A journey with friends

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A group of LGBTQIA+ friends experience heartbreak , homophobic parents and many more different adventures in life while hoping to keep their friendship intact through the hardships of trusting someone.

Romance / Adventure
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Chapter 1 - Meeting everyone


I woke up this morning feeling rather happy , first of all let me introduce myself. I'm Wynter and i am 18 years old i have short jet black hair which i cut myself and round brown eyes and a slim body and im bisexual ....yeah kinda hilarious since both of my parents are priests and they have no idea that I have even kissed a girl so thats really shitty and i have an older sister , Amy she's tall and has blonde hair, gorgeous blue eyes and an amazing curvy body .

They see her as "perfect" so I'm always the disappointing one since i like art and I'm really shy plus I love staying at home reading my novels while Amy goes out and attends bible study and she has been getting straight A's for two years . Another secret of mine is i am gender fluid and my pronouns are they/them but I only dress masculine at school on some days if I feel confident enough which rarely happens because Amy thinks it's wrong of me to do so.

Well that's almost everything that you know about me so how about we get this show on the road .


Fuck.....another night of me having the same shitty nightmare . I was at school naked while everyone was throwing paint at me and they could see my tits and vagina how great , anywayyyyy I'm Justice and I am 19 years old and I love my name even though I had to force my step parents to change my name since i had a shitty feminine name that i didnt like at all . I'm non binary and pansexual if you couldn't tell and I use he/they pronouns , my step parents adopted me when i was tens years old which I'm grateful for it did in fact take me a long time to warm up to them but I did eventually and that's when at 12 years old I decided to come out to them as both pan and non binary they did suspect that I was pan because I liked almost everyone and I am really flirty . I have one dress that I hate and only wear if I really really need which only happened that one terrible time which I will tell you later .

I have no siblings thank fully. I live with my my three step parents that are all women they are in a throuple which I find badass but I'm sure you can imagine the tough talks they give me since I'm not really into being a girl right now. Most people find it werid that I have three mom's but I have found it to be rather awesome and fun since I'm an only child because they rather look after me alone for now and I'm totally fine with that .

Yes I dress in a masculine way and I wear clothes that are two sizes bigger than me so no one can see if I'm a girl or not but I still act feminine at times as I'm super loud and sassy . I have dated two girls and one guy since guys feel insecure dating masculine girls which is rather unfortunate cause I give a fucking good blow job so I've been told .

Well that's my life friends now you should meet my bestie next River , she is a special one for sure I'll tell you that and fricken hot!


This protein shake is tasting really salty but anyway I think it's fine it only expired a week ago so I guess it's still fine..... right . Well im River cool name i know right anyway I'm 17 years old but I look like I'm 20 years old and get can into any club because of all of my muscles since I'm exercise and shit while I may seem like your typical jock and funny girl I have a secret....

Im lesbian

I have only told my bestie and my ex girlfriend who recently decided that she is straight so she dumped me for this dumbass named Chad who loves speaking about his tiny dick which looks like it has an infection don't ask how I know it's a horrible long story . I'm in the closet because my family is well known and very strict on everything I basically live in a jail as my dad was in the army and my mom is a police officer . I have four siblings two brothers who are older than me and two sisters who are younger than me while they bond being twins I was and still am always alone listening to queer music in the garage . I care for my family but sometimes I feel like an out cast since they are so straight and disciplined my one brother , James is a doctor while my other brother, Adam is a police officer so they both make my parents fill up with joy while I want go study fashion in Paris and live with my wife they think I'm dreaming and I should join the army since I'm strong and shit.

Yet I don't really want to and exercise has just become a habit of my everyday life .My dad loves to say im becoming the true definition of a women which is bullshit mate ! I only really have one friend Justice he is amazing honestly i love him and yes he does have boobs and shit but he's non binary and goes with he/ they pronouns but I always ask him what pronoun he's feeling every morning cause his really picky but that's why I love him.

That's it... bye bitches


Yep my name is Q literally which is kinda werid but I think it rad to be honest . It's unique hella sexy and short so it's easier to spell cause I hate writing long shit like it's time consuming ..... moving on . I'm Q as I've said already I'm 18 years old and I am a total baddie if you couldn't tell I'm super fineeee like hot and I know it! I'm gender fluid and go with she/ he pronouns and yes I do DRAG so I have that inner sexy women and her name is Queen Divalicious super funny but it's good enough for me.

I live with my mom and aunt who are pretty cool and they both lost their husbands in a car accident 2 years ago so my aunt decided to move in to keep my mom company and my aunt has a son who now is in college and let's just say alot has happened with me and him cause surprise I'm..... GAY ! and he made me realise it I never really liked girls but when I saw him naked I knew i had to take a bite out of his delicious looking ass . I know it's so wrong but no one is going to get pregnant so it's alright in my books and his but he's bisexual and hasn't told anyone besides me and his ex boyfriend who tried sleeping with me once but I sadly declined as I wasn't feeling him .

Well I usually do DRAG on the weekends at a strip club for all genders it's hella lit and some yummy people come by. Now I guess you know me so how about we move a long with the story .

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