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The King's Beloved

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Dominic was envious of the damn thing as her lips cradled the edges. He lifted his hand, using his thumb to swipe a drop of chocolate that had been left behind. Her eyes locked on his, watching as he brought the same digit to his mouth and sucked the sweetness off. She frowned, looking away. “I don’t...aren’t there shops further in the city that sell pets? I’m sure they would have some better than me and my brother. We aren’t trained for it...” “You don’t have to be...” He sighed, knowing he couldn’t allow her to believe such things, even if it would be a bit safer to go that route with the dangers until he could mark her. “You’re not pets.” “Then why...why are you even bothering with us?” All her life, she was probably taught a certain way to behave to survive; stay in the light, fear the darkness, and if she did come across a vampire, bow down, don’t argue, don’t fight, allow them to feed and move on. Now, out of the blue, a vampire has taken interest in her beyond just her blood; and not just any vampire, but the King of all Vampires. “You’re mine.” He purred, stroking her cheek.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1-Vanilla

The music thrummed through the floor, vibrating the elegantly crafted couch where Dominic was lounging. He stared out blindly over the filled dance floor as the lights flashed across the tightly packed bodies.

Lifting his glass, he took a sip of the blood infused whiskey, considering the idea that it was a waste of time and head back to the hotel before the night was even over.

“Look here girls, the high and mighty has graced us with his company!” Jorden smirked, coming up with a girl under each arm. It was easy to tell one already had a few too many as she was having trouble standing straight.

“Show some respect.” Trevor sneered from his seat to the right of Dominic.

The man rolled his eyes at him, sitting down on the couch across from them, the girls following to curl at his side, loving up on him as if he was a god. Dominic glowered, throwing the man a silent order to knock his shit off. Jorden sighed, shooing the girls away, one having to help the other as she stumbled.

“She better make it home safely.” Trevor sneered. “I don’t like having to clean up after you.”

“Geez, you need to lighten up, man.” Jorden huffed.

Dominic sighed as the two continued to argue, downing the last of his drink.

Humans lived with the knowledge that the supernatural of the world; Vampires and Werewolves; existed and was in full control. No one remembered when or how it happened, but very little of the old-world remained.

The higher, more powerful Vampires had taken over larger cities, enclosing them to keep the humans centered and easier to manage. A minimal human government existed only for themselves; their laws never overruling the Vampires. Nothing overruled them, beyond their own hierarchy.

Each city had a High Lord who commanded a number of underlings. These lower ranking vampires oversaw districts. Each district had a human representative to speak for the humans in that sector as well as to see that the rules are followed. Humans were seen as slaves, not cattle.

While one could not refuse being fed upon, there were bylaws; restrictions...one: a claimed mate to a vampire or werewolf (both creatures being very possessive of their mates could and have caused major damages), two: they could not be drained to the point of death (got to keep the supply flowing), three: children were off limits (anyone under the age of 16), and finally, a pet (a human owned by a single vampire; cared and looked after exchange for their blood) only their masters were allowed to feed from them.

These rules were set firm and held to all standards, low ranking to high councilmen. No one was an exception. The High King; Dominic himself; made sure of that.

He was known by all for his cool and controlled nature. Very few would dare cross him; in fear of losing their head. He had lived centuries; unknown and known to humans. He had seen the rise of empires and the crumbling of others. His knowledge was widespread and well earned. He neither disliked nor loved the humans, or any other creature for that matter. He knew when to hold the sword or to swing it.

His skills went beyond bloodshed, proven by the treaty with the werewolves’ Alpha, giving him the most powerful weapon a Vampire could have; a werewolf’s bite was lethal to most vampires. Having not one, not two, but the whole world’s pack at his beck and call was a dangerous blade indeed.

“Enough, both of you.” Dominic growled, standing and straightening his suit. “Come on, we’re leaving.”

“But it’s only 1...owowowow.” Trevor grabbed Jorden’s ear, leading him out of the club after Dominic. “Alright, alright, we’re going.” He rubbed the side of his head, straightening his own tie. “Geez, party poopers.”

Dominic rolled his eyes, shoving his hands into his pockets as they waited for the car to be brought up front. They had only come to the club in search of answers to the reports of vampires going into a blood lust, the number staggering. After a week of coming up emptyhanded, he was getting frustrated. He needed to step back and look over the information again, come up with another trail to follow.

A sudden whiff of vanilla and cherries caused him to stiffen; looking down the dark street; though with his heighten eyesight it didn’t bother him. At first, he saw nothing but an empty road until he spotted two small figures, a girl and young boy, coming out of an alley followed by a third, much bigger, male vampire. He turned his full attention to the group, allowing his hearing to catch what was being said.

“Are you refusing me, girlie?” The vampire snarled.

Izabela shook her head, regretting going out that night, knowing she didn’t really have much of choice. She had hoped sticking to the alleys and back roads, they would have been ok. It was a quick trip outside the wall to gather some food and right back home; no problem, until they tripped over the vampire sleeping in the alley behind the club.

“Answer me, girlie...are you refusing me my blood?”

Again, she shook her head. “You can feed from me, sir.”

“I don’t want your blood...I want the boy...” He snapped, lunging at them.

Izabela jumped back, shoving her brother further behind her. “He’s just a child; 7 years old.” She informed him, knowing the rules. “You can’t feed on him.”

“I don’t care...I’ll have him...and I’ll drain him dry!” He took a swipe at her.

She felt the vampire’s claws catch her dress, slicing the fabric at her stomach. She didn’t think he cut her, but she wasn’t going to waste time looking as the vampire lunged again. She moved to the side, tripping as he grabbed her ankle. She cried out, landing on her arm hard.

“Give me the boy, now!” The Vampire demanded, crawling across the ground now towards her, his eyes blood red and his fangs hanging out of his mouth.

Blood lust...Izabela panicked, kicking out at his face and scrambling back. “Julian, run!” She urged her brother who was trying to help her back onto her feet. “GO!” She shoved him away, kicking at the vampire again. Large cold hands wrapped around her neck, squeezing. She felt the air in her throat get cut off, but she didn’t stop struggling; clawing at his arms and hands to try and pry them off.

Suddenly, the vampire stopped, a look of horror crossing his feral face right before he was dragged into the shadows. Izabela gasped, filling her lungs with much needed air. A hand at her throat, she panted, trying to figure out what was happening as she stared into the darkness; silence filling the air. Someone or...something bigger had dragged the vampire away.

“Izzy?” Julian sniffed, pushing on her shoulder. “Let’s go.”

Scrambling to her feet, she kept her eyes trained on the darkness, strangely not feeling an ounce of fear. She could feel her brother pulling on her arm, begging her to move. Sighing, she unlatched the golden bracelet from around her wrist and laid it down. “It’s not much, but thank you...for saving us.” Turning fast to fight the urge to enter the shadows, she gathered her brother and fallen basket, taking off down the road and around the corner.

Scrambling to her feet, she kept her eyes trained on the darkness, strangely not feeling an ounce of fear. She could feel her brother pulling on her arm, begging her to move. Sighing, she unlatched the golden bracelet from around her wrist and laid it down. “It’s not much, but thank you...for saving us.” Turning fast to fight the urge to enter the shadows, she gathered her brother and fallen basket, taking off down the road and around the corner.

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