A journey with friends

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Chapter 4 - People coming out


I pick up Justice and ask them what pronouns they feeling today and he said he pronouns and I'm happy but I feel like he's will want to use he for a long time but I'm alright with that we talk about school and shit . He tells me about his nightmare that always happens which bugs me because I care about him dearly. We arrive at school and I see girls that I had a feeling are lesbian and are wearing the lesbian flag and some are wearing clothing with it and I feel this burning feeling in my chest of sadness.

Justice notices me frowing as he gets off the motorcycle and he hugs me which makes me feel wayyy better. We walk to our lockers and in the corner of my my eyes I notice this guy walking with the bisexual flag around his wrist but something seems off like he has a few feminine features. Hmmm maybe it's nothing but he looks kinda cute. I wave Justice goodbye and go to my locker to collect my books and try to get this day over with but everywhere I look i see rainbows and "HAPPY PRIDE MONTH" while I'm cowering away.


On my way to school a few cars drive past me with flag sticking out the window and they hoot at me seeing my bi flag I just giggle. I finally arrive at school and I notice people looking either bolder than usual or people looking totally different and that's fine by me as long as they happy.

Im walking to go inside and from the corner of my eye I see Amy walking towards me. HOW GREAT !, I carry on walking and notice my music is still placing so I take out my airpods and switch my music off while mentally prepairing myself for this lecture frome "miss perfect".

I have no time for this shit as I want to have a good day. I walk away and go to my locker.


She has to always embrass me with this lgbtq nonsense. I can't even especially since it dumb pride month. I'm Amy , Wynter's sister and I feel sick saying that as she is going through this phase but I know prayer will help her see the right way AMEN FATHER! I see her walking towards the school doors and I have to stop her I almost didn't notice her until I remembered she might dress this way today .

I tap her shoulder and she turns around and rolls her eyes like I did something wrong . I tell her she looks bad and as I'm talking she walks away like yet I'M HER OLDER SISTER AND SHE WALKED AWAY FROM ME , SHE WILL GET WHAT'S COMING .......


People were already looking at me but luckily i know it's not because my legs look bad as I shave every week. I walk inside and notice most people showing their queerness and I'm ecstatic honestly!

As I'm getting my books I hear footsteps coming towards me and I groan not ready to talk to anyone I turn around to see who it is and I see a......guy.... I think I'm not sure but they pansexual as they wearing the pansexual colours. I wonder what they ganna say.


Im walking to this guy who's wearing a skirt! just to tell him he looks bomb cause he does. Hopefully he's cool about it.

"You look amazing in that skirt by the way", I told him with a smile. He said thanks and asks what my pronouns are as he say that he saw that I'm pan and didn't want to misgender me I told he/him pronouns and I asked him as well he tells me she/him depends on his mood honestly and attire. We started talking about school events and getting to know each other then the bell rang before I could say bye but he turned around and came to hug me and left. I blushed and left for class hopefully I will see him again.

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