A journey with friends

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Chapter 10 - I'm not ready for This!!!


I look at Eve who is reading her timetable and I read mine while I see Slade walking away to the bathroom I think but he looks a bit shaky in a way but I kinda ignore it maybe I will ask about it later , if I don't feel shy enough "We have first and third period together which is amazing ohhh and you didn't tell me your name dude" Eve said while looking directly at me and laughing I think I blushed because she had a look in her eyes like I was radioactive or blushing like I am now which I hate. I laughed a bit as well because I didn't know what to say ,"Shit stupid me sorry I'm Crystal nice to meet you and yeah I guess we do have those periods together which is awesome no we can arrive late together and stuff even though I was an online student so I should know the teachers but maybe things will be different..... ummm let me shut up now" really my brain had to babble when I spoke to her whyyyyyyy as i made a mental note to keep my mouth shut for a while and she just laughed and dammmn her laugh is like music to my ears she took my hand and we walked to class with our hands linked my brain and body could not process what was happening at all my hand feels hot where she is holding it and I feel goosebumps yet my body could walk wellish with some people looking at us I kinda felt werid but also happy i made a friend...... i think.

We got to class and almost everyone was going to class any way then we stopped infront of the classroom "The teacher already knows you not me so dont worry and hopefully we can sit by each other" Eve said with a smile and her hands on my shoulders I smiled back and nodded feeling less worried then we opened the door and entered class and everyone looked our way and they were silent after a few seconds and are now like looking into my soul and already judging me yet I know isn't true. This was Mr Kay our English teacher he was always patient with me in the past and now me. Eve are both walking to his desk, he stands up , takes off his glasses and greets us finally happy to meet me face to face and tells me to sit in the front by this boy who's name is Chad and for Eve to sit by the window by a some one who's name is Justice I say someone caz they are wearing baggy clothes and I don't want to misgender them. Eve hugs me and goes to sit down and i blush again feeling a bit weak i feel like we could be best friends soon i hope so actaully , so I sit down next to Chad who I notice smells like some cheap strong man spray and his hair is wet and messy.

Class starts and I'm taken away as I listen as i also really like english and the books we discuss in class yet i always feel shy so i never raise my hand so i write down notes because I've always been an A student so I won't stop now.


Im walking into English today and the atmosphere seems different yet I'm not sure why but once I sit down I see 2 girls walk in by the clothes they wearing I think they are girls I should ask later on though. They speak to Mr Kay and one of them sits in the front next to Chad and I feel so sorry for her while the other comes to sit by me. I kinda feel happy about it hopefully she is cool but by the looks of her hair i think so cause her hair is fucking sick!!!!

She sits down and I smile at her she smiles back taking out her books. " I'm Justice and I go by he or they pronouns but right now I feel like they pronouns so you can say they or them". She nods while looking at her phone , "I'm Eve and new if you didn't know and I go with she or her pronouns , nice to meet Justice" , i smile then the lesson starts and I try to focus but I keep replaying her words she sounded like she has an accent of some sort maybe I should ask her later.

The lesson goes by quickly and as it is about to end I look across at Eve and she has a reading book out and has been writing notes while occasionally listening to music while also drawing a bit she did all that in the past 15 minutes impressive. We have 10 minutes to our selves so I decided to talk to her so I tap her shoulder and she takes out her earphones , she looks my way , "I wanted to ask where were you born you have this accent that I can't place from where exactly I was just curious". She smiles and flashed her bright white teeth and replies , "I was born in South Africa and my mom left to go to France when I was 2 to pursue her dream of being a nurse in Paris because of the better education then my dad and i moved to live with my mom when I was 5 so my dad spoke Zulu to me occasionally and my mom spoke French to me all the time so I have a mix of both in my accent" , I was so shocked I have never heard the Zulu language so I had to hear her speak it so I did her and she said "Sawubona mina ngifunda esikoleni nawe" , I was speechless it sounded so different like out of this world while sounded really cool as I was really amazed , she laughed I think she knew i was because she was just laughing. "So what did you just say now" , I asked , "I said hi I go to school with you in English it is a short sentence yet in Zulu it is longer but I sometimes say words incorrectly or I say them in a werid way as I'm fluent in French now because I spoke it often with my mom". After that I looked out the window surprised by the new interesting student next to me and I wonder if English was hard for her to learn and if she had her first kiss at the Eiffel tower or if South Africa has lions and elephants walking around on the streets as they tell us.

I should maybe ask her to sit with us during lunch so I tap her shoulder again and I feel a bit weird for irritating her and she just smiled and waits for me to speak I think and I do "Do you want to sit with me and my friends during lunch i would love to ask you more question when I can you seem really interesting" she nods "Sure but can I bring my friend Crystal she is also new and I don't want to ditch her , she seems nice but shy" I nod not having a problem I guess today I will sit with River , Wynter and 2 new people.

What a time to be alive!!!!!!


It's lunch and I'm fricken starving ! But first I have to look for Wynter and Justice because I have some big news to tell them.

I see Wynter at a table and think about our date. They have a book in their hands and is also eating a muffin. They look really cute I stand there for a second just looking at them as their hair fall on their face and the concentration in their eyes I finally snap out of it as someone bumps into me so I turn around and see a guy wearing a yellow coat and his face goes red . "Fuck ummm sorry I was on my phone I didn't see you even though u are really tall it's my fault I now spilled chocolate milk on you. Dammm I'm new and already making enemies I knew this would suck". He look generally sorry and honestly I feel bad now , "Dude ! It's okay everyone makes mistakes plus we could be like friends soon I'm not sure so don't stress it's chilled I will just go wash it off or change". "Omg thanks I feel better now well gotta run byeeee" , he leaves and yet I don't know his name well I shrug it off and I think I should go change because Wynter can not see me like this so I text justice telling them I need to talk about my dare with Wynter and run to the bathroom.


My high school experience has already been ruined!

I think...

Firstly I had a small panic attack when I arrived then I spilled my chocolate milk on someone wearing white! Who does that on their first day. I'm a wreck , I'm in the bathroom trying to calm down before I faint or something and someone comes in so I kinda run into the stalls to avoid conversation obvi. Since I'm in the gender neutral bathroom I think one guy and girl came in I try to stand closer to the door to hear their conversation , I hear "Did you see the new students they all seem so different and interesting but the GAY one who was wearing yellow today seems like trouble he spilled chocolate milk on River already ! Who does that so awkward" . I think the girl was saying this..... so rude of that bitch anyway let me listen again , "I think he is nervous or something cause I know I would be like I'm new and GAY and it's pride month what a dilema for him But he's cute I'll say that and id let him hit any day" I HAVE HEARD ENOUGH. They were both laughing now while I was shocked and confused as well I step out the bathroom to find them gone.... atleast that is over.

Time to find Q and sit with him cause I gotta sit with someone today. I walk out and eyes are on me and I feel so self aware of my outfit now. I look and see Q sitting with these 2 girls laughing loud and 3 guys busy talking about some thing I breath in and walk towards them with confidence.

I wave and Q looks towards so does everyone else , "Heyy I was wondering if I could sit with you since i kinda know no one hahaha" ARRGGGHH I'M SO WERID , I stand there waiting and they laugh and all agree and I feel so relieved I sit next to one of the girls and get mentally prepared for questions 3....2...1

"So what is your name , pronouns , and age by they way amazing outfit it dies wonders for your ass". Well she is super bold anyway She has blonde hair that is shoulder length and is wearing a all black outfit with red boots her fruebd bext to her is wearing a green dress and has black curly hair and bangs , she us wearing glasses and has sneakers on while the 3 guys are wearing the same red jackets and have different colour sweat pants on but they really cute and muscular so BONUS....... I guess .

"Sorry Bree has no chill but Sures let me introduce you to my henchmen" Q says laughing while one of the guys playfully hits Q. I wish I had friends to play with like that honestly.

"Well Bree has already introduced herself she talks alot and out of turn and she is asexual and goes with she/her pronouns next to her is my cousin Dee who is bisexual but the kind who is lowkey lesbian but still wants to occasionally be banged by a man" , "Rude much Q" , Dee hits Q while saying this with a smile on their face. "They go by they/them pronouns. Next are these baboons who just follow us around yet I don't know why cause I don't do athletes haha anyway this is Brandon, Aaron and the one with the blue eyes is Ocean ironic right" They all look my way and say "Sup Dude" at the same time and I'm lowkey shocked but liking the way they are all so welcoming. The bell rings just as lunch is ending so I stand up to leave and they all say bye and tell me to meet them on the field after school , at lunch to come here as it's their usual table while I'm looking around I lock eyes with Ocean as he is looking back at me and i swear I almost fell but he winked at me and I only saw it because Q and the other guys had their backs to me I waved at him and he just smiled.


Isnt he straight though because he gives off straight vibes. I can't think straight but I go to class before I become late and enter class with everyone looking at me weirdly.


It's the end of the day and soon it will be time for me and Rivers date. I CAN'T WAIT...... I need to look amazing tonight yet chilled as I'm walking home in the corner of my eye I see a car coming near me and I'm glad i took self defence class at school because it could help me right now. The car honksand I turn around and I see a guy come out of it I immediatelyturn around and start walking fast "Wait up I'm not tryna kidnap you or something I promise" like I should believe that really "I think we go to school together I could drop you off at your house you know" I stop for a second and consider what I'm about to do but you what my legs are fucking hurting so if I do die honestly i wouldn't mind life is shit already. I turn around slowly I see a tall boy wearing a red jacket damm an athlete this better go well for the both of us, " okay and how do you know we go to school together and why should I trust your word" I sat with some attitude which isn't me but right now I have to I don't know why. The guy smirks "My name is Aaron and we are in the same history class and I know because only 2 people wore red boots today one of them being my other friend so that leaves you only and I don't wanna go to jail so that should kinda be enough if not have fun walking home Heart"

He just called me by my surname.... THE FUCK I think my heart just skipped a beat because wow. I smiled even though I was trying so hard not to i had to "okay good points I'm coming and never call me Heart again unless you want to be my enermy Aaron". Now he smiled and just laughed while getting into the door open for me I rolled my eyes and got in as he closed the door and walked around to his side I looked at him and noticed his dark intense look at me I just blushed so i looked at my lap while lowering my bag next to my feet. He enters the cars and turns the car back on as he starts driving I think of million things to say but instead I keep quiet "So where do you live so I know where to turn". I had totally forgotten I've been watching his arms and the way he is so focused on the road and how the car smells like lavender and body spray which is kind of soothing. "37 Elmer Drive just turn left up ahead and you will see my house the orange one amazing I know" , now he is looking at me and laughing again I feel dumb so I blush again....... WOW this boy will be the death of me "You look cute while you blush" I hear him say which lulls me straight out of my thoughts and I look at him shocked with wide eyes now I laugh a sarcastic laugh though.

"Nope i don't just focus on getting me home alive please". The rest of the drive is silence besides the radio and music when we arrive I get ready to open the door "Bye Heart see you tomorrow" , "What did i say actually never mind bye Aaron thanks for the ride". I close the door and he drives away and I watch him and I feel a warm feeling in my stomach then I remember .......River ........ ohhhh noo I have to get ready i have 2 hours and 30 minutes okay it's better than nothing i rush inside and see that no one is home so I'm glad.

I shower and do my hair. Now my outfit , I'm going with my black jumpsuit and wear my white Nike sneaker while adding my rings and other jewlery. I curl my hair a bit and do my make up slightly then check in the mirror if I look good then I lastly look for a jacket and I find a baggy black denim one I wear it on top and leave.

I can't wait but I'm also thinking about Aaron smiling at me.

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