A journey with friends

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Chapter 7 - New Arrivals


New school , new town and a new house how lovely. Let me introduce myself before I complain.

Im Eve and my pronouns are she/her and I'm 19 years old and I move around alot with my cousin and baby hamster. Her name is Alice and my cousins name is Damen anyway I love reading and im a music addict , I listen to music all the damm time. Ever since what happened last year I've had this connection to music so I am always vibing. My favorite artist is Billie Eilish as her songs just really take me to a whole different world.

I also am really into psychology and reading I have my own little libaryin my bedroom always and lastly I have body dysphoria and ADHD.

Im such a catch....i move around alot with my cousin so I've learnt to not really trust "friends" so I don't really mind being alone plus I always have my book or earphones with me. We usually stay in one place for 2 to 3 months because since last year's accident we like to move around for safety reasons.

Don't worry I will tell you the accident when I'm ready.


I never ever thought I would finally be able to get out of home schooling. Finally! Ohh yeah I'm Slade by the way.

I felt happy but really anxious about it as I have anxiety and gay but fuck it because it's pride month so hopefully I get the support I need. I already came out to my mom last year when she saw me kiss this guy so i had to and my younger sister knows but she isnt that young , she is 14 years old and I'm 19 so not such a huge difference. She isn't in home school so she always is at school participating in sports or some type of school club. Her name is Syrin, pretty cool I know both of our names start with a S our mom has a thing for rad names beginning with an S.

My anxiety has gotten way better so my mom has finally decided to let me go to a proper high school which I've only been in for like a year , so I really am like feeling super ecstatic.


Last night I didn't sleep very well I just felt this negative energy watching me so I told my dad and he said we should go for a run and they come back and burn some some sage and get our crystals.

Im Crystal and my dad names me that as he is very spiritual if you didn't guess but I love my name. I'm 17 years old and transgender I trasitoned from male to female about 5 years ago so now I look like a real girl but I feel non binary so I go with they/them pronouns. I live with my dad only because my mom passed away last month which still hurts me butI'm trying to cope as I have anger issues which I try to suppress.

My dad started teaching me and mom spiritual discipline when I started transitioning so I could find my path easier and it helped alot ever since birth my name felt amazing and I felt a connection to my dad's crystals but I never knew why because kids at school use to make fun of me for having a feminine name. When I told my mom I couldn't go back to school she marched down there told them that I am in the process of trasitioing and my proper pronouns and that they should learn respect and to fuck off I honeslty cried after that but from that day everyone changed their behaviour towards me and I was so happy , until dad said we have to move about a year ago so we can find better doctors for my mom so we moved here last year and I've been looking after my mom and doing online school but now I get to go to the online school that I've been learning from.

I hope no one knows I'm the student on every screen that shows up on the teachers board but I make sure I never showed my face which helps so they only regonize my voice.

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