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She wasn't supposed to find me. Seventeen-year-old Shawn Ryan faked her age and donated eggs for much-needed money. Not ever expecting to see what became of her donation. Kendall and Johnathan Anderson are wealthy business investors. But Kendall needs healthy eggs for them to start a family. Nine years later and Kendall and the kids are hurting over the loss of John so Kendall does the one thing she can think of to not be a single mother of four. She searches for her baby's Mom. Now once she finds Shawn what will happen? Please enjoy My Baby Momma City of Port Angels 2034 - 2035 Book1

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

Kendall Anderson

"Okay, Maria is leaving for school in ten minutes. You all better be ready to go."

"Mom I can't find my soccer shoes" John yells from his room as Jack stomps around in soccer shoes that is too big for him. I chuckle as I pull up Abby's overalls. "John if you find Jack's shoes I think you'll find yours" I look at my two year old "silly brothers" she giggles. I might be the sole owner of Anderson investments but I'm a mother of four and they need me more right now. My husband and founder of our company died in a plane crash six months ago. I took time off for the summer but with school back in swing, I need to get back to work.

I hand Abby to Maria and go check on Anna. The boys look like they got their shoes straighten out.

I knock before opening her door, she's getting to that age where she likes privacy. "Anna are you ready?" She looks up from her desk "Drawing? Don't you have things to do" I roll my eyes.

"Yeah I'm ready, I just wanted to draw a little" I nod, she loves drawing John and I never had time for that so I'm guessing it's in her DNA. You see, my eggs were damaged so John and I got donor eggs from this woman to have our children. I told my twins a little about it when they had a family tree project at school last year. Anna follows me out, I hug my four babies and give them each kisses as Maria leads them out to school and daycare.

Maria lives with us she goes to college while the kids are in school. It comes in handy.

I change my clothes and grab my briefcase and head downstairs so Carlos can take me to the office.

The Anderson building is downtown. Johnathan started the company ten years ago and it has been very successful for us. We invest in small businesses that we feel will become big.


Carlos opens my door, "Have a good day Mrs. Anderson"

"Thank you Carlos, I shouldn't need you until five" I walk into my company to find grins and smiles.

My assistant, Kelly, finds me "Mrs. Anderson, we all are so glad you're back" I smile kindly at her.

"Thank you, I'm glad to be back. Can you have Scott meet me in my office."

"Yes ma'am, here are your messages from this morning"

I take the stack of papers as I walk into my office. My office is on the fifteenth floor so I have a beautiful view of the city.

John picked out all the modern furniture and electronics in here as he loved decorating the offices and the penthouse. I sit down and start my computer up. Thinking about my loss won't bring him back. Time to work.

When the door opens Scott comes in "You wanted me boss lady" I laugh, he is the only one allowed to call me that. Scott went to college with John and I and we became best friends.

"Did you find her?" He holds up a file "I think so but are you sure about this?"

"Yes I'm sure, the kids will be wanting to know her one day and I would like to know her too" Scott hands me the file.

"If you don't mind, I would like to speak to her first. On your behalf to make sure she's okay."

"That's fine, I'll wait for you to check her out first then I would like to have dinner with her."

"Okay, you have thought this through right?" I sigh, this isn't the first time he's asked me this.

"Yes Scott, I have done nothing but think about this when I'm alone at night missing my husband. This woman blessed John and I with four beautiful babies and I don't want to be a single parent so if she wants to be a part of their lives I want that too. The most enjoyable times John and I had was talking about the things our babies were doing."

"Okay then I'll let you know what I find out." I open the file and i'm shocked.

"Wait Scott this can't be her."

"It is. I'm one hundred percent sure Kendall."

"But it says here she's twenty-six that would've made her seventeen when she donated her eggs. That's impossible Scott."

"I'll check into it don't worry." I keep staring at the file. Is this her or not? This Shawn Ryan was a ward of the state the year John and I got the donor eggs. She would have been to young.

I stop reading the file when my phone rings.

"Hello" I Put the file in my briefcase.

"Mrs. Anderson, how are you today?" Oh great, I roll my eyes.

"I'm doing well Mrs. Stevenson, how are you?"

"I'm good. I was wondering if you will be attending the gala party at the end of the month."

"Of course I can't wait to be there. Thank you for calling to check on me Josie."

"No problem, Tim and I have been worried about you and the children. John will always be missed."

"Thank you. I need to go Josie see you at the end of the month."

I hang up and take a deep breath.
These events and parties were all John's thing. I was always happy being his arm candy at them but I preferred to be behind this desk and work. But he always knew how to network at charity events, like the gala was always his favorite.

"Kelly remind me about the gala in case I forget again."

"Yes ma'am."


When five o'clock comes rolling around I get ready to go home to my babies. I look at Shawn's file one more time and it says here she works in construction and lives in town. I wonder....


Shawn Ryan

"Shaw phone call" Crap really, I'm on the roof. "Yeah, yeah" I climb down the ladder and grab the phone. "Yeah what?"

"Shawn Ryan" Who's this guy?

"Yeah, who is this?" Might as well grab a bottle of water while i'm down here.

"Hi, my name is Scott Anderson. I was wondering if we could meet up for a drink later today."

What the shit is this.

"Look dude i'm working and i'm not looking for a date."

"No, I have business to discuss with you." Okay...

"Alright I'll meet you at Salvage at eight by the bar."

"Great see you there" I throw the phone to Danny. "No more calls for me I have a roof to get done today." he laughs "Then move it"


I'm hot and sweaty when I get home to Haze's apartment. I've been living with him since I turned eighteen. I invested in his family's construction company at that time, so I'm a silent owner.

Donating my eggs paid off for me. I take a shower and text Haze to meet up with me. I'm not meeting some strange guy alone.

I learned that lesson the hard way when I was younger.

I get to Salvage at eight and park my motorcycle. Haze said he'll be a little late.

I get inside and Carly the bartender grins and slides me a beer. I've been coming here since I was Eighteen. Haze and Carly were dating back then.

I notice a guy in a suit eyeing the door. Carly walks over to where I'm leaning on the bar. "He's looking for you. What did you do?" I shrug "I'm clean so I don't know" I pay her and walk over to him. When he sees me he grins "Shawn Ryan" I shake his offered hand. "Scott Roberts" He nods.

"Let's get a table" I follow him over to a table. "First did you by any chance donate your eggs through a agency about nine years ago?"

"Yes, why?"

He nods and hands me a copy of the paperwork I filled out. "This is you then?" I hand it back "Yes"

"Good, I've been asked to find you. The woman that received your donation wants to meet you. But I was hoping you would turn her down at this time." He hands me a envelope full of cash.

"Ten grand and you just tell me you don't want to meet her."

I pocket the envelope "I don't want to meet her so leave me alone." I get up and walk away.

I really don't want to meet the family that benefitted from my egg donation. I look down at my right forearm, I tattooed little falling stars- one for each of the babies I have out there. I don't regret selling my eggs.

Haze finds me and I hand him the envelope and his eyes pop out of his head. "Will that help?" He sips his beer "It's a start, where did this come from?". I tell him about the guy.
"So your baby momma wants to meet you but her husband is paying you to not see her."

"Beats me but not seeing them is easier for everyone involved."

We drink until it's late then I follow Haze home, we still have work tommorow.

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