A journey with friends

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Chapter 3 - Pride month babes!


I wake up really good and I just wore these cargo pants that I bought yesterday that have the pansexual colours on there pockets which is fireeee! I also wore this oversized top with the words "PAN AND PROUD" and a black zip up jacket .

I recently cut my hair into a mullet and dyed it red which was an excellent idea cause i look awesome and hot. My mom's names are Linda , Jada and Storm amazing names right anyway Linda and Storm met first and they both masculine lesbians then they meet Jada who is way more feminine and she is like the girl in this house while we are total dudes .

I ate breakfast made by Jada and she can really cook a good egg unlike me . She saw my outfit and was super happy and gave me a piece of the rainbow cake we bought and I tied these balloons to my bag that had the pan flag just for some extra fire you know!

I call River and tell her happy pride month and she sounds rather down and irritable but it's understandable her family is very bitchy. I wait for her as she is coming to pick me up in her badass motorcycle so that's rad .

That dammmn alarm has been going off for five minutes straight and it's really annoying and Amy has already left for her morning run. My parents are out of town till next week because they have some church shit I don't know really I never really pride myself into knowing what they do as I don't fucking care!

Im so happy I'm alone I get to take out my flag and clothes in peace. I take a shower and eat the decide on what to wear . I wear these black sweat pants and this hoodie with bisexual colours and a black beanie while I have one big flag and one small one i wrap the small one around my wrist . I apply eyeliner that is purple and add a touch of lip gloss..... shit! I look really good and feel good.

I call Amy and tell her where I left the key and I skate to school with my airpords in listening to Billie Eilish who I love.


I wake up to hearing my mom shouting at someone I think . Like my dude it fricken early and she is already shouting..... what a bitch !

I go to the living room and see the news on and it's speaking about pride month and I smile while my mom is shouting that it's bullshit and all that nonsense. My dad agrees with her and they want to lecture me while I just leave and go shower because I can't handle this now. My sister Bella asks why mom was pissed and I just ignored her cause she knows why and I never really liked Bella so fuck it dude .

I shower get dressed in shorts and a tank top showing of my muscles which I kinda hate . I have ugly ass clothes that my dad bought for me since he doesn't want me wearing the clothes that I want to wear . I have an amazing sense of style and I know because I dress Justice sometimes if he needs help and he always ends up looking hella dope .

I decide to leave with the motorcycle they bought me and last year because I nailed my three gym assignments and broke the record.


My feet are killing me ughhhh! Walking in those heels ain't easy my friend . I wake up and find my aunt making breakfast and my mom watching tv they look like they glowing.Cute and werid anyway i will tell them what I saw as I just want them to come out already, as it's PRIDE MONTH!

I walk into the kitchen grab a cup an pour myself water cause my head is fricken pounding and the I say " I saw you two having sex last night it's ok with me just don't lie to me as I saw you guys" they are shocked it is showing through their facial expressions . They end up telling me they even went on dates and shit I'm actaully happy for them and after hearing this i go shower and get ready for the hell hole called school.

I decide to wear my white tennis skirt and yes I have worn skirts and dresses to school because I DON'T GIVE A FUCK! and a black hoodie written "I'M GAY FOR ME BAE" I bought it online last month for this occasion and I love it I add a touch of make up and add the rainbow flag on my right cheek i then apply gel on my hair and lastly I put on my black combat boots .

FUCK!..... I look yummy. I leave with my mom who drops me off and tells me she really likes aunt Rina so i tell her she should persue Rina but the rest of the family won't be pleased as they don't even talk to me. I get out the car and as soon as I start walking all eyes are on me and I kinda love it some people may be looking at me with disgusted eyes but it's ganna educate them and show other people who are in the closet that I'm here for them.

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