A journey with friends

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Chapter 2 - New environment awesome people


It's the middle of the year and im super excited as its PRIDE MONTH . I have a bi flag that i keep hidden from my parents because if they saw it I know they would go fricken crazy . My school is like any other school really and I'm the girl who doesn't have friends i just don't really click with most of the people there so I sit alone and disappear into my novels which I find lovely , a few people have tried to talk to me but I just ignore them really.

Im planing on dressing in a masculine way tomorrow at school while rocking my bi flag because i may be super shy but i don't really give a shit about what people say about me . Hopefully cute girls approach , I may be shy and not talkative but I still like girls and I would say I am lowkey sexual as I go out and shit and party like mad sometimes if I need to destress though .


My dude it's fricken pride month tomorrow I'm actually feeling good about it this year . I might do something dope if I feel like it or if necessary but I will be chilled like how I was last year .

The weekend is over tomorrow as it's Monday tomorrow .I can't wait to go to school and see which people are going to something badass and represent the silent kids and I am one of those silent kids as I'm still in the closet...... how lucky of me.

I got a shit ton of homework dammmn but I gotta do it as I'm failing science badly. I got a lecture from my parents about it as they compared me to my siblings like always and I honestly am use to it now . It's like a game we play I fail they talk for two hours while I pretend to listen and learn from their "motivating choice of words" .


I have terrible nightmares that keep me up for hours at night so I just end up taking a walk or drawing or painting . I've had them from when I was 12 years old which is super fucking messed up and when my parents noticed me sneaking out they asked and insisted I see a therapist and doctor so guess what I have insomnia and body dysmophia which explains why I'm naked in my dreams and I'm super insecure about my body so that's why I wear baggy clothes .

I almost forgot this until River reminded me tomorrow it pride month bitches ! I'm hella excited to be honest as I go all in at school and wear the flag and put stickers around the school and become this huge dramatic queen.

I should probably try sleep as my mom's are ganna do something nice for all of us which I love them for doing it . Goodnight sleep tight my friends .


It's school tomorrow and I'm here at the strip club walking in huge ass heels looking for Bree my friend she has my phone and I gotta get home cause it getting late.

Thank mother nature I found that bitch . She was in the bathroom getting fucked by two guys.... gosh they all looked hella sexyyyy. The one guy even asked if I wanted to join I had to decline because I havea pop quiz I need to study for so I took my phone and left while I made a ton of cash ! Luckily I told my aunt about me working at the strip club so she stays up and opens up for me when i ask her to .

Tonight I called her as I was two minutes away and the club isn't far so I always walk there anyway I'm calling her and she isn't picking up. I am literally getting pissed because I have my heels in my hand and I'm in this tiny add dress and anyone could come and grab me thinking I'm a girl .

I arrive and knock on the door and I notice it's not locked at least! I'm happy it isn't. I get inside lock the door and as I creep upstairs I hear noises coming from my mom's room....like moaning and whispers of someone actually it sounds like two people.... OH MY FUCKING MOTHER OF ME ! it's my aunt and she's fingering my mom im shocked but not suprised my aunt is my dad's sister and she saidshe always liked my mom in high school even but she kept quiet for my dad's sake.

I just decide to back away and leave them to it as I need to study and I'm super tired . This drama shall wait for tomorrow or another day.

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