while I asked him in a clipped tone,“Are the papers ready?"

The lawyer just nodded as he knew I was in no mood to talk.

Soon the soft voice of tiny feet coming closer could be heard and I already knew it was Rose.

She entered the room without knocking.


Rose started in a sad tone and was looking down. I wanted to comfort her and felt enraged on who ever made her sad. But at the same time I remembered the photos.

Suddenly my mood changed.

“Don't honey me you filthy woman. Just sign these divorce papers and take whatever you want and get out of my estate.", I said while I internally cringed at my own tone.

Rose looked up and in an astonished tone she said,“What?"

“I think you heard me loud and clear. I don't like repeating myself you gold digger.", I said in anger.

“But why? What hav-ve I done wrong?", she said in a broken tone.

I got up from my seat and made my way to her.

I gripped Rose's arm tightly. Maybe a bit to tightly. Before today I have never even thought of hurting her. But again today was no ordinary day.

“Yes you slut, I need divorce from you. You cheated on me."

“I never cheated on you Hades.", Rose stated and a part of me wanted to believe her.

“I don't care. Just. Sign. These. Papers.", I said through gritted teeth.

Just at that moment my lawyer passed me the divorce papers with a pen. I handed it to Rose who signed it with trembling hands.

“You can take whatever you want as compensation.", I told Rose.

“Nothing. I want nothing from you."

Then she looked in my eyes and softly said, “The day when realisation will hit you, you will regret everything but it will be too late."

That was the last time I saw her. A few months later I found out that the photos were morphed.

Since then I have been searching for her.

I was brought out of my daze with a knock on my office door.

“Sir, we have found Miss Rose's whereabouts."

I smiled to myself. I am coming for you mio fiore. I am coming for you.

Hey guys!

Welcome to my book. English is not my first language so kindly forgive me for the mistakes.

With love

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