A journey with friends

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Chapter 5 - Realtionships


Well that guy was really cool i have noticed him before but I think he might be dating River the schools "sexy girl jock". Don't get me wrong she is kinda attractive but I feel like she is a player yet she hasn't really dated any guys , maybe she is lesbian but also I haven't see her with girls. She still gives player vibes....sorry not sorry.


I get to class and sit in my seat and I see River the sexy girl jock of the school come in and she sits next to me , which always makes me nervous. She's been getting low grades so sometimes she has to sit in the front to listen a bit better but today she came heading for the back.....I AM PANICKING , why today when I look totally different because I haven't come to school wearing masculine clothes in a while.

She puts her bag down and looks straight at me and says "You look cute but I think you in someone's seat, she could be late today" . I almost fainted at the fact that she knows me but I turned to her and I think I'm red as a tomato honestly but I tell her " No im in the right seat , my name is Wynter , I'm non binary so I decided to dress differently today for pride month and thanks for the compliment". She laughed and says "Ohh shit sorry for all the times I misgendered you I didn't know and you welcome" and I think River even blushed a bit at me.

I blushed even more! Class started and River sat down and the rest of the lesson our elbows were touching and we kept sharing small glances at each other. She even smirked at me!!! My coochie be drowing now Lorrrddd.


Dammmn! They look fire I didn't even realise the person I sit next to almost everyday is non binary and super sexy in masculine clothes. The whole lesson I was making sure I'm sitting close to them to even touch their elbow and I could see that they were going red , which made me laugh. The bell rang as the lesson is over and I decided to try ask for their number you know be bold!

As they stand up I tap there shoulder and they turn around looking embrassed in a way so I clear my throat and say "hmmm can I have your number if you don't mind" and they look shocked and I can kind a guess why because no one knows I even like girls. I step a bit closer to them and whisper to their ear "I like girls and even though you are not one I think you are cute" as I step back I smirk cause their facial expression is priceless!

I tell them they should come to me at lunch as I see they speechless.I leave laughing and go to my next class , the day goes by slowly but lunch arrives finally.


It's lunch and I'm starving the day has been good so far lots of drama and pride shit and I'm all for it though. Nothing interesting happened to me, maybe River had something fun happen to her. I see her in the line and I join her and she looks lost , I wave my hand in front of her face and say ,"What has you thinking so deeply" while smirking at her surprisingly she smiles and says , "This person right so today they looked really different since it's PRIDE MONTH and they were interesting and they coming to sit with us at lunch so behave". I smiled and just got my food and found a free table and went to sit there so as I'm sitting down I notice this guy coming towards us and River instantly smiles and so does he and I look at River and laugh while she slapped me but I'm also confused because River is not into guys.

He comes and when I see his face from a closer view I see that he has feminine features. He asks to sit down and as soon as he speaks his voice sounds very light and soft...... omg it's not a guy..... shit! River breaks the silence and says , "Well Justice this is Wynter they use they/them pronouns and forgot to give me their number so that's why they are here" . I look across the table and I look at their face and it's bright red , So I speak up , "That's alright I'm Justice nice to meet you I'm pan as you can see and I use he/him pronouns and be aware River isn't a easy one" , and as soon as I say that River kicks me and Wynter giggles and their giggle is cute as shit really. I see River laughing to I end up laughing to and we end up all talking about today and pride month and how we figured we were part of the "Alfabet Mafia" , we got to know Wynter and they are really cool honestly.

Lunch is over and so the day went on but really slowly. It's the end of the day and I'm sweaty as i had gym and drained from a few people asking me how I knew and what's it like and all that crap. The few people who asked I had suspected could be a little rainbow you know but it's all takes time plus acceptance after all.

Im waiting for my aunt to pick me up and I'm reading this blog on Instagram about "PRIDE" and if it will happen this year. If it does I hope to go with River and that hot guy I meet earlier speaking of him i see him walking with a few people on the fields I think I have time to go to him. I run and catch up with him and his friends out of breath. I tap his shoulder and he turns around and I tell him and his friends ,"Umm sorry to bother you guys but can I have a word with your friend please if you don't mind " , they have no problem and say their goodbyes and leave now we alone with a little awkward moment so I clear my throat then say "Hi My name is Justice since i think I never told you and I use he/him pronouns" he smiled and when I tell you my insides melted when I saw his amazing teeth and his red lips.....Lorrrrd.

We talked for a while until I had to go homes as my mom came to pick me up. He hugged me and he smells amazing like mixed tropical fruits with a hints of vanilla.

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