The crazy side of love

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As the pale Moon hung half full over the crowded streets of London, the first cool breeze of night, began to cut through the summer heat.

But just a few moments out of the Beautiful city of London, a older city stood called hackney over the years it had become ran-down and cold, the streets were empty and the pavement cracked.

The buildings of old rust color brick were caked in street art, and many of the once flowering business were now abandoned.

But more often than not beauty can be found in the most unlikely of places.

If you were to walk down these streets you would find two old apartment complexes, though they looked completely ran down. the large bay window had been shattered many years ago and the once white wood paneling had peeled away, and like most of the other buildings had been covered by odd yet beautiful street art.

But venture a bit deeper and creak open the old rusted doors, and creep on the broken floor Bords you would find a black stairwell.

Leading you down Deeper into the heart of this once beautiful place, once you got down you will find a Black door with a glass Knob glistening gently in the darkness.

And to those who knew the password, a bar like no other laid just behind.

Though few would speak its name out of fear of retribution from the owner, it was a place of refuge for those considered less desirable by society.

We're they were more then welcomed.

the bar it self was beautiful with dark mahogany wood floors, which reflected the light from the low hanging glass light fixtures.

The walls were a Deep shade of red, with the Hard wood from the floors matching the intricately carved wood panels, that ran along the walls on the lower ends.

To the far right there was a stage which had a few mic holders and amps scattered around, surrounding it where chairs and tables which looked they had been pulled right from the mid 60s.

They were randomly scattered throughout the rest of the bar, all except for the dead center of the room, were the bar top itself sat, it was about 15 feet across, bar stools running along it.

The front of it was glass which reflected the light, making it look as if it was made of Crystal.

The bar itself was filled with any kind of alcohol you could imagine, the more expensive ones proudly being displayed

Just to the right was a lounge area, Black couches, were pushed into different corners with a long glass and silver coffee table sitting between them.

As 2:30 am rolled in a woman with dark Brown hair hummed to herself as she wiping off each table, picking up a few glasses that had been left behind.

Lost to her own thoughts she couldn't help but think how oddly quiet, the night had been. but the sound of shoes hitting the floor quickly brought her back to Reality.

She smiled and she turned her head and said," so what's the turn over?,"

Their was a pause before a very dramatic sigh cut through the silence," hmp...only 1.3k pounds! I mean Honestly!,"

She chuckled as she threw the towel over her shoulder before turning to him," oh calm down dad, it was just a slow night," the woman said in a calming tone.

Her Beautiful Dark Brown eyes looked into her fathers, she was quite a bit taller than him, standing around 6'8 she had Dark tan skin which contrasted well with the soft purple glasses that covered her eyes.

She had a soft round face, but starting at her left eyebrow and stopping at her lower lip a scar sat.

She was in a black Dress which hugged her curves perfectly, and black leggings that were covered in little white stars, and a part of rose gold Vans.

The man grumbled as he crossed his arms tightly and he rolled his eye," I suppose people don't drink on Thursdays anymore then!,"

She sighed softly as she forced herself to smile a bit as she placed her hands onto his shoulders," dad come on I am sure it is nothing just don't get to worked up over it!,"

He looked over to her and smiled weakly and sighed as he placed his hand against her cheek," I know know I just hate slow nights,"

Madeleine nodded softly and took her hands away from his shoulders and said," I know Dad but they happen, how about me and you just have a drink together?,"

The man eye lit up a bit as he smiled," well...Since it seems like no one else will be showing up...why not!,"

She chuckled putting her arms to her sides as she walked over to the bar top," come on then,
I can't make anything without the great Ulysses help!,"

he chuckled nervously as his pale face quickly went pink, he was a tall man himself being 6'4, he had Deep Orange hair which he had Neatly Done.

His left eye was completely covered by a Dark leather eyepatch, which had light brown circles decorating the rim of it.

His left eyebrow had three slits running through it, none of which looked intentional, but his good right eye was even stranger.

It appeared goat like, it was a Soft blue in color, it stood out even more against the Deep smoky eye makeup and cat like eye liner he had done, Golden specs of glitter shimmering around it.

He was in a light lime green shirt with Parisian pattering, with a Wild tie with a Fusion of colors, and brown slacks with a light tan belt.

He followed behind her feeling a bit better as he walked behind the bar and placed his hands onto it," now my love what can I get you?,"

Madeline sat down and crossing her legs as she did, she hummed to herself as she thought," Hmm surprise me!,"

Ulysses smirked at the Challenge and quickly turned on his heels, without more then a few Seconds thought he reached for one of the many flavored vodkas.

It only took a minute or two for him to place a Margarita glass in front of her, with a Bright pink liquid in it with a soft Blue Shimmer to it.

She smiled before quickly taking it," oh! I love this one!!," it was one of many creations of Ulysses, it was called a Cotton candy sugar.

He puffed out his chest a bit and placed his hand onto it," Aww well of course I made it!,"

She rolled her eyes playing as a bit of a sass smile formed on her lips," pfft of course,"

Ulysses chuckled a bit as he focused on making his own, it was a simple Cosmo with just a bit of extra Vodka.

Once he was done he walked over to her and sat to her side,as she took her second sip she asked," what time is it anyways?,"

He shrugged as he said," I'll check," he pulled a silver and rose gold Pocket Watch, and with the flick of his wrist it popped open, revealing the time, he Grumbled softly" it is 2 bloody Am,"

Madeline pushed up her glasses and sighed as she Traced the Rip of the glass with her finger," damn...I really should head home soon,"

Ulysses sighed as he closed his watch placing it back into his pocket," I know My girl, I might as well just call it a night at that, I mean with Theodosia off i won't have much to do,"

Madeline could pick up on the bit of pain in his voice, she took a another sip of her drink as a idea popped into her mind," about this since tonight was so bloody slow how about me you and Lorelei go out tomorrow?,"

Ulysses looked over to her as he smiled," now how can I say no to that?"

She chuckled a bit and leaned against him for a moment," I don't think you could even if you tried,"

He scuffed though he fully knew it was True," you know me to well Maddie,"

She felt a bit better knowing he would only be alone for just a few hours, but the ever present anxiety started to build up in her heart,

Ulysses gently nuzzled the top of her head for a moment and said," now then, hurry up so I can finish up cleaning,"

She sat back up tall and said," hey I don't mind helping!,"

He placed his hand over her mouth," no no I can handle it myself Love, besides I was thinking if I get done quickly I might Treat myself a bit!,"

She nodded gently and turned away, and started to finish off her drink,

Ulysses had barely touched his own, he sighed a bit as he picked up the glass and took a small sip,

Madeline placed her empty glass down," there something else Bothering you?,"

He quickly shook his head and placed the glass down," oh no love..just kinda trying to figure out what could have happened,"

She shrugged as she turned to face him," who knows, it could have been the bobs running a new patrol,"

He shrugged and leaned back into his seat,"maybe so, but I would have heard about that weeks in Advance.."

She sighed and stood up rolling her shoulders back," I can ask Theo once I get home! it Could have been some petty turf thing,"

Ulysses smirked," well if it was I'll bet a Years wage that she had something to do with it,

Madeline gasped And gently hit his shoulder as she walked passed him," daddy! Come on now ! She might be a bit of a heathen, but she would have told you first if she was going to Pull something like that!,"

Ulysses chuckled as he crossed his arms and leaned against the bar-top," I don't know love, she has done far worse!,"

Madeline rolled her eyes as she walked behind the bar and walked to the end, there was a small Black door, which when opened held various cleaning supplies a bags Rack and a small medicine cabinet,

She grabbed her Green backpack which had a few random pins on the front, she threw it over her shoulder," maybe so, but still you know she has been trying to be more responsible especially with Maggie being pregnant!,"

He nodded as she walked out of the closet closing it behind her," I know I know, I was just playing," he stood up leaving his Drink behind,

He walked her to the door, taking her hand for a moment," now be safe, and Text me when you get home all right?,"

She nodded and wrapped her arms around him," of course I will, I'll see you in the Morning okay dad,

He smiled softly and hugged her," good...tell Margo I said good morning okay?,"

She chuckled and let him go as she said," of course, now Please don't stay up to late okay?,"

He nodded and crossed his arms as she opened the door and quickly walked up the stairs,

Ulysses sighed as he watched her sneak away, he closed the Door making sure to lock it, he turned over and walked back to the bar top, wanting to get it cleaned off as quickly as he could,

As madeline Walked down the Empty streets she couldn't help but smell A light hint of Smoke in the air,

She shrugged it off as she kept her head down as she made her way to the Parking lot,

Suddenly a Heart stopping scream pierced through the night, Madeline Jumped and let out a Terrified yelp,

Her eyes quickly turned to the direction from where she heard it, to her surprise on top of a street lamp, a huge Raven sat, it's wings were elegantly spread out,

Madeline placed her hand over her heart and sighed," ah fuckin bird! What the hell was that for?,"

The Raven Turned its head gently as it made eye contact with the woman under her,

Madeline looked back to it, and Noticed her eyes were Crystal white, Madeline was Suddenly over come with Guilt as she realized the Poor thing was blind,

She ran her hand through her hair and started to walk once again, waiting for a few moments before turning her head back,

But she quickly regretted it, she could see the outline of a person just standing there under the lamp, seemingly just staring up to the Raven,

She gulped and quickly went from a walk, to a Quick Jog

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