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Life has never been easy for me .l lost my parents at a young age and l never had any siblings,somehow am happy.l live a shitty life but the thing is am never one to give up on the things l want . my life right now is not the best one any human being would ask for at least a Human with a working brain wouldn't ,anyway why don't we get right to the chase cause l can feel your anticipation and your right on time to hear the story of my life which in some twisted kinda way l wouldn't change it even if l was given the chance and choice to.

Romance / Humor
Debby love
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Chapter 1..Work place

Start writing here…POV:AMBER

My name is Amber Smith.Am an orphan my parents died when l was young and l had to fend for myself because none of my other family members wanted the burden of a child that they didn't give birth to,there words not mine.Anyway am currently working .l work in a bar 30 min from my place. Its not the ideal job for me l have no choice. Working in the bar l always go home seething l wish l had supper powers l would kill all those perverted jerks. They are so irritating if you want to get drunk leave me alone for facks sake but no they choose to either grab my ass or slap it aarrrggghhhh!!.

Amber get your ass over here and serve my customer

There they go again my ass aaarrrggghhh...!!l say to myself mentally

Am coming Mr blake.

Am really tired l could use a brake but at least l only have 30min before my shift is over after tending to the customers l just lean on a wall waiting for my cue to leave,finally my time is up after collecting my payment l step our the bar only to shiver due to the damn cold.am strolling down the road heading home only to for me to get a feeling of a park of dogs coming my way and if l haven't told u guys yet am TERRIFIED of dogs so l start walking a little bit faster only to see its not helping at all so l start running and on cue they start chasing me,by the time l lose them am a panting mess am not chubby but still me and running don't get along.

Once am in my house which is not much but l love it,l flop myself on the couch and dozz off. The next day am having back ache l slept so uncomfortably last night but l guess its my fault l was lazy enough that l couldn't reach my bed and sleep on it. I make myself a cup of coffee once am done l take out my old school phone but at least l can still listen to music,l play beauty in flows by Sophia Scott. I put my hair in a messy bun and get to work l clean my house and by the time lunch time comes am done so l take a shower and flop on my couch and bindge watch some movie's.

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