Craving him Series: College Years

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Arielle starts at a new college away from all the drama that is Blaine. But what happens when Blaine shows up?

Romance / Fantasy
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We had the summer of our lives Riley, Anthony and I. Riley especially made sure not a single moment was waste crying over Blaine. I even dyed my hair blonde.

Oliver came to help me unpack in my dorm. We decided to not live with each other so that we could take it slow with each other.

As soon as we got into the my dorm Oliver started kissing my neck. I pushed him away and was greeted by my dorm mates staring at me uncomfortably.

"Um hey guys" I said caressing my arm. "I'm Arielle and this is Oliver my boyfriend". I introduce him to the girls, he looked as uncomfortable as I felt. I knew I was going to have roommates but I came early to walk around campus.

The first girl walked up to me and hugged me. She had blue hair and grey eyes and smelled of lavender soap. "It's really nice to meet you I'm Amélie and this is Grace".

Finally the girl joined us, she had blonde hair but wore black make up and all black clothes and had a bunch of piercing. "I'm Grace" she gives me a fake smile. I can tell we're all going to be best of friends.

Amélie takes Graces hand and says "I think we should let her settle in. We will see you later" and walked back into the living room.

The place itself was small but I was never for big house. I liked it here it was comfortable. "Do you want me to put this in your room?" Oliver whispers into my ear.

"Yeah let's go in my room" he follows behind me into my room carrying my boxes.

I opened my door to my room. We each got our own room which was good especially for privacy. Oliver dropped my box on the floor and I jumped I looked back at him.

"Are you okay Oliver?" I ask walking towards him. I know he doesn't like that I decided to live in a dorm but ultimately respects my choice.

"Yes" he puts me into him by my hips. "I just don't like the idea of you staying here by yourself".

"You don't have to worry I need to live my life as a normal human being"

He kissed me on my lips and I smiled. "I'm going to miss you so much".

I caress his chest. "You. Don't. Have to worry about. that" I teased. "We can have lunch together and breakfast. We will hangout all the time".

"I really hope so".

I take his hands off my hips and held his hands in mine. "Why don't we walk around Campus?".


I said goodbye to my roommates and went around the campus. The campus was huge I pointed random thing out to Oliver and he pretended to be excited but I can tell by the look on his face. He was pretending to make me happy.

This reminded me of Blaine when he took me to Yale that was the happiest I ever been. I never thought he actually listened when I talked. But then I knew he listened to every thing I said to him.

Why am I thinking about Blaine while I'm with Oliver? I'm doing this to him again. I hate this.

Oliver grabs my arm and we stand in front of a building. I looked up and there it was, the school library. Literally heaven on earth. I looked over to him and smiled.

"You know I'm glad I'm here with you" I said while staring up into the library. I could feel his eyes on mine but I didn't turn to look at him. We stared at the library feeling the September wind hit our faces.


Oliver was called into a business meeting so I went back into my dorm room. Amélie and Grace were sitting on the couch watching Friends.

"So you and your boyfriend have sex?" Grace asked with a smirk on her face.

"Yes me and my boyfriend have sex we're both adult in a commit relationship".

Grace laughs. "I can tell your not really that in love with him".

"Grace" Amélie hits her shoulder.

She turned her glances between the both of us. "What it's true? the way that you pull away when he touches you and when you look at him it's like your imagining someone else in his place".

"You don't know what your watching about".

"What I do know is that you are not in love with your boyfriend for whatever reason I don't know because he's hot."

I walked in front of her. "Listen. I will not sit here and allow you to tell me who love".

Amélie stood in the middle of us to separate us. "No fighting guys it's our first day meeting each other".

I went into my room to calm down why am I getting so defensive? Maybe because I now she's right but I need to take this work.

I heard a knock on my door room, I went to open it and in stumbled drunk Blaine into my arms. How did he know where?.

I already knew how troubling this year was going to be.
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