A journey with friends

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Chapter 6 - Baby Steps


Well talking to Justice was surprisingly nice. He is cool and down to earth , I think I might hang out with him more often as he is sweet and really attractive. His eyes are like a fiery red with hints of gold and brown while his lips look soft and pink.

He is so easy to talk to and does really cool things for fun hopefully we do something together.


It's the end of the day and I'm home watching T.V feeling good about today and I have a bit of butterflies. I'm also surprised that River dates girls and she judt told me like that in such an easy way.

I hear my phone ring and I literally jump up from the couch and my heart is beating so fast......because I hope it's River. I know I shouldn't get my hopes up but I do hope it's her. I answer the phone and I have this nervous feeling in my stomach , the next thing that I hear is "How long did you wait for me to call you cause I was waiting for your call" and I instantly ran for the hills. It took me a while to find my words so I replied to her "Umm hey yeah I was waiting and a bit nervous to call you so...". We talked and she ended up asking me out for a date tomorrow night at some arcade and some surprise after that which excites me a lot but then I wished I had a friend to tell or help me pick an outift. We told each other goodnight and tomorrow is school so we will see each other then and luckily it's Friday tomorrow so I'm really happy. Thankfully Amy is at a sleepover and my parents are still gone on there trip away.

I sleep with a huge smile on my face and have sweet peaceful dreams.


School is fricken tiring so I went straight home and dived straight to bed. I woke up around 2am and went to make noodles , I got scared by a dark skinny shadow so i turned slowly and turns out it's my aunt with a smile on her face.....i wonder why.

I carry on and go to bed because I'm not in the minset for drama as yet. It's to early , i rather save the drama for school which is in a few hours.

Thanks insomnia....


Suprisling I really like Wynter. I just hope things go well but I think people will soon realise some thing going on between us because I want to spend alot of time with them.

I gotta sleep and save my energy for her anyway so goodnight.

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