A journey with friends

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Chapter 8 - Friday a normal day


This morning I'm feeling good about the day , the sun is out the sky is clear and I'm feeling happy.

Until someone spoiled it.....

Amy literally busts into my room and starts singing "Thank you Lord for this day thank you Jesus for this day..." and tells me to wake up cause mom and dad are coming back home early and when I tell you that my heart sank....now my day is truly ruined.

I wake up and get ready and ignore the living shit out of that yappy bitch. Today I'm just going to wear my black baggy jeans and my grey sweater vest and a beanie with some rings and my red boots. I feel badass today honestly I hope River thinks I look cute and I think I wanna dye my hair purple or something but I know my parents will never allow me to do it but fuck them.

I leave and walk to school without eating cause I'm not really hungry this morning. I put in my airpods and play Billie Eilish.

Tonight is also my date with River which I look forward to I just have to lie to my parents......ARGHHHHHH. I hate them maybe I can say that I'm going to some bible study that is only for tonight or something they will believe anything about God.


I woke up feeling good and nervous but I pushed the nerves away and got out of bed to shower and get ready. I should look good today I can't disappoint as I'm new and it's pride month so I should go all out.

Im thinking of wearing yellow shorts and a white formal button up shirt and a yellow coat that reaches my bum so you can still see the shorts , I can wear white sneakers and white knee high socks with some light make up. Luckily I had been growing my hair so it's shoulder length and jet black maybe I should dye it another colour.

Let me get ready and go so my mom can drop me off.


I woke up feeling werid but I'm as this is a new place and new people new everything but....... I GOT THIS......hopefully.

I take a shower while my cousin makes me lunch and breakfast which is amazing as he is a culinary chef. I hate picking out clothes to wear as I have body dysphoria and I am very aware of myself because I also study psychology in my spare time so I know this shit back to front yet I am so self aware. Anyway I decide to wear beige cargo pants and a white tank top and a denim jacket and sneakers with my black beanie. I unfortunately have a curvy body so i try hide it always.

I make sure to pack my swimming stuff as I'm inlove with the water and I carry 2 books and my airpods. I eat breakfast and walk to school feeling chilled.


Thank u so much it's Friday because I want to ask Q out for a picnic tomorrow or a movie even. I wake up and take a nice bubble bath make sure that i smell nice and all that.

Today I go with white baggy jeans paired with a sage sweater and my black boots. I eat bacon and eggs for breakfast and I took my lunch said bye to my moms and left. I messaged River as I left letting her know that I'm leaving now.


I just got a message from Justice saying they leaving home and I should leave to and I will once I figure out which bratty sibling stole my black sports bra. I need it because today I have swimming training as it is swimming season and coach said i cant miss practise today or else i will run laps.

I just put on my red one and put on my white tank top on and my red leather pants and my black nike sneaker. I know I dress in a feminine way for a tall athlete but I still am very girly trust me. I leave and message Justice back telling them I'm on my way.

Today should be fun because i will see Wynter I can't wait!!

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