The other side of love

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~•~ The most peculiar things happen at night, and few would knew this better then ulysses vuohi. The well known king pin of most of The UK, and proud owner of the underground bar and inn, simply known as OutKast. But for all his charm and charisma he holds a dark side, which can be Triggered by just a drop of a pin. But with the help of his adult daughter Madeline, and close friend Theodosia. He had manage to build himself an empire. But one night everything changes, when a mysterious man Shows up after closing, and with a bit of luck the man is allowed to stay the night, despite getting on the King pin bad side. It is not until the next morning, when ulysses discovers the mans true identity, He is the King of hearts, The notorious serial killer. But to ulysses He is Seth Lux James, and angry but timid man, who can barely make eye contact with ulysses. Once again going against his better judgment, he allows Seth to stay under the condition, that he works for ulysses. But little do they know, the well know American criminal profiler named Gabriel Leon, has been called in to help, track down the king and bring him to justice, Along with the Irish bounty hunter Ashton, Who is far more then he seems, Can they survive the crazy side of love. ~•~

Romance / Fantasy
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~ the beginning ~

There are some things in this world of ours we simply can't explain, no matter how hard we try to justify the strange and unusual with logic, it will always be strange and unusual.

You can't explain the emotions as you fall in love with someone,

Or the fear that stays in your heart when you find yourself facing something unknown, but this is what makes us Human,

Though we shame it we can't change it
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