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Valentina Callisto - The Mafia Female of London. She was a skilled assassin, weapon trafficking leader and drug cartel owner all spiralled into one. A coldness surrounded her and a bitterness escaped her, the art of killing being her best friend, giving her more satisfaction then diamonds could ever bring. Domenico Bianchi- The Mafia Don of Italy. He was the devil laying on the shoulders of satin himself. Many called him psychotic, a torturer. He was the most powerful man in the world, but what happens when the English mafia are rising as a force that needed to be gunned downwards. The killing of Valentina should have been easy, the bruises he had caused should have broken her, but how could he break someone already broken? Scandals, lust and Alterio motives mix together to make a poison that's more acidic than the bourbon in their cups. Does love prevail in the end, or perish into the night? Because death is knocking, and the door is already unlocked. ^* He drew closer towards me, the gravel grinding into dust underneath his soles. "I will break you down my Puttana, until you are begging for mercy and tell me the truth" I kept my gaze cast downwards, clicking my tongue against the dry roots of my mouth, " We both know there are three side to a story" I start, scraping my nails across the cell floor, while raising my head. We lock eyes, "Mine, yours...and the truth.”

Romance / Action
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Trigger Warnings!

This book is rated MATURE.

This book contains: Abuse themes, swearing, extreme violence, graphical content, sexual themes and suicide references.

There will be no warnings to when these themes will occur in a chapter.

If you do not feel comfortable with these themes please reconsider reading this book.

All Italian will be written by using google translate, so it will not be perfect!

NONE of the images included in this book belong to me.

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No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form by any means, electronic or mechanical. This includes photocopying, recording or by any information storage or retrieval system without the written permission of the writer.

EVERYTHING and EVERYWHERE in this book is fiction and made up. This includes the names, characters, places and incidents.

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